Thursday, October 27, 2011

Taiwan Day 6

Sushi in Taiwan 02
Date of Visited: 25th December 2010

My never ending Taiwan tales almost comes to the end on the 6th day because on the 7th day, we gonna depart back to Kota Kinabalu in the early morning. Now, let's recap my 6th day itinerary in the big city of Taiwan, Taipei.

Taipei Day 6 01
Kicking our day by visiting the most recommended and famous of the 3 historical and cultural heritage in Taipei; National CKS Memorial Hall, Martyr Shrine Taipei and National Palace Museum. Shouldn't miss out these places if you plan your trip to Taiwan.

1Taiwan 201027
By the time we're in Taiwan, the biggest internationally garden festival were still going on and here we are visiting the Taipei International Flora Exposition 2010. My first ever experience to visit the world's international exposition and you know what, its definitely an eye-opening adventure.

Sushi in Taiwan 01
While waiting for the other before move on to the next destination, we spotted small Japanese shop but packed with variety of sushi. Most of it cost NT$100 (approximately RM10), how could you won't resist this?

Ximending, Taipei 01
Ximending, Taipei 02
Ximending, Taipei 03
This will be the last and final night market before going back home - Ximending, Taipei. One of the most famous night market and bustling shopping district situated in the heart of Taipei and from what I observed, most those visitors around this area are teenagers. However, based on my own experience and also from my friends too, we agreed to most of the items sold here are quite expensive and not affordable to buy. Recommended you to shop other place before come here for shopping.

Sushi in Taiwan 02
End the final night in Taiwan by having supper, SUSHI! My favourite sushi - Inari and Maki, which bought from the shop located outside of the Taipei Flora Expo. Cheap, fresh and taste good! Yummy yummy~


  1. :( I just went to XImenDing to eat Hot pot. :(

    I would love to visit ximending again for SHOPPING!! Awesome place and i love it!


  2. I was stuck at the sushi pictures while reading... then I became hungry... when I realize its in Taiwan... I moved on... hahaha

  3. same as DC,the sushi pix envy me.. terus tiba2,pigi cari biskut.. hantam ja la.. lapar sudah kan.. :-p

  4. Miss the food there, definitely one of the best place in asia to pacify a hungry tummy.

  5. @Meitzeu - I only spend like roughly half hour venture around Ximending. So sad!

    @Daniel Chiam & Aki - Never thought my sushi photo will make both of you hungry.

    @Quirky Malaysia - Agreed! Taiwan has lots of eateries, nice and cheap foods especially in night markets.


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