Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Nasty Souvenirs from Taiwan

Before I move on, I would like stress here that my post is not about those yellow minded things but it's a kinda sharing in case you run out of idea of what to buy when you plan to have a trip to Taiwan. Sharing is caring, right?

Still remember my post of It's My Haul from Taiwan? If not, it's OK cause I guess this post will be much more interesting than knowing all the details of what I bought back all the way from Taiwan.

Taiwan's Haul 08
Spot any things that fishy and catchy? Perhaps on the left hand side?

Taiwan's Nasty Souvenir 01
For those who has eye sight problem, here is the enlarge photo

OK, I know they do looks naught and nasty but they really caught my attention while I was venture around the candy shop to buy some sweetie candy for my friends as a gift, especially this one...
Taiwan's Nasty Souvenir 02
"Choco is better than sex"

You couldn't believe that I was attracted to the words on the box itself apparently and plan to buy for my crazy dearest best buddies. At first, I thought it was a normal choclate bar but not until I look into the content inside the box, my jaw almost dropping to the floor...

Taiwan's Nasty Souvenir 03
Look, is condom, I means chocolate but it really looks alike condom. I'm not kid. Even my bro who sat next to me while I was open this box inside the bus, asking me why did I bought this kind of thing? Seriously, he thought I bought a real condom. =_="

How about the other 2 boxes?
Taiwan's Nasty Souvenir 04
I think you guys can guess it by now of what's the content looks like

Taiwan's Nasty Souvenir 05
A dark chocolate "dick" and a white chocolate "boobs"

Taiwan's Nasty Souvenir 06
I much more prefer the apparent of the "boobs"

Believe me, this would be the perfect gift especially for your friends. Yes, it do really looks a bit nasty and naughty but all my friends especially my ex-colleagues keep persuade me to give to them whereas I only give limited to few of my ex-colleagues. So, next time when you make a trip to Taiwan, don't forget to make a visit to Sophisca - a candy shop which selling those above.

Small note to Lady G: You are a good observer and have a good eye sight.


  1. LOL, I've seen Condoms disguised as candies but this is the first time I've seen Candies disguised as condoms. Interesting.

  2. LOLz! That's so much you've bought!

    My sis's fren bought so much from there. Apparently I was there but nothing interest me much, just the creative design


  3. I like the boobs better too xD lol
    I wonder how it tasted.. haha

  4. HAHAHA! Interesting! My friend bought this for me too last year, then i was like? Wow..condom..all *notty* stuffs. And i was , amused to know that it's jz some candies....hahaha!

  5. This is hilarious! Love all these chocs. This is so fun! It's truly a perfect gift for friends. Errr..... may I have some pleeeeese?? Hahaha!

  6. Lol but nice..hehe

    we never find this kind of choco in our place eh? hee~

  7. ha ha ha.. everything seems good for me.. i don't care the look of em,I just eat.. :-p.. but, damn,sex is far more better than choc.. ha ha ha.. but in mouth,choc is damn better.. the best may i say?? ^_^.v..

  8. OMIGOSH! hahaha chocolate condom :D

    I hope they taste nice xD

  9. Hehehe I would say not dare to eat the choc probably keep it....:-)

  10. Great 'haul' from Taiwan, Diana! Would be great for christmas gift exchange, haha, kidding. But still it's an idea.

    And i think it's a pure coincident when the given "verification word" for this comment (you know the code/word required to filter spams) is 'penic'; blogger/google is surely naughty!

  11. Wow! Didn't know can get those from Taiwan! Never been to Taiwan :/

  12. Hi Diana,
    I'm paying you a visit ;)
    I'm surprised actually while looking at the candies. it's creative but at the same time weird. i guess the ppl in Taiwan are more open minded that us..same like Koreans. don't u think so? Hehehe


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