Wednesday, November 2, 2011

It's My Haul From Taiwan

Done with my Taiwan travelogue, now it's the time for me do a lil bit of "show off" what had I bought during my trip in Taiwan.

Some of the items in Taiwan is consider to be quite cheap and it is worthwhile to buy as compare during my trip to Japan. Most of my friends who went Taiwan especially ladies really had the craziest shopping experience, where going to Taiwan bringing just a small little tiny bag but came back with 2 big luggages.

But that's not so ME! Most of the time when I travel, I prefer to buy some unique foods that is not available in Malaysia.

Taiwan's Haul 01

Taiwan's Haul 02
Align CenterTaiwan Mochi - I prefer those fruits mochi.

Taiwan's Haul 03
Seriously, this is the most delicious pineapple soft cookies I ever had. I almost finished up all the 3 boxes by myself. Gosh! I miss the taste of it now.

Taiwan's Haul 04
Peanut milk candy and it is so hard.

Taiwan's Haul 05
Taiwan famous sausage. I only happens to found these two in Taoyuan International Airport. A perfect gift for my dad because when comes to travelling, I really have no any idea what to buy for my dad, so most probably foods will be the best choice for him.

Taiwan's Haul 06
Sweets and candy - Requested from boyfie.

Taiwan's Haul 07
This is my favourite too - Biscuit stick and some tit bits which I know seriously, it is not good for health.

Taiwan's Haul 08
Chocolate and candy from Sophisca. A perfect choice for your friends (Will blog about this in later post)

Taiwan's Haul 09
Doraemon biscuit sticks from Window on China Theme Park, Taiwan.

See, I'd told you that I more interested with foods.

Taiwan's Haul 10
Hair accessories from night market. I lost one of it during my Korea trip. SAD!!!

Taiwan's Haul 11
  1. Wallet cost NT$100 (approx. RM10) from night market in Taichung.
  2. Polka dot umbrella (recently addicted to those things in polka dot) which is really high tech. You just press the button and the umbrella will automatically open but only last for 9 months.
  3. Earphone from Ximending cost NT$75 for each
  4. Taiwan's famous mask - Beauty Diaries which bought from 7-Eleven. My girlfriends told me that this brand of mask selling in Taiwan is extremely cheaper than Malaysia but I just bought 2 packs. Some more, 1 pack contains 2 masks only. =_=

Taiwan's Haul 12
Bought a few pieces of clothes. Because the time I went is winter season, so 99% of the clothes are in long sleeve. Not really prefer long sleeve because can't wear in Malaysia.

Taiwan's Haul 13
Finally, my travel collection - keychain & fridge magnets. If I didn't bought it, I will feel like I never visit that country/city.


  1. Hehe :D I saw my pressie! And you and your friend shop so much ler!! Luggage fit in all ah??


  2. Are you sure those from Sophisca are candies? They looked very naughty... Thanks for sharing your hauls with us, that's a lot of stuff.

  3. gila banyak ko beli Dee.. ^_^.v.. he he he.. mantap oh.. wahh.. err,ada untuk si Aki ka.. he he he..

  4. Wow, looks like u'd fun shopping! Lots of snacks to last u months. Lol!

  5. wow! that's alot! can i have some? :D

  6. i love to collect fridge magnets whenever i go out travelling. at least, my mom can show off to the neighbours whenever they come visiting our kitchen. haha.

    anyway..... LOADS of foods! haha. they look extremely good. the key-chains are very cute too :)


    I want a fridge magnet! Hahaha

    Omigosh... really leh...



  8. Wow, that's a lot! If I would go travelling again, I would definitely bring back A LOT of food (and of course, keychains/fridge magnets) :D

  9. Waaa!! Lotsa of snacks!!! And all looks good and cute!! Feels like going taiwan for those. =[

    Btw, I spot a nice deep blue coat!! ^u^

  10. Diana look like you gonna open mini Taiwan groceries market here....hehehe. I more impressed about the key chain and fridge magnet simply awesome and cute.

  11. Wow! You bought a lot of things!

  12. hahahahaha u, crazy, food, eater!

  13. Where did you buy the clothes and the key chain and the magnet?????


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