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Indonesia Day 5 - Mangga Dua Area & Goodbye Jakarta

Date of Visited: 24th December 2011

So on the fifth day, it marked as the final and last day of our vacation in Jakarta city. And because our flight is at night, thus we can have our last minute shopping before depart to the airport. As we stayed in North Jakarta, this is one of the area that offers an interesting selection of wares including bargain clothing, fake designer wear and electronic goods.

There are at least four shopping centers interconnected via bridges to each other offering endless bargain and shopping experience; ITC Mangga Dua and Pasar Pagi Mangga Dua mainly sell clothes while electronics at Mall Mangga Dua and Harco Mangga Dua.

ITC Mangga Dua Jakarta 01
ITC Mangga Dua, the shopping mall we went for 2 days.

ITC Mangga Dua Jakarta 02
Selling all kind of goods especially on garments, bags, shoes, accessories. Absolutely an ideal place for those who adore shopping craze.

ITC Mangga Dua Jakarta 03
With more than 200 shops and 7 floors, this place is so huge, packed and overcrowded at the same time.

HarcoMas Mangga Dua Jakarta
Harco Mangga Dua, mostly on electronic goods and it is directly located in front of our hotel - Hotel Ibis Jakarta Mangga Dua. We didn't spend most of our time here cause we more prefer ITC Mangga Dua.

As we walked further down which approximately 8-10 minutes of walking, we came across another mall - WTC Mangga Dua. All the shopping name are almost the same, just the front name distinguished them. Therefore, no surprise might be mixed up their names.
WTC Mangga Dua
By the time we were here, not many shops opened yet. Just spotted a fast food chain restaurant, A&W and small convenience store.

Unique Building in Mangga Dua Area
Some random but unique building that caught my attention while walking back from WTC Mangga Dua to ITC Mangga Dua.

Done with last minute of shopping and check-out procedures, we took taxi from our hotel to the airport. Soekarno-Hatta International Airport is the main airport of Jakarta and fyi, the name of the airport was taken upon the first president of Indonesia, Soekarno whereas Hatte is the first vice-president. There are three main terminal buildings and if you are taking AirAsia, it will depart and land in Terminal 3. Be sure to inform the driver cause the 3 terminal buildings are not interconnected. From Mangga Dua area to the airport, the taxi fare is most likely cost IDR90,000 (roughly around RM32).

Shops in Jakarta Airport
Starbucks and J.Co is available in Terminal 3 to satisfy your hunger and wait, CFC?!

Foods in Jakarta Airport
Mommy and I had our early dinner before flying cause we didn't bought the in-flight meals. Kinda pricey but I guess it's normal for every airport. 

Last but not least, do take note that wherever you buy airfare especially from AirAsia, try to check whether airport tax included. Country like Indonesia especially, airport tax is not included in the airfare. Therefore, do not simply use all the money and end up, couldn't flight back to own home country cause can't afford to pay the airport tax. The airport tax depart from Jakarta airport cost IDR150,000 per person (roughly around RM54). So, if you saw a very cheap airfare via AirAsia to Indonesia, don't be so happy first and check whether the airport tax is included or not. Be a smart consumer! Luckily I did a research earlier or else, my mom sure finish all the money by shopping.


  1. I bet you bought a lot of goodies....

  2. I have been to Mangga Dua once. Felt dizzy coz the place selling so many things. Need time to analyse where to start shopping

  3. They say when in Indonesia spent like a millionaire. IDR150,000 for airport tax sounds like a huge amount. Thanks for the tips will have to bear that in mind else end up like Tom Hanks in 'The Terminal'.

  4. wow, you must have done quite a lot of shopping in this trip, what with Bandung and Jakarta, the shopping paradises...

  5. Hi Diane, I love your travel blog.. ;)

    Wish to hear more travel stories from you.

  6. the fried rice and the noodle really looks good :D

  7. thanks for the tips. Im going to jakarta-bandung this 10th Feb.happy shopping to me! yeay! ;D

  8. Thank you for such an honest and informative post! This is the first time I've stumbled upon your blog, and I am so happy that I did  Online Travel Agencies

  9. Next time visit Jakarta, try go to " Ancol Area " ;)


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