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My Reflection on 2012 & Resolution for 2013

NOTE: Happy new year to all my readers and how's the new year eve celebration? Well, I had a New Year Eve Movie with my Boyfie, exactly like what I did every year with him.

So, this is my first ever post for the year 2013 and I am gonna share the history of my life throughout year 2012. Unlike the two previous years (here and here) where I summarised them by monthly, this time around I tends to summarise them all in one.

It has been 2 years I had never celebrated Chinese New Year with lively and happening since ever my late grandfather left us. But thanks to everyone especially my friends and Boyfie for cheering up my life and making last year Chinese New Year celebration another remarkable and wonderful moment of my life.
2012 DT CNY
We did 'bai nien" hopping to 5 houses in a day, went Kudat with my family, island hopping with my bestie and not forgetting, plenty of foods throughout this happening celebration.

For the very first time in my life, I received a huge and lovely bouquet of Lily flowers, which is my favourite flower as my birthday gift from Boyfie. Not just that, my very best friend even sent "Starbucks Coffee Planner" all the way from Miri, Sarawak cause she knows I have the habit of writing diary since I was 10.
2012 DT Birthday
Thanks to my family and friends for the eventful celebration.  

As for my career, I am still working with my family but somehow, I still miss the moment working with my previous employer as I prefer more challenging tasks. Some people said that working with family is a good choice especially in terms of flexibility but for me, there are some pros and cons anyway.

Meanwhile, I am still actively participate myself in Girl Guides Association since I was 10 and I never thought I was being appointed as the Honoury State Treasurer for the Sabah Branch while I was on holiday. The youngest treasurer in the history.
Girl Guides Bagdes
My Girl Guides badges

Relating to my 2012 Resolution that I did post before, I managed to achieve at least 5 out of 8. 
  1. Instead of Canon DSLR or Panasonic camera, I got myself Sony Nex 5N as my new toy.
  2. Started a small business with my Boyfie and my friend by providing accounting services. Although it was just a small business, but I managed to cover at least one of my trip from the income I earned.
  3. Bought few travel magazines to enhance my knowledge not just on travelling, but on writing skills too.
  4. The thing that I thought it was impossible for me to achieve throughout the year, well it turns out to be finally, I bought my own house. Yes, I do love to travel and I can see that I might devote my life for it but somehow I like to own at least one or two assets which is so called as tangible assets of my own.
  5. Last but not least to travel endlessly. Eventhough I wish to travel at least once a month, but in year 2012, I had travelled 11 times (almost triple times than in year 2010 and 2011) and I am truly satisfied with that. I managed to cover few of the places I listed under "My Travel Bucket List" in DT Travel page.
2012 DT Travel 01
  • Phuket, Thailand in January with my besties. We promised each other that after graduated, we should have at least a trip as our gathering.
  • Kuala Belait, Brunei Darussalam in January too via overland with my family to attend my cousin's wedding. 
  • Manila, Philippines in March with my secondary classmates. Absolutely travel in a real budget backpacking style.
  • Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam in April with my best friend and another friend of her. First time I travel alone before they arrive on the next day.
  • Ipoh, Perak in May for Girl Guides formal function
  • Bali, Indonesia in August with my collegemate and housemate for another island getaway
  • Hong Kong & Macau in September with my Boyfie cum my birthday present from him
  • Melbourne, Australia in September & October with I had anticipated this for long long time.
  • Bangkok, Thailand in October with my UK classmate solely just for shopping trip
  • Kuching, Sarawak in December for a huge group of family gathering and also food adventurous.
  • Singapore-Malacca-Kuala Lumpur in December which marked as my final year end trip. A family trip which I will plan at least a year. 
2012 DT Flight Conclusion, 2012 has been a great and awesome year to me, especially in terms of travelling. I had flew 30 times (26 times AirAsia, twice with AirAsia X and twice with Malaysia Airlines) and visited 9 countries (Thailand, Brunei, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Macau, Australia & Singapore) and 14 cities at least, I believe.

For those 2012 resolution which I didn't manage to accomplish will be my resolution for 2013. So, here are the list of my 2013 resolution:
  1. Complete my Europe trip saga and 2011 trips post. Not forgetting my 2012 endlessly travel post.  
  2. Revamp, rewrite, reupload and repost my old travel post especially. 
  3. Losing some weight to reach my ideal weight by exercise and eat healthy.
  4. To own another tangible asset - buy a new car cause my current Toyota Rav 4 is in bad condition.
  5. Get a diving license. I just love water sport activities. 
  6. Might not travel as many as in year 2012 but I hope to travel at least 4 times. I am so desperately wanna travel to Europe and Australia again.
Actually there are so many things happened not just towards my own personal life but my life in blogosphere. I always wanna share about this but don't know where to start from. Hopefully someday I will able to blog about this. 

Take the lessons that have learned from year 2012, and then move forward to another brand new year of 2013. New hope, new beginning and new life. Once again, wishing all my readers "Happy New Year 2013"


  1. Bravo! 2012 was a fruitful year for you. Friends and family gather, being a businesswoman with the man you love.

    May 2013 be an even greater year for you and your love ones

  2. Have a great 2013!


  3. I envy you tau diana because you already bought your own house at such young age. Bravo ! And keep on posting your travelogue. You are one the most consistent Malaysian travel blogger i know :)

    And happy new year :)

  4. Wow Dee.. as usual, I need itinerary for all of that.. :p.. btw, U have itinerary for Boracay Island, Phil, or Halong Bay, Vietnam, or Cambodia, Angkor Wat??.. :)..

  5. awesome 2012. may 2013 will be greater! :)

  6. very fulfilling life for you in the year 2012 and I'm very happy for you as a fellow traveler....you get to travel to 11 countries~~ very cool!
    two times my figure..hahaha...I wish that in this year 2013, you will be able to travel even more and more...that's what life should be..enjoy! Good luck!!

  7. Happy New Year! May you have a great year in 2013. Wish you could get all your resolution done and visit to all the places you wish to.

  8. Happy New Year! Truly amazing feat, travelling for 11 times. Can't really compared to you already...

    All the best in working towards realizing your 2013 resolution!

  9. wow you left your foot print all over SEA! How envious! :DD

  10. to be able to cover at least a trip from the income earned is the best part! Wont be able to travel at least once a month tho.. nevertheless, i hope to be able to travel at least once a yr! :)

  11. Happy New Year! Have a greater year ahead :)

  12. what a great year u had Diana! Happy new year and enjoy travelling :)

  13. Wow, really an interesting year for you, isn't it? I want to travel more as well this year! Anyway, Happy New Year, Diana :)

  14. ooo you are a girl guide...
    It is really nice that you still can continue it..
    congratulation for being appointed as the treasurer
    I had hang out my scout badge when I left school..

  15. Wooh have another great year ahead Diana! :D

  16. Kudos to u for such an achievement, Diane! Wish I was as adventurous as you are when I was young. I'm not sure about Air Asia, but I'm so spoilt by SIA, I can't fly other airlines. Hahaha! Just like my ex-bosses be it European, American or Japanese, all of them swear by SIA once they've experienced it. Strange but so true, they would rather go economy in SIA than to go business class in other airlines when flights are full. Hope I never have to travel on a budget airline etc.

    BTW, love your new toy! May 2013 be a better year for u, sweetie! You rock!!

  17. Hopping over from Simple Life, wow interesting travel blog. Have never flown before this year and you have flown 30 times much much more times than Bananaz taking a bus ride. Cheers

  18. Hi DT, I am a new reader of your blog, got to know your blog thru Simple Person, I love to travel too! Will add your blog to my blog list, by the way how I envy you can buy your own house and car.

  19. such a great personality :) keep traveling DT! :)


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