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Short Trip To Bran Castle From Brasov

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Talking about castle, Romania is one of the countries in Europe that has countless of castles. To name one of it is the Bran Castle, most well-known for Court Dracula. Although this castle might not among the most beautiful I ever visited, but the best part is you can visit at your own without taking any guide tour.  

In order to get to Bran Castle, the nearest base would be from Brasov which I blogged earlier in my previous post. Even if you are travelling from Bucharest whether by train or bus, you still need to stop at Brasov, and from there catch a bus at Brasov Bus Terminal (Autogara 2).  

Summary On How To Get To Bran Castle:  
  • From Bucharest, take a train to Brasov like I did. Upon arriving in Brasov Train Station, catch a local bus #23 or 23B to Autogara 2 (stop at Stadionul Tineretului).
  • If you already in Brasov and stay in the centre which locally known as Livada Poştei (this is where Old Town located), catch bus #12 to Autogara 2 (stop at Stadionul Tineretului).
  • In Autogara 2, continue by taking bus at Terminal 2 and stop at Bran - Moeciu. The bus departures at every 30 minutes during weekday and every hour during weekend.
  • As for the fare, the local bus within Brasov costs 2.5 lei for a single trip. For the bus from Brasov to Bran, it costs 8 lei.
2019 Romania Bran Castle 09
#1: Autogara 2 - This is where the bus departs to Bran from Brasov. Catch the bus at Terminal 2. One-way costs 8 lei 

2019 Romania Bran Castle 08
#2: This is where you should drop off for Bran Castle. There are plenty of souvenir stalls outside the castle. so it's hard for you to miss it.

Right after I dropped my backpack at the hostel I'm staying in Brasov, immediately I got some advises from the friendly hostel staff on how to get to Bran Castle cause you know, times wait for no one. There are plenty of places I would like to wander and venture but bear in mind, I only have like 3 days. I know that my time to Bran might be rush and limited, but that's all I can risk for. By the time I reach Bran Castle, it was like 1.30 pm. It may seem like I have ample of time since the castle is expecting to close at 6pm but then, I have to take into consideration of the bus schedule heading back to Brasov. Did I mention that the bus ride from Brasov takes approximately 45 minutes? In addition, I was travelling alone and hence, it's wise to make a trip back to hostel earlier. 

Right after I got off from the bus, I came across countless of small wooden stalls selling all sort of souvenirs, particularly on Bran Castle and Dracula before reaching the counter booth. Not sure whether because it was off-season in April or due to after lunch hour, there were less tourists than what I anticipated it to be. Well, I kinda enjoyed it cause less tourists mean less crowd and not that packed. Admission fee for adult costs 40 lei (approximately to RM40).

2019 Romania Bran Castle 02
#3: Less visitors when I arrived in Bran Castle - that's a good sign cause it means less crowd

2019 Romania Bran Castle 03
#4: The views from the bottom of the hill looking up the castle are pretty fascinating.

2019 Romania Bran Castle 04
#5: The courtyard, looking west

When enter into the castle, the visitor is allowed to wander across many floors of the castle, ventured every nooks and crannies that filled with arts and furnitures collected by Queen Marie, the last queen of Romania. Not just that, there is even a secret passage connecting the first and third floors, a room that displaying Court Dracula myth and more. If you are a passionate history lover and keen to know more about this castle, maybe you could consider of taking a guided tour.  

2019 Romania Bran Castle 06
#6: The castle is now a museum dedicated to displaying art and furniture collected by Queen Marie, the last queen of Romania. 

2019 Romania Bran Castle 05
#7: The inner courtyard

2019 Romania Bran Castle 07
#8: Inner courthyard wishing well

2019 Romania Bran Castle 10
#9: One final photo before bidding goodbye to Bran Castle

Before hopping on the bus going back to Brasov, I dropped by a restaurant opposite of the entrance to the castle for some late-lunch break and of course not forgetting, getting some Bran Castle magnets as part of my collection. 

Fun Fact of Dracula
Do you know that the creator of Dracula, Bram Stoker actually never been to Romania before? He depicted the imaginary Dracula’s castle based upon a description of Bran Castle that was available to him in turn-of-the-century Britain. And because Bran Castle is the only castle in all of Transylvania that actually fits Bram Stoker’s description of Dracula’s Castle, therefore this castle is known throughout the world as Dracula’s Castle.

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