Foodie Friday: Chub's Grill, Karamunsing Capital

NOTE: Non-Halal Food Post

This eatery is like smoking hot topic when I just came back from my half year of professional study in KL and most people I met told me that I must go and try it especially their grilled meals. Quite surprisingly Chub's Grill has also makes my dad likes craving for it and he will visit like every once a week. I'm kid not!

No surprised that this eatery has becomes my family favourite spots for dining since most of my family members are meat eaters. Plus, all of Chub's Grill meals are serve in a huge portion which suits my family members who are big eaters too.

Chub's Grill 01
#1: Their menu on huge hardboard

Chub's Grill 02
#2: Beverages - Chub's Grill also served free flows of soft drinks for just RM4 only.

Can choose either just for the meat - Chicken, Beef, Pork, Lamb, Duck, Prawn or even Salmon Fish OR in a set of platter which is served together with fresh garden salad, garlic toast, buttered corn and a choice red bean rice or chips as the side dishes.

Chub's Grill 05
#3: Flame Grilled Lamb Shoulder (Platter: RM25; Just Meat: RM17)

Chub's Grill 06
#4: Flame Grilled Pork Belly (Platter: RM25; Just Meat: RM19)
This is my dad's favourite and for sure, he will order this everytime come here.

Chub's Grill 07
#5: Flame Grilled Quarter Chicken (Platter: RM18; Just Meat: RM11)

Chub's Grill 08
#6: Flame Grilled Duck Breast (Platter: RM36; Just Meat: RM29)

Oh dear! All the grilled meats are incredibly well-marinated, juicy and delicious until you feel like wanna lick your cutlery.

Besides serving meats, Chub's Grill does serves 2 different kind of spaghetti too, which comes with a small bowl of fresh salads and garlic bread.

Chub's Grill 03
#7: Spaghetti with Flamed Grilled Chicken Alla Bolognese (RM12)

 #8: Spaghetti with Flamed Grilled Chicken Alla Carbonara (RM12)

So, thinking want try to something new and haven't visit Chub's Grill yet? Why don't come and try here cause each and every dishes you pay its worth the real value of money you pay. Besides the friendly and attentive services, the food serving time in this cozy restaurant is quite fast and efficient as well.

Chub's Grill 09

By the way, Chub's Grill stands for Cool, Honest, Unpretentious Borneo's Grill.

B-0-7, Ground Floor, Block B,
Karamunsing Capital,
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.


  1. wahh so good..got such restaurant with non-halal food? that's surprising to me..

  2. Each platter also looks so yummy! The price is pretty reasonable as well (:

  3. yum yum! but the spaghetti looks a bit wet?

  4. Thanks Diana for the AMAZING write up!!! we look forward to welcoming you and your awesome family again soon!!! :)


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