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Indonesia Day 4 - Back to Jakarta & Ibis Jakarta Mangga Dua

Date of Visited: 23rd December 2011

Besides train, the other means of transportation you can choose from is by taking a shuttle transport service from Bandung to Jakarta. Previously when from Jakarta to Bandung, we took train (blogged about this before - HERE) but mommy felt uncomfortable with that. Luckily I did early research before and we decided to take shuttle service. Browse through quite number of blogs and also from Tripadvisor's forum (this is how I did my research in planning a trip), most of them recommended Cititrans

Cititrans Java Indonesia
Luckily for us, one of the pool of Cititrans in Bandung is tucked inside Ciwalk (Cihampelas Walk Shopping Mall), which is located just right beside our hotel - Sensa Hotel Bandung. My mommy and I would also like to thanks to our local tour guide cum driver for his effort of helping find us to find those pools of Cititrans. Once we found the pool, immediately we booked our preferred time at 11.00 am (Indonesia time) that cost IDR60,000 per pax, which similar to the cost of the train too.

The journey from Bandung to Jakarta was smooth and safe all the way but not until upon reach in Jakarta city. The traffic was terrible and massive jam everywhere. It was supposed to be 3 hours ride but turns out to be 5 hours ride. The worst case was we couldn't found out hotel. The driver supposed to stop somewhere in Mangga Dua but we did requested him to drive to our hotel which we booked earlier. The driver could only do so cause there were only 3 passengers; mommy and I and another lonely guy passenger. In returns, he did requested for extra charge of IDR70,000 (roughly around RM25) but turns out to be a disaster. I guess was not his problem afterall as he did his best to ask the local but looks like the location of the hotel was so complicated and confusing. Another disaster was on my mom side where her nature was keep calling her (if you get what I means). Therefore, my last resort to book another new hotel for just 1 night instead of keep searching our hotel for almost 2 hours. Really a disaster in Jakarta city!  

Ibis Jakarta Mangga Dua 06
I spotted this Ibis Jakarta Mangga Dua Hotel and requested the driver to stopby here to query regarding the availability of the room and the room rate. Luckily for us there are rooms available but for sure, we were out of budget.

One of My Travel Tips:
Please make sure bring along your credit card cause we don't know when we need to use it, especially when comes to unforeseeable circumstances.

Ibis Jakarta Mangga Dua 01
Last minute booking and we managed to secure a standard twin room.

Ibis Jakarta Mangga Dua 02
The bathroom with sufficient of amenities
Although it looks old, but it was quite clean.

Ibis Jakarta Mangga Dua 03
A perfect choice for those who want to shop in Mangga Dua as it located not too far away, less than 5 minutes of walking

Ibis Jakarta Mangga Dua 04
View from our room

Ibis Jakarta Mangga Dua 05
Another side of the view

For just a night, I could say that I am pretty satisfy with all the comfort and cleanliness especially. Plus, free WiFi connection makes this hotel another plus point.  


  1. i understand what you mean...i ran out of cash too when i was in Semarang and had to resort to borrow from a fellow traveller taking the same flight to KL to pay for the airport tax...

    my advice, change enough local currency...

  2. ya jakarta traffic is very bad. They have a rule that state each car which goes into the City have to have certain number of passenger else will be fined. Hence a new occupation is created = "professional passenger" . These people will come and car pool with you for a fee

  3. i stayed at ibis too, but not mangga dua. ok la...

    but the "macet" (jam) was outrageous! gila betul kan. i can't stand it.

  4. I have not shop in Jakarta before..
    All the time is business trip.. :(

  5. Compared to Bangkok which is worst off when comes to traffic jam or 'macet' as said by Biqque?

  6. 70,000 is 25? OMG. Hahaa.

    Full hotel review ka tu sampai tandas pun ada hehee jk. Siok o. I also long to get to Jakarta. But now anytime soon la.

    Happy Wedesday, Diana!

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  8. Gosh, thank goodness all turned out well! I have hiccups when travelling. Such a pain! I used to go to Jakarta every sch holidays when I was a kid; my parents were PRs there. Both had lived there for more than 20 yrs & also lived in Hong Kong for ages. So I travelled to these two countries very often. But I haven't been back to Jakarta since my SQ days. Must've changed a lot......

  9. U can contact me if u come to Jakarta again ;)

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