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Bali Trip 2012 (Sneak Peek)

My 6th trip for the year. Check out my travel list for the year (click here)
And this Bali trip can be consider to be my 5th international trip for this year (after Phuket, Brunei, Philippines and Vietnam).

It supposed to be a reunion trip with my collegemates but ended up I am going with my university's housemate and my friend's sister. This is because my collegemates didn't manage to purchase the cheap airfare during last year promotion whereas I managed to book so.  Despite only 3 of us going to Bali, I still continue with my flashpacking trip around Bali. Had you read my flashpacking post yet? If not, check out HERE.

So, here's a lil bit of sneak peek of what my friends and I did for the past few days:

Bali Tip 2012 01
Arrived at Bali Airport (Ngurah Rai) Denpasar last Saturday

Bali Tip 2012 06
Immediately we went and watched sunset from Uluwatu Temple and also watched Kecak dance at the same time.

Bali Tip 2012 02
Did like every other tourists did - having our seafood dinner at Jimbaran Beach. Nice atmosphere but frankly speaking, the bill was really cutting our throat.

Bali Tip 2012 03
Visiting Bali's temple is one of the things must do when in here.

Bali Tip 2012 04
Green scenery of Tegalalang Rice Terrace

Bali Tip 2012 05
*Non-halal food* - Babi guling (suckling pig) is one of the local delicacies that is highly recommended to try.

And you know what? A trip for 4 days 3 nights is seriously never enough for me. I never expecting that Bali Island has tons of things to see and do. So in case if you plan to have a trip to Bali, plan well ahead.

In between, spot the new watermark? Oh yeah baby, I am using Sony Nex 5N currently, my new toy!


  1. Hi Diana.

    Yup, Jinbaran is the no no place to go. They always bring tourist there . But what i did when i was in there, we always ask for the 'restoran kampung tepi jalan' the food is more delicious and cheap! :)

  2. Wow, 6th trip of the year! I haven't even made any visit this year! :/

  3. http://peaceder.blogspot.com/.. follow me back

  4. Wow, will be there 1 day! :)

  5. yup, bali has tons things to do :D i haven't covered it all...hmmm...

  6. While my destinations depend very much on cheap air flight, I'm thinking of making Bali the place to go next year...if possible, I want to spend a month at Bali and Lombok...

  7. ouh! am going next month! hope to see a more detailed update! keke

  8. hence i went to bali 5 times.... ahhahahha... cant wait for the story

  9. went there last year.. but need to go again coz last time was just a stopover for 2 days :)

  10. Diana am going Bali next month luckily I saw your post here at least I can get some info where to go over there...

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  12. Nice, I didn't go Tegalalang Rice Terrace though but Bali is one of the most favorite tourist destinations !! :)


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  14. Hye Diana, i sent you email, would you mind reply it?
    Take a look in you spam messages too..
    Thank you..


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