Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Spotted Betel Nut Beauty

Is this a form of business trick or just to draw tourist attraction?

I guess most of you know that Taiwan's betel nut lady is where young lady selling betel nuts and even cigarettes from a neon-topped and see-through kiosks while wearing outrageous and see-through outfits too.

Betel Nut Beauty 01
Betel nut kiosk alongside the main street nearby freeway intersection.
My first capture of betel nut beauty: Somewhere nearby Taichung, a truck driver is buying a pack of betel nuts and trust me, that lady inside the kiosk really dressing in skimpy string bikini and short dress.

Thanks to the courtesy of our driver as he purposely stopby and just to show us the real beauty of "Betel Nuts Lady of Taiwan".

Betel Nut Beauty 02
She's too fast! Sorry lah! I don't have a high quality camera like you guys one. Mine just only average compact camera.

Betel Nut Beauty 03
Oh no! She went in to the kiosk. Please come out again.

Betel Nut Beauty 04
Thanks goodness! She came out to return the change to the driver. The photo too small to see???

Betel Nut Beauty 05
Here you are. Now, can you see it clearly. Didn't she looks pretty and hot too?

Want to view more photo of this Betel Nut Beauty? Check out here.

Reminder: Don't eat too much betel nuts or well-known as "pinang" as it will cause oral cancer. It's ugly true fact!


  1. Wah Dee.. More picture of the girl please!! LoL.. jk.. Hm,They're working alone in that kiosk?

  2. During my trip in Taichung, the driver drove us to see betel nut beauty at their station.
    And he told us that, actually we are not recommended to snap their pic if they were not allow oo~ hehe :P But I curi curi snap la, coz our van was dark & i dont dare to post the one with their face can be seen. :P

    Aki : The driver even told us that, the usual betel nuts beauty we seen, hae "bodyguard" behind and they normally have big ppl behind oo~ :P

  3. so this is the famous betel nut ladies that I always hear of! Thanks for sharing, and they sure look pretty! :)

  4. walking here with a smile. take care.. have a nice day ~ =D

    http://www.lonelyreload.com (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

  5. wow... wow... wow... *jaw dropping*

  6. She's hot! I got my tour guide to bring me to see these hot babes when I was in Taiwan too. I was like a stalker. Hahaha! Nice shots! Cheeky, cheeky!

  7. Melawat sini dengan membawa harapan terjalin persahabatan..:)

  8. @Aki - I did attached a website which enclosed with lots of photo. Hehehe ^^ I guess nope. Yes, most of it I saw they're work alone but don't play play. Like Mei Tzeu said, they have bodyguard behind 1.

    @Mei Tzeu - Don't worry. When you click Betel Nut ladies in google, many photo came out. ^^ But the lady I took not really over expose. She is the prettiest among the other betel nuts I saw.

  9. @Isaac Tan - You're welcome. Lucky you saw the one I post is pretty, if not, then I got problem with my eyesight. xP

    @Mr Lonely - Thanks for the visit. Have a great day too!

  10. @Biqque - I know she's hot! ;)

    @Daniel Chiam - wow...wow...wow... make ur jaw don't drop until the floor. Hahaha..

    @Blackswam - Thanks! I also never thought that I get to snap them! Guess lucky at that moment

    @Elih Japahar - Terima kasih kerana sudi melawat blog saya. Dah melawat blog anda. Salam berkenalan :D

  11. obviously the target market is man.
    the concept is like hentai

  12. @Eric Lee - Wah!!! Later Caroline kill you if she saw this xP

    @maso.tee - Yes, definitely targeting on man like bus and truck drivers.


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