Monday, August 1, 2011

Second Day in Taiwan

Date of visited: 21 December 2010
Before we went to Window On China Theme Park (Part 1 & Part II), we were brought by the tour to an old street which outskirt of Taipei. I forgot what is the name of this old street but nothing much to sight at here. Just an old and quiet antique street in the early morning.

Taiwan Day 2 01

Taiwan Day 2 02

Taiwan Day 2 03

Taiwan Day 2 04

Taiwan Day 2 05

Taiwan Day 2 06

Taiwan Day 2 07
The dog is wearing winter wear. Guess the weather must be very cold for it.

After the tour around Window of China Theme park which had taken almost half day, we went to tangerine and orange mandarin farm. At here, we can direct pluck the fruits from the tree and eat. Because it is free, we pluck as many as we want.

Taiwan Day 2 14

Although it was winter season at that moment, but we able to enjoy the fresh and sweet orange mandarin without need to wait until coming Chinese New Year. Thanks to the local tour guide, Mr Bruce Wang for giving me and my brothers the really sweet orange mandarin while on the other side, my mother always pluck on the sour orange mandarin. :|

Taiwan Day 2 15

Then it's time for dinner and here is the end of our second day tour. We're having the steamboat dinner somewhere located around one of Taichung famous and largest night market, Fengjia Night Market. After the dinner, we were given some time to shop around the night market.

Taiwan Day 2 10
Spot Hello Kitty fish cake? Feel so guilty to eat it.

Taiwan Day 2 11

Taiwan Day 2 12
Don't forget to try these long ice-cream when you are in Taiwan

Taiwan Day 2 13
These boots are made for walking. It is so cheap which some of it cost less than RM20 but unfortunately, the size I want is out of stock. :(

After the dinner, after the shop, we went to check-in hotel. For this tour, almost every night we went back early to the hotel. Since it was just around 8 pm, my brothers and I went to explore more because there are many shops and cafe nearby the hotel that we stayed.

Taiwan Day 2 16
Taken by my bro. Therefore, so blur. Inside a high class shopping mall which just located beside the hotel. There is even a cinema inside.

If you are a shoe-string traveller, I recommend you to have your meal at 7-Eleven. Not only in Hong Kong and Japan, even at Taiwan too, there are variety of foods that you can choose from.

Taiwan Day 2 17
You can check out my first Taiwan entry on their 7-eleven here (click)Link

Before going back to the hotel, my brothers and I tapao (take-away) McD. My brothers and I weren't that hungry but we love to try different type of McD at different places and cities. I think someday I will show you "McD Meals Around the World". Hahaha...

Taiwan Day 2 18
Grilled Chicken Burger from Taiwan. If not mistaken, that time Malaysia stop selling this before recontinue to sell again currently.


  1. im amazed by the arrangement of the slippers - how it is so possible? unless someone arranges it.. lol

    yeah.. to budget, 7-Eleven is one option.. when I was in Europe, I normally buy bread and packed food from the grocery stores.. :P

  2. wow.. the boots sooo cheap....

    and nice photos..

  3. I think I saw that long ice-cream somewhere here before ;D

    Uits, you spend your Christmas over there ka?

  4. The last time I went to Taiwan was 1999. I have great memories of the place as I went for a road trip. Nice destinations you have there!


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