Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Namsan Guest House, Seoul

My friends and I realised that staying in Seoul's hotel will definitely makes our wallet burn a big hole, hence we decided to stay in guest house after my good experience in Japan and I believe East Asia countries like Japan, South Korea and Taiwan's guest houses are highly recommended for those budget traveller like us. But when I surfed through net, I almost wanna cry out cause there are over 40 guest houses in Seoul itself and indecisive which to choose from. After compare the price, read review which took me more than a week and had a final discussion with my friends, finally we picked Namsan Guest House.

Basically, Namsan Guest House is divided into 3 different guest houses -1,2 and 3. Three of them are located not far away from each other and their location is absolutely fantastic for travelling and shopping. Located just 150m from the infamous MyeongDong Subway station, it is so convenient for transportation and avoid lots of hassle.
During our stay in Seoul, two of my friends and I experienced staying in 2 of their guest houses and the other two experienced staying all three guest houses. This is because Namsan Guest House is quite famous especially among foreign tourists and sometimes its fully booked. Therefore, it is advisable for advance booking at least by 3 months through e-mail reservation. One thing I like about Namsan Guest House was no deposit required for advanced booking and we only have to pay the full amount upon check-in.

Let's take a look on all the 3 Namsan Guest Houses:

Namsan Guest House 1

Initially, we plan to book Namsan 2 but it was fully booked on the first two nights we arrived. Got not choice, hence up staying at Namsan 1 for the first two nights. If you are travel with a big group like more than 3 people, you can only choose either Namsan 1 or 2. Talking about Namsan 1, one and only of the drawback was it is located further uphill and you have to dread yourself up the sloopy and steep hill after the tiring and exhausted day and most worse case if your hands are load with heavy of luggage or shopping bags. For the rest, I'm ok with that.

Namsan Guest House 1 01
Namsan 1 Main Building

Namsan Guest House 1 02

The view of outside Namsan 1

Maybe because most of them prefer Namsan 2 or 3 which are just below the hill, so it seems like we are one and only group staying in Namsan 1 because we didn't saw any sign or heard any other people staying here besides us. Not a bad situation cause my friends and I can fully occupied the whole house. 
Namsan Guest House 1 03
The common room and the kitchen. Since we are the one and only staying here, all the free foods provided almost finish by us especially on the first night we arrived where we were so exhausted and freaking hungry.

Namsan Guest House 1 04
We booked VIP room type that can accommodate 5 people and it is attached with a private bathroom. Although both room and bathroom looking old, but they are very clean. So, no worries for those who are particular about hygiene.

Namsan Guest House 2

On the third day, we managed to secure a reservation on Guest House 2. Most tourists and travellers prefer to stay here because of the comfortable and convenient location. But another drawback especially for a big group of more than 4 people and if you book the VIP room type in Namsan 2, the rooms are located on the 3rd and 4th floor and there is no lift within the Namsan 2 VIP building. Therefore, it is advisable do not take VIP room in Namsan 2 if you have many heavy bags or travel with old age group. But for me, I don't think this is a big deal cause we also have to experience walking up and down tons of staircase when taking subway. Seoul's subway is crazily insane with lots of staircase and some even don't have lift, just like London's underground.

Namsan Guest House 2 01
The overview of Namsan 2 and the brown colour building is where VIP room located.

Namsan Guest House 2 02

We stayed in Namsan 2 VIP room type which situated on 4th floor. I tends to prefer to stay in this kind of room because besides clean, it is very spacious and cosy. Regardless whether Namsan 1, 2 or 3, every room of Namsan is fully equiped with private bathroom, air-conditioner, cable TV, towel and even those necessary toiletries such as shampoo, soap, toothpaste, toilet paper and tissue. If you are visit during winter season, don't have to afraid cause they do have Korean floor heating system too.

Namsan Guest House 2 03
Every building of Namsan is equiped with facilities such as kitchen, laundry and more. My friends and I even managed save up our money because free American breakfast is provided every morning such as bread, butter, fruit jam, peanut butter, coffee and even including unlimited of Korean instant ramen cup. 

Namsan Guest House 3

Like I mentioned earlier, two of my friends managed to stay in all of the 3 guest houses because both of them decided not to join us to visit other area of South Korea on the last two days of the trip. Although it was last minute booking, my friends managed to get a room in Namsan 3 since Namsan 2 which is much more cheaper had been fully booked. Situated just beside Namsan 2, each and every room of Namsan 3 is quite new because it is opened last year.

Although the room is new, but it is quite small. However, I believe that the value of money you pay for is worth everything.

The newly communal and open kitchen at lower ground with PCs are free and available for the guests.

Nearby Namsan 2 and 3, there are two of 24 hours convenient store; GS 25 and Family Mart. Another plus point why I choose Namsan Guest House. You can't imagine these 24 hours convenient stores are so important to my friends and I because these are where we find our meals especially came back late at night.

Overall Review For Namsan Guest House 2 & 3:
  1. Location - Less than 5 minutes walk to the Myeongdong Subway station. This made traveling is so much convenient and easier as we took the subway everyday. And just opposite of the road, it is where the MyeongDong shopping area located. Therefore, no surprised almost everyday we went Myeongdong. 
  2. Service - Helpful and attentive staffs that have no problem in speaking English and they even support us with lots of travel information especially when we encountered problem in finding way to Nami Island.  
  3. Free Internet service and free wifi at each and every corner of the whole building. I heard from my friend saying that even staying in some 3 stars hotel and above, doesn't provide any free internet access.  
  4. All rooms of Namsan are private style rooms equipped with bathroom. So no worries if you dislike dormitory style and sharing with strangers especially the bathroom.  
  5. Free breakfast - Like what I mentioned above, unlimited free American breakfast and also Korean instant ramen cups.  
  6. Well-equipped facilities especially the kitchen filled with refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker, water purified, cooking utensils and more. They even have a huge weighting scale to weight our luggage to avoid from overweight.  
  7. Namsan also provide pick-up and shuttle service from and to airport regardless what time is your flight. The fare is 60,000 won from/to Incheon Airport and 30,000 won from/to Gimpo Airport and can fit up to 5 people.  
  8. From as low as 20,000 won per person (approx. to RM60), this place is definitely the most affordable with a budget-friendly price to stay in Seoul. You can check out the room rate as below:

Except for Namsan 1, I am highly recommended to choose Namsan 2 or 3 because they are absolutely offer an affordable and quality accommodation with an unparalleled services in the most prestigious and comfortable location.

Namsan Guest House awarded with Good Stay Award by Korea Tourism Organisation for providing reliable and affordable accommodation and at the same time, meeting the high standards. - Source

For more information, please check out Namsan Guest House official website:

P/S: This post is specially dedicated to one of my readers, Fiona and I hope that this post will give you a bigger picture and idea of this Namsan Guest House which I recommended to you before and also manage to help you in deciding where to stay in Seoul.


  1. I actually wouldn't mind staying in guest house or hostel for backpacker during travelling as long as it's clean and comfy since I will be spending more time outside. I rather save on accommodation and use it on food or shopping :3 Namsan Guest House seems pretty decent and reasonably priced.

  2. I have seen guest house's photographs and must says that, guest house are looking not less than the Five star hotel. Such a very beautiful guest room.

  3. Okay this is good. My parents are planning their korea trip, so am going to let them read this. Thank you so much much for the review :D

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  4. Very useful and detailed info. I think Namsan guest house is suitable for those backpacker simple yet comfy with reasonable price. Thanks Diana for sharing.

  5. Very good info D...i plan to stay at Namsan too if i ever go to Seoul due to all the good reviews from all...;)

  6. That guest house ain't bad. If very flexible so if I get any kind of room, I could sleep easily. As long as got bed, pillow, and blanket. Wakakaa.

    And it's good too because it's near the subway station, right.

    Happy Wednesday and Happy August, Diana!

  7. OO thanks for the information. very detailed. Didnt know have so much difference LOL

  8. Wow! I wanna stay there too when I got the chance to visit Korea!

  9. i always like these kind of guest house..and you did a thorough description with price summore..and i'm surprised! there also got family mart ar..good good

  10. and it seems that the rate is much more affordable than to those hostels in Penang

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  16. I stayed 2 times in this guesthouse, and plan to go again this year in next May.
    Very nice place, subway and convinient stores at a few minuts by walk, without talking about the Myeong-dong area : the guesthouse is located in the full middle of the area.
    Same for the subway, at a few minuts by walk, You can join easily the Seoul Station from where You can mainly go everywhere in Seoul.
    The rating quality/price of the room is really good : You have all what You can expect and even more. (Kitchen, laundry, and computer/Internet space in each common area if You don't have your own computer.)
    What I like the most in this place, is and will stay the friendly and funny atmosphere. Parties with the Boss and others guests who want to join are usually done. The Staff is really friendly too and really reliable.
    I hightly recommanded this guesthouse for all these reasons. Please, just try it!! You will see by yourself! ^^

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  18. it"s quite a favourite among malaysian travellers ...

  19. hai dear,
    thank a lot for the info. May i know, for the Namsan guesthouse 2, there have rooftop that we can see namsan tower? because Namsan guesthouse 1 can go up to rooftop and see the tower.

    1. Hi Amanda! Regarding this, I never have the chance to go up to the rooftop. I'm so sorry for that. Perhaps you could email the guesthouse directly for more details.


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