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Train From Brasov To Veliko Tarnovo

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2019 Europe Romania Brasov Last Day
#1: Wasn't it beautiful? I only noticed this on my last day in Brasov.

It's my fourth day in Brasov and this marks my last day in Romania. It's time to pack the bag and move on to the next country, Bulgaria which is surrounded by Romania to the north. In order to get to Bulgaria, first thing I must take the train back to Bucharest and from there only I can cross the international border between these two countries. Get ready the passport as well as the train tickets because there will be several immigration inspection along the way. 

2019 Europe Train from Brasov to Veliko Tarnovo
#2: The train seats, the train tickets and one of the train stations we stopped at. I got my train tickets from Brasov Train Station and the total fare I paid was 145 lei.  

Normally, most of the visitors will start their trip from Bucharest and across the border straight to the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia. With this popular route, it will takes approximately 9 hours and 30 minutes with two stops. But because I began my journey from Brasov which need to add additional of 2 hours and 40 minutes of train ride, therefore I decided to get off in Veliko Tarnovo. Or else, it's going to be one long exhausted train ride for me. 

So here how's the train route from Brasov (Romania) to Veliko Tarnovo (Bulgaria) looks like:

1) Brasov to Bucharest Gara De Nord = 2 hours and 40 minutes train ride
2) Bucharest to Rousse Station = 2 hours and 45 minutes train ride
3) Rousse Station to Gorna Oryahovitsa Station = 2 hours train ride
4) Gorna Oryahovitsa to Veliko Tarnovo Station = 20 minutes train ride
(With 3 transits at Bucharest, Rousse Station and Gorna Oryahovitsa)

Bear in mind since there is no any food selling on board, it's best to go and grab some food and snack before hop on into this long journey. There are few fast food restaurants within Bucharest Gara De Nord, such as Subway, KFC and McDonald's and even several food stalls, so you don't have to worry about food stock up. 

I couldn't remember how many times we were being asked to show our passport and tickets for immigration control and inspection but I do remember that all of us, the passengers don't require to get down from the train as the immigration officers came on board and checked our passport especially at this one particular station by the name of Giurgiu Nord. And being a Malaysian passport holder, no visa is required to enter Bulgaria. 

2019 Europe Bulgaria Gorna Oryahovitsa Train Station
#3: Gorna Oryahovitsa Station. Stuck here for almost two hours before continue with my last leg of the journey. 

2019 Europe Bulgarian Lev
#4: While waiting for my last train, for the very first time I tried to withdraw some cash from the ATM machine by using BigPay card. BigPay really comes in handy especially when you're travelling abroad. (Read My Post on 5 Reasons Why You Should Apply BigPay Card)

Bulgaria is one of the European countries that has their own national currency and it's known as Bulgarian lev (BGN). I tried to withdraw some BGN in case for some immediate expenses needed cause the city I'm heading to, it's not a really a popular tourist spot among the foreign visitors. And that means I might face some difficulty in searching for money changer in the city.

€1 = BGN1.91 (or 1.91 leva)

Finally I hopped on into the last train of my journey heading to Veliko Tarnovo. Earlier on, I did message the owner of the hostel I'm going to stay about picking me from the train station and guess what, he really did. How nice he was, right? Cause by the time I arrived in Veliko Tarnovo, it's reaching night time and it's dark outside too. In addition, there is no any public transportation going to the city of Veliko Tarnovo and that is why, I was asking for favor from the owner.  

2019 Bulgaria Veliko Tarnovo Hostel Pashov
#5: My stay in Veliko Tarnovo

Hostel Pashow
Date Stayed: 12 April - 13 April 2019 (1 night)
Room Rate: BGN59 for a double bedroom attached with private bathroom.

Have you guys ever heard of Veliko Tarnovo before? Neither do I. I only came across this city while doing my research for this trip and from there, this is where I attracted to the city. Veliko Tarnovo once was the capital of the Second Bulgarian Empire and it has long traditions in the culture of Bulgaria. Though the city is fairly large, but almost everywhere is within easy reach including the city's attractions. Let's us do some city tour, shall we?

2019 Bulgaria Veliko Tarnovo 1
#6: A quiet and calm city

2019 Bulgaria Veliko Tarnovo 2
#7: Tsarevets, the city's top attraction.

2019 Bulgaria Veliko Tarnovo 3

2019 Bulgaria Veliko Tarnovo 4
#9: The main street where the banks, administrative offices, shops and hotels situated.

#10: A view of the city.

2019 Bulgaria Veliko Tarnovo 6
#11: A city with rich in history.

2019 Bulgaria Veliko Tarnovo 8

2019 Bulgaria Veliko Tarnovo 7
#13: A magnet cost 2.50 leva (approx to RM6/€1.50) and a postcard cost 1.90 leva (approx. to RM4.50/€1) 

The time I spent in Veliko Tarnovo was less than 24 hours. It might seem pretty short at first glance, but actually it's sufficient to cover the entire city. With a little common sense and respect for the locals, I can assure you that my solo trip in Veliko Turnovo is a safe one. Not just that this friendly student city is rich in museums and historical site, but the local are friendly and nice too. Just like my host.

I will continue my next post with the capital city of Bulgaria, Sofia! 



  1. The owner was so nice and kind to pick you up. This really brought back memories of my late parents who traveled on their own to Europe like 2-3 months per trip. There was no smart phones or internet yet or online bookings which forced travelers to visit by tours. My parents were so brave and when they simply got off the trains in any city that they fancied, they just stood at the information boards available at all train stations in whole Europe. There were posters of hotels and small notices of hostels or B&B rooms. So they just called the numbers and the owners would direct them how to walk a short distance from the station to their hostel or B&B. Some came in cars or bikes to help my parent's luggage. Most of the time they could see desperate old ladies or widows standing by the notice boards to offer the rooms in the homes. My parents always took pity and followed the friendly ladies home and became good friends. My mum would always tip them as well and gave souvenirs she had brought from Malaysia.

  2. looks like a quaint town with lotsa hidden gems - colourful buildings, superb sceneries...


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