When I on board, I am not those type that would bring books along while travelling. I tends to prefer to read the inflight magazine instead. So, as usual when I went Ipoh for a non-organisation formal functions last May, once the flight took off, I grabbed the AirAsia inflight magazine from the seatback pocket. While browsing through, I came across this article which caught my attention. Hence, I decided to share it here:

Flashpacking might sound like a made-up word but it's actually a hip travel term. Flashpacking is essentially a mode of travel that involves technology. Flashpackers - the people who indulge in flashpacking - are techno travellers who never leave home without their iPad, iPhone, laptop and other technological wonders and, need WiFi or Internet facilities wherever they roam. Although flashpacking and flashpackers might sound suspiciously like backpacking and backpackers, they are not the same. The key element that sets them apart? Flashpackers, unlike backpackers, tend to have a more flexible budget that allows them to indulge in a meal at a good restaurant or a stay at a boutique hotel. - 3Sixty AirAsia Inflight Magazine.

Frankly speaking, I never heard of flashpacking before. But then I recalled that one of travel blogger, Lily Riani did blog about this too (click here). Guess, this flashpacker terms suit me more instead of backpacker. Why?
  1. First and foremost, I am not those type that able to carry on a large internal frame backpack on my back - cause my shoulder easily get hurt. Hence, I prefer to travel with trolley dolley just Lily Riani too, unless for a very short period of travel, let's said 1-2 days. I know that backpacking is much more convenient and flexible than bring along trolley bag, but what can I do. Really hope that someday I can learn how to travel with super duper light.
  2. I am more towards a flexible budget when travelling especially in choosing accommodation where I ever experienced staying in a mixed dorm with 10 people in London (where I saw a Caucasian guy wore nothing but just underwear around the dorm - oh dear!) and even stayed in a backpacker lodge in Philippines for less than USD6 but then my friend and I had a worst nightmare where both of us bitten by bed bugs. But sometimes I would love to indulge myself to stay in more comfortable place especially when I have more disposable income such as staying in one of the luxury hotel chain in Shenzhen, China - Sofitel Dongguan Human Oriental.
  3. Last but not least, I can't live without tech gadgets. Blame all the social media network for that. Therefore, no matter how high and low of the cost of accommodation I am going to stay, I will make sure there's a free WiFi connection. Not just a smartphone and camera, I also brought along my notebook. It's a must especially in order to transfer all the photo into the hardisk to avoid from running out of memory and also at the same time, to transfer all the photos that took by my friends. Below are DT's Tech Gadgets that I'll definitely bring along while travelling and each of them had their own unique name as well (based on my favourite places and cities):
HTC Desire HD
HTC Desire HD - Maldives
Reason to bring along: To check-in in facebook, twitter and foursquare. Don't tell me that you guys never did like what I did. Please don't bluff! Like I will believe.

Asus Eee PC 1015PW
Asus Eee PC 1015PW - Australia
Reason to bring along: As what I mentioned earlier.

Canon Ixus 130
Canon Ixus 130 - Hong Kong
Reason to bring along: Of course to take photos! This compact camera is much smaller than my smartphone as it has the size of credit card. Travel along with me to more than 10 countries and overall, I quite satisfied with the performance. However, on the con side was not performing well at night.

Sony Nex 5N
Sony Nex 5N - Santorini
After doing sufficient research and asking plenty of professional advises from my fellow friends and some bloggers, finally welcoming this as my new toy. Did a lil bit of testing within these few days, but from a long-term point-and-shoot camera, suddenly shifted to semi DSRL, oh boy, for sure I have many things I still need to learn.

So, now you know what is flashpacking and can you define yourself in which travel element you are? What and how many tech gadgets that will you bring along while travelling? Anyhow, regardless whether backpacking or flashpacking, we all are towards the same motive - travel with heart and soul, right?

By the way, if you are reading this at this moment, I am currently flashpacking at somewhere (after hibernate from flying for more than 2 months). Have a great weekend ahead.


  1. LOL...i was wondering what is "flashpacking". First thing comes to mind when I saw that word was it means just grab some clothing and go. After reading your post, Now I know the meaning . LOL

  2. Nowadays I only bring my phone & DSLR whenever I travel and no longer my laptop (unless if I have some work to do while travelling). And no, I don't do check-ins on FB & FourSquare, haha! But yes, I also make sure that the hotel I stay at has free Wi-Fi or I'll try to get a local SIM card with data package for access to internet.

  3. i don't even roaming...hahaha! no lappy, no iphone, no whatnot...keja IT, tapi tak bawak barang IT. hahaha!

  4. Oooo now I know. Lol I'll just bring smart phone.


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