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Central Europe [Part 1]: Singapore Airlines To Munich, Germany

Finally, it's time to blog about my trip to Central Europe which I went between October and November last year. Actually, I have booked my ticket before with Qatar Airways but due to the pandemic, this trip unable to materialise. Luckily, Qatar Airways was willing to give full refund. 

Just when I thought I won't be able to grab any cheap airfares after the pandemic, little did I know that Singapore Airlines was doing promotion while I was having my vacation in Penang. Immediately I scouted and the icing on the cake was the fare included flights from Kota Kinabalu. That's mean I don't have to buy additional ticket as everything is included. 

We flew from Kuala Lumpur instead of Kota Kinabalu because was having holiday with my husband's family earlier on. Stayed in Genting Highlands for 2 nights before both my husband and I continued with our "mega trip" to Europe with Singapore Airlines (SIA). This is my third time flying with SIA (after my trips to Istanbul in 2018 & 2019) but it's my husband's maiden experience with them. 

#1: Flying with Singapore Airlines (SIA) for the third time 

#2: Flight from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore 

#3: Fill up our tummy at Changi International Airport before continue with our second leg of flight
My fav food - noodle and fishballs at Terminal 3

Singapore Airlines' Amenities & Services For Flight From Singapore to Munich:
  • For economy class passenger, each is entitled to check-in luggage weight of up to 25kg.
  • Access a full range of complementary in-flight entertainment and in-seat USB ports for passenger to charge their electronic devices.
  • Two in-flight meals provided - dinner and breakfast. 

#4: In-flight entertainment with earphone given. 

#5: Grilled chicken breast with pesto sauce alongside with grilled potatoes 

#6: Noodles with braised chicken and mixed vegetables 

#7: Breakfast - Omelette with chicken sausage, grilled tomato and roasted vegetables.  

#8: That's the reason why I always prefer to pick window seat

After more than 13 hours of flight, finally we have safely landed in Munich International Airport. The process of custom clearance was pretty fast and smooth without any further questions asked. Just that the waiting time to collect our luggage from the conveyor belt were relatively slow. 

#9: Each of us brought one large luggage size. Wondering can we stick to only one bag till the end of our trip? 

#10: Not my first time in Germany but for Munich, it's my first time here. Can't wait to explore this city. 

My next post will be sharing about how to get to the city centre from the airport, where we stay and what we do and see in Munich. 


  1. Sekali jer pernah naik KL - Singapore - Johannesburg.. dgn Singapore Airlines ni :D

  2. I have flown by SQ several times and I do love their planes & food onboard. After a while I wished to save the long transit hours at Changi when KL is just one hour's flight away. So I thought it would be good to take direct flights for KL- London or wherever.

    I used to drag two luggage too and changed to a slightly larger shared luggage for 2 of us. We had to learn to be minimalist.

    I look forward to visit Germany.


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