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Peles Castle of Sinaia, Romania

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Another day, another trip to castle again. However for this round, this castle has caught my attention and instantly becoming one of my favourite castles, closely followed by Pena Castle of Portugal. It's none other than Peles Castle, which is far more impressive than Bran Castle. Luckily I made a wise choice to visit Bran first, or else I will place a high expectation on it and ended in disappointment.

Peles Castle is located in a small town of Sinaia and in order to get to Sinaia, it's actually pretty easy by taking train, since it is on the main track between both Bucharest and Brasov. But of course, the nearest spot is from Brasov. Now you know why I choose to stay in Brasov for 3 nights - so that I can reduce the travelling time.

So here's the route I took from Brasov (where I overnight):
  • From Livada Poştei (Brasov Old Town), catch bus #4 to Gara Brasov (Train Station).
  • Then, buying the train ticket at the counter heading to Sinaia.
  • One-single trip costs 16.90 lei and the train rides took almost an hour journey. 
From those who plan to travel from Bucharest, take train from Gara de Nord and the ride takes approximately 1.5 hours to reach Sinaian.

2019 Romania Train Brasov to Sinaia
#1: Taking train from Brasov to Sinaia, where Peles Castle situated.

2019 Romania Sinaia Railway Station
#2: Sinaia Railway Station

Just when I thought I had finally arrived Peles Castle, the truth is no! There's still long way to go. Right after I came out from Sinaia Railway Station, I tried to Google whether any further info on taking public bus going to the Castle. I did my research earlier on but all the info I came across gave me the same result, which is to walk for almost 40 minutes from the train station to the castle. I was alone and hardly seen any other tourists around me. I did see a signboard but the moment I walked further, slowly I noticed I was lost. I have no choice but keep walking according to my Google map on my phone.

2019 Romania Sinaia Signboard
#3: Sorry to say this but what an useless signboard. Not helpful at all.

I was walking like a headless chicken, not sure where the Google Map direct me to - is the direction correct or otherwise? Only to find out after the end of this trip, I was actually walking on different direction, not the usual path took by majority of the visitors. But still, I glad that I finally make it to the castle - safe and sound, with a little touch of exhausted. When I saw Peles Castle standing tall and enormous right in front of me, all the efforts of getting here is exceptionally worth. This Romanian castle is so stunning and impressive until I was totally stunned.

2019 Romania Peles Castle 01-1
#4: After walking for more than 40 minutes from Sinain Railway Station, I made it to the castle.

However, it's felt kinda strange for me cause this castle is known to be one of the most remarkable castles in Romania but somehow, I don't see any sign of tourists surrounding it. I have to admit I was kinda early but by the time I arrived the castle, it's 9.30am. It was supposed to open at 9am, as shown from Google. And guess what? It's Wednesday during my visit and the opening hour is different from the rest of the day, which is 11am. Not you again Google! But again, to think from the other side, this consider it's a blessing of disguise for me cause I can have the whole place just for myself. Always be positive, right?

Without wasting any longer, this is what I did:

2019 Romania Peles Castle 02
#5: What else than taking photo of myself?

2019 Romania Peles Castle 05
#6: For the "Gram"

2019 Romania Peles Castle 04
#7: And more of myself with the castle. Can you spot the snow-capped mountain behind me?

When I posted one of these photos on Instagram, there are few who actually asked me how I managed to take photo of myself when I was travelling alone? Oh well, sometimes I did ask from the strangers who passby but for this trip, I brought along a 1-m long tripod with me.

2019 Romania Peles Castle - Tripod
#8: Another silly thing I did - I forgot to bring along the remote. So what I did is set timer of 10 seconds, then immediately ran to the spot I want. And repeat. Some people who passby saw it and laughed at me.

2019 Romania Peles Castle 06
#9: Statue of the founder of Peles Castle, King Carol the 1st

2019 Romania Peles Castle 07
#10: Statues of the terrace

Slowly, a crowds of people flocked to admire the beauty of Peles Castle. Luckily, I was almost done with my own personal photoshooting and about to leave. "Oh wait, you want to leave now? Imagine you walked for almost 40 minutes and leave just like that without entering the museum?", I asked myself. Frankly speaking, I wasn't into any history cause it's never been my my cup of tea but to think wisely, it was such a shame for me to just leave like that. After a long consideration, I approached the counter and bought an entrance ticket that costs me 30 lei and also, photographer fee of 35 lei.

Apparently there are two different entrance fees for Peles Castle:

  • The Main Tour - 30 lei where the tour only take place at the main floor
  • The Optional Tour - 60 lei covering both main and upper floor. 
For me, just go for the main tour as it's sufficient to cover what you want to see.

2019 Romania Peles Castle Museum 03
#11: One thing I dislike about entering Peles Castle is that all visitors must take the guided tour. I understood the reason behind for this is to control the incoming big crowd but this also cause the tour to be quick and rush.

2019 Romania Peles Castle Museum 01
#12: Peles Castle is the first castle in Europe that is fully supplied by electrical power. Impressive!

Peles Castle is built by King Carol the 1st (1839 - 1914) when he visited the site of the future castle for the very first time, he instantly fell in love the side amid the magnificent scenery of Carpathian Mountains. He then decided to acquire some land and commissioned a castle to be built there to be used as a summer residence for the Romanian royal family. Its architectural style is a romantically inspired blend Neo-Renaissance and Gothic Revival similar to Neuschwanstein Castle of Germany. This is because the one who designed the plan for this castle was a German architect.

2019 Romania Peles Castle Museum 04

2019 Romania Peles Castle Museum 02
#14: The castle has 160 rooms decorated with beautiful furniture.

Despite the quick and rush guided tour, I felt that a trip to Romania is incomplete without a visit to this fairy-tale Peles Castle. Both the exterior and interior are absolutely fascinating and can't stop making every visitor who dropby to jaw dropping. And before I left Sinaia, I stumbled upon another smaller in size castle not far away from Peles Castle - the Pelisor Castle. However due to time constraint, I didn't have the time to visit it.

2019 Europe Romania Pelisor Castle
#15: Pelisor Castle - Built by orders of King Carol I for his nephew Ferdinand, the future king of Romania and his wife Queen Maria.

If you like to cover both Bran Castle and Peles Castle on the same day, I would advise not to make a trip on Wednesday cause Peles Castle only opens at 11am. Majority of the travellers would prefer to dropby Peles Castle first (opens at 9am except Wednesday), and then continue by taking train to Brasov for Bran Castle. But like I mentioned early, I prefer the opposite way - visit Bran Castle first, follow by Peles Castle later on. Well, choice is in your hands.



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  2. I must salute you again for traveling and walking so far, all alone. I tried traveling to South Korea alone last year but I was always scared of ghosts at night when I see slept alone. I had to bring along an A4 sized talisman from KL to be placed beside my bed!! Lolol

    This Peles Castle is really unique and beautiful esp the colours. It is not greyish like most castles. Sometimes I wonder why they always built with over 100 rooms like a hotel.

    Your photos have always been pretty postcards when taken as solo with your tripod. I suggest that you paste a standard checklist on your luggage so that you will not forget your remote again. I often forgot to bring toothbrushes, comb or personal shampoo. I got mad with myself until I packed all these items inside every luggage in the wardrobe. No more oversight. Hahahaha


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