Sunday, October 30, 2011

It's Time To Say Goodbye, Taiwan!

Finally, it comes to the end. Gosh! Initially, I thought that my Taiwan post will only be around like 7-8 posts but ends up to almost 20 posts. What to do? If I choose to cramp everything in few post, there will be a consequences where I might end up got nothing to update for my blog. Therefore, I prefer to divide into few post and by doing that too, I can even share more photo!

Now, let's back to the topic. On the final day, we woke up as early in the morning to catch our flight around 10 am. At least 3 hours required in order to check in for international flight and the journey from our hotel to Taoyuan International Airport was almost 1 hour. Oh my! I was damn sleepy while doing my last minute packing.

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport 01
There even a flora exhibition in the airport.

Although Taoyuan International Airport being listed as Taiwan's largest airport, I don't think it is bigger enough if compare to Osaka International Airport, Japan and Hong Kong International Airport. Guess you can cover almost all the area in less than an hour.

In order to kill the time because we reached too early, my bros and I plan to do last visit of Taiwan's 7-Eleven. I really kind adored most of East Asia's 7-Eleven except for the outlet located in China. Sometimes, it makes you wander around this small tiny little shop for hundred times. Unlike the Malaysia one, Taiwan's 7-Eleven got so many things to see and buy especially when comes to their foods and beverages. My two lil bros almost visited all the 7-Eleven they came across.

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport 02
Onigiri taste so much better than Malaysia one.

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport 03
Spotted #1: Taipei International Flora Expo iconic - so cute and I love the purple one.

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport 04
Spotted #2: A damn tall Christmas tree

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport 05
Spotted #3: A 6 feet tall Gundam. Anyone love Gundam? My bros are huge fans of Gundam.

It's the time to bid goodbye to Taiwan and luckily by the time that the plane to take-off, the rain stopped. Before this, it was rain cats and dogs for almost 2 days once we reached Taipei. The journey from Taipei, Taiwan to Kota Kinabalu took almost 3 hours and eveytime when I on board, I would specifically request for window seat. The reason why is because of this especially going back Kota Kinabalu on the day time.

Aerial view of Sabah
Aerial view of Kota Kinabalu - What a wonderful city! Don't you think so?

And if you happen to notice my blog header, yes! This is the photo I used for the background.

So, that's the final epic of my Taiwan travelogue. Guess most of you also bored with my same old travel tales. Ok, now it comes to the end by the way. Anyway, I would like to thanks for those who drop by and most importantly thanks so much for those who continuously leave by a comment or two. Seriously, I am so touching. Might some gift for you all at the end of the year (you know who you are).


  1. I think even my Melaka trip also need few posts T_T It seems like you travel a lot (: So nice!

  2. wow taiwan is such a nice place! wish to visit it someday!


  3. Yerr every time I read a travelling blog kan... heart crush into million pieces ni.. haha

    I want to go travel too... pictures are such a powerful tool... combine with words... argh!

    Haha welcome back!

  4. Oh my God.. you really got nice photos out there...

  5. Taiwan is one of the places I'm interested in going in the near future. I hope I could find the right time to gather my whole family for a nice trip.

  6. Do I have to be fluent in mandarin to be able to visit all around Taiwan? It seems like a really nice place!

  7. @Hilda Milda - Travel is my passion and lately, I kinda addicted to travelling. Can't wait for you to update your Malacca trip :D

    @Fish - Yes, I can't deny that! I also plan to travel for 2nd time but this time is backpacking.

    @Daniel Chiam - Sometimes I prefer just share photo instead of typing too much words. Hahaha.. Even I blog about travel, when I see other bloggers to the place I never been yet, my heart also crush into million pieces

  8. @Lady G - Definitely someday you will. But don't go in September/October. Not really recommended because it rains everyday.

    @Miki Aya - It's not a problem if you are not fluent in Mandarin because I also not fluent in Mandarin.

  9. Ho ho ho.. Baru sa tau ko punya gambar untuk Header tu dapat dari mana.. ^_^.v.. Terasa syok ja mau buat header kau ni,sebab banyak gambar2 ko kan.. he he he.. amcam,mau?? :-p.. No la,ko punya Header pun lawa suda.. :-p

  10. u make me want to go to taiwan lah :D

  11. @Aki - Saya mau! Saya mau! Klu kau bikin, mesti lawa gila! ^^

    @Biqque - Hahaha.. I also plan to go again..

  12. awww. i wish to go taiwan, they say the instant noodles there is awesome! ahahah!

  13. Oh my God.. you really got nice photos out there...

    Posted by JunFook to Travel & Living Journal of DT at October 31, 2011 12:02 PM

  14. nice photos!! ooooo onigiri!! never tried any before even when i'm there.. T3T


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