Sunday, November 20, 2011

7 Days of Wonderful Winter Taiwan Trip Itinerary (2010)

Taiwan Day 1 002
Finally, my Taiwan travelogue come to an end.

Here is the compilation of my 2010 Taiwan trips which I went during X'mas with my family:

Day 1 (20 December 2010)
- First Day Arrived in Taiwan

Day 2 (21 December 2010)
- Window of China Theme Park - Part I: Miniature World
- Window of China Theme Park - Part II: Doraemon Park- Second Day in Taiwan: Tangerine & Orange Farm, Fengjia Night Market

Day 3 (22 December 2010)
- Fo Guang Shan Monastery
- Mei Non Hakka Village
- Third Day in Taiwan: Dream Mall, Shinkuchan Night Market & Kaohsiung's famous Beef Noodle

Day 4 (23 December 2010)
- Lotus Lake: Dragon and Tiger Tower & Spring and Autumn Pagodas
- Teresa Teng Memorial Museum
- Former British Consulate Residence, Love River & Liouho Night Market
Day 5 (24 December 2010)
- Sun Moon Lake & Wen Wu Temple of Taichung
- Chung Tai Chan Monastery- Taiwan Day 5: Museum of Taiwai Hinoki and Taichung Night Market
Day 6 (25 December 2010)
- 3 Historical & Cultural Heritage of Taipei City
- Floral World at Taipei Flora Expo 2010
- Taiwan Day 6: Ximending

Day 7 (26 December 2010)
- It's Time To Say Goodbye, Taiwan: Taiyuan International Airport

Extra features:
1) Taiwan's 7-Eleven
2) Taiwan's Night Markets & Food
3) Spotted Betel Nut Beauty
4) It's My Haul from Taiwan
5) Nasty Souvenirs from Taiwan

DT @ Taiwan

Honestly speaking, I really do love to make another trip to Taiwan again because I much prefer to do a backpacking trip rather than joined travel agency. *keeping my fingers cross*

Anyhow, I hope you guys enjoy reading my Taiwan travelogue and hopefully it would help for those who plan for a trip to Taiwan.

Hope you guys enjoy ur weekend and without realise, today is another remarkable day 20.11.2011. Have an awesome day everyone! Till then, wait for my 2011 trip around Shenzen, China; Seoul & Jeju Island, Korea and Singapore too.

Small Note: Too busy with my revision currently. But I really love to spare some time on blogging. Addicted to blogging. OMG!


  1. wow! still have many trips to go? danggggggg :|

  2. gila la.. baru 1 trip tu ko boleh conclude dalam banyak post.. he he he.. sa tia pandai la buat camtu.. :-)

  3. I need a trip... really need one -_-"

  4. GREAT!!!!! LOVE the itin sharing... am soo going to copy & paste into my spreadsheet. thanks so much.

  5. Wow then where did you spend your New Year 2011?

  6. Hi D first time here and wow...!!! punya siok selalu traveling...hmmm jelez! lol jk.

  7. seriously, i really admire you as a undergrad student who likes to travel and take risks..i have seen many of my students (in tutorial classes) who do not dare to step out of their coconut shell to look into the outside world and always gave lots of excuses such as no money..but all the money was spent into gadgets etc..hehe

  8. Nice and detailed itinerary. You should definitely try to go there yourself withour a tour agency, totally doable and enjoyable! The photos are nice and are making me considering visitng in winter as well, the only thing is... I don't like the cold.. haha

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