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Sighișoara, Transylvania's Medieval Fortified City

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It's my 5th day in Romania and also, my 3rd day in Brasov, one of the cities of Transylvania. There are other charming cities like Sibiu and Sighisoara but unfortunately because it's my last day in Romania, I can only pick one out from these two. It's impossible to cover two of these cities in a day because the public transportation wasn't that convenient as I thought. After a long consideration, I decided just to visit Sighisoara only. 

Going to Sighisoara is actually pretty easy but then, the journey is quite long (about 3 hours) if you are taking the train meanwhile the mini bus journey might take approximately 2 hours only but the seat is quite limited. I plan to take the mini bus at Autogara 1. which is adjacent to Brasov Train Station. However, the mini bus only departs 3 times a day (5.40 am, 8am and 3pm). Luckily I have made a bus reservation a night before my visit from this website (here) or else, I might not able to reach Sighisoara.

2019 Europe Romania Brasov Autogara 1
#1: Mini bus from Autogara 1 (next to Brasov Main Train Station) departing to Sighisoara. Arrive earlier in order to secure the seat. 

I booked the 8 am bus ticket and I arrived at the Autogara Brasov 1 half an hour earlier before the departing time. When I arrived, I was quite anxious on which mini bus should I hop into cause there's no sign on each the mini bus. About 5 minutes to 8 am, I saw a mini bus with "Sighisoara" signboard and immediately I approached the driver. The seating arrangement is like "first-come, first-seated" and my seat was almost far behind at the back. Well, it doesn't matter anyway as long as I can sit and sleep cause it's going to be 2 hours bus ride. The weather on that day was cloudy as it's raining whole day and this add more reason to have a perfect sleep inside the bus. What shocked me was when I woke up in the middle of the journey, I saw 3 or 4 passengers standing in the aisle between the seats. Looks like the driver just pick-up anyone who is going to the same direction regardless whether the seats are fully occupied or not. 

2019 Europe Romania Sighisoara Bus Terminal
#2: Sighisoara Bus Terminal - 15 minutes of walking to the medieval city

After more than 2 hours ride (exceeded the time as stated on the website as I think mainly due the driver keep stopping at many stops to pick up and drop off any random passengers), finally I have arrived in Sighisoara - a small fairy-tale like fortified city. It has been listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site due to its well-preserved walled old town. 

2019 Europe Romania Sighisoara Holy Trinity Church
#3: Bumped into this Holy Trinity Church before reaching the medieval city. You can request the bus driver to stop in front of this church instead of walking 15 minutes from the Sighisoara Bus Terminal. 

Sighisoara is such a small little town and everything is just within walking distance. It's easily to explore the entire city on foot without any issue and perhaps, you can cover within just half day only. Wondering why I pick Sighisoara over Sibiu? Mainly because this town is believed to be the birthplace of Court Dracula. Seems like I'm so obsessed with Dracula but actually I'm not. But hey, it's Romania and almost everything is all about Dracula. 

2019 Europe Romania Sighisoara UNESCO Citadel 1
#4: Pretty and cheery pastel-coloured merchant houses in Sighisoara.

One of the main attractions of Sighisoara is the Citadel Square (Piata Cetatii). This quaint small square lies at the heart of the citadel and it is the historic center of the city. In the old days, street markets, craft fairs, public executions and witch trials were held here. Still inhabited and as today, you can the square is lined with these merchant houses painted in bright and cheery pastel-coloured which making this spot a feast to the eyes. Not sure whether is it due to the adverse weather when I was there or because it's off-peak season in the month of April, but I didn't see any sign of other tourists except for me, myself and I. But once again to look at the bright side cause I can have the whole place all by myself. 

2019 Europe Romania Sighisoara UNESCO Citadel 2
#5: Citadel Square (Piata Cetatii) - the historic center of Sighisoara. 

2019 Europe Romania Sighisoara UNESCO Citadel 3
#6: Doesn't this photo looks like a painting to you?

2019 Europe Romania Sighisoara St Josephs Roman Catholic Cathedral
#7: St. Joseph Roman-Catholic Church sits in the center of the square

Another thing one shouldn't miss when visiting Sighisoara is the Clock Tower (Turnul cu Ceas). It's kinda hard to miss this out as it's standing tall atop of the citadel hill and even you're far away, you will still be able to spot it. Since I have plenty of time to kill, I took a visit, climbed up the tower and oh boy, the panoramic views from the balcony is breathtaking. 

2019 Europe Romania Sighisoara UNESCO Citadel 4
#8: Sighisoara's main point of interest - the Clock Tower (Turnul cu Ceas).

2019 Europe Romania Sighisoara Clock Tower View 1
#9: The Clock Tower offers amazing panoramic views of the city from the balcony.

2019 Europe Romania Sighisoara Clock Tower View 2
#10: Not just that, the visitors can even look down on the red-tiled roofs of the Old Town.

1585908265577_2019 Europe Romania Sighisoara Clock Tower View 3
#11: Up-close view of the Clock Tower

Open six days a week (except Monday): 
May 15 - September 15
Tuesday to Friday: 9 am - 6.30 pm
Saturday & Sunday: 10 am - 5.30 pm

September 16 - May 14
Tuesday to Friday: 9 am - 3.30 pm
Saturday & Sunday: 10 am - 3.30 pm

Admission Fee: 15 lei

2019 Europe Romania Sighisoara Covered Stairway
#12: The Scholars’ Stairs (Scara Acoperita), is an old stone staircase with a wooden roof along the whole span. It was built in order for the people to reach the church and the school on the hill especially during winter time, obviating the problems caused by the snow.

Somehow, there are certain part of Sighisoara reminds me of Zagreb of Croatia. The city's citadel is consider to be located on the Upper Town where one need to walk up the steep cobbled-streets from the Lower Town (it's pretty easy anyway) and as for the Lower Town, here you can find countless of shops and eateries along the street. 

#13: Sighisoara's Lower Town

2019 Europe Romania Sighisoara Lunch
#14: Feast my hungry tummy before leaving this charming and picturesque city.

In order to return back to Brasov from Sighsioara, I chosen to take the same route I took earlier - by taking the mini bus at 3.35pm. Like I shared above, the mini bus departs less frequently (only 3 times in a day) and hence, it's wise to plan your trip to Sighisoara ahead. Last but not least, don't come and visit Sighisoara on Monday cause the Clock Tower, one of the main point of interest closed on that particular day. It will be such a waste that you couldn't make it to the top to enjoy the fascinating panoramic views.



  1. The Scholars' stairs looked creepy. Lol.

    Love the old buildings. They are so well preserved and maintained.

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