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Second Trip to Lake Kawaguchiko

My first trip to Lake Kawaguchiko was dating back to 2010. My gosh! I can't believe it's like 10 years ago. How time flies? You can refer my old post here. However, when I went Lake Kawaguchiko for the very first time, luck wasn't on my side as I unable to sight any Mount Fuji due to poor visibility and the adverse weather. And because of that, I decided to go Lake Kawaguchiko again last year when I went Tokyo for business trip to see whether I have any fate with the infamous Japan's Holy Mountain. 

Lake Kawaguchiko 01

By Train
From JR Tokyo's Shinjuku Station, take the JR Chuo Line to Otsuki Station. The direct limited express train will takes about 70 minutes and one-way ride costs 2,350 yen. If you want to save money, you can take the local train which one-way ride costs 1,340 yen but the ride will takes about 100 minutes.

Once align at Otsuki Station, hop on to the Fujikyu Railway Line to Kawaguchiko Station. A single ride costs 1,170 yen and the journey takes approximately 55 minutes.

Lake Kawaguchiko 03
#2: Fujikyu Railway Line from Otsuki Station to Kawaguchiko Station

Lake Kawaguchiko 02
#3: Not just comfortable, Japan's train always remain clean and free from rubbish.

We intend to overnight here in order to catch a view of Mount Fuji on the next morning. Unfortunately once again, Mount Fuji was so shy to come out and greet me. Probably wasn't a good idea to come to Lake Kawaguchiko during the summer time and from what I search, the best time to come and see Mount Fuji is during the winter time. Looks like I need to go back Lake Kawaguchiko for the third time. 

And luckily for us, we booked at least the cheapest and affordable accommodation to stay for a night here. If not, it's really wasted to book an expensive and luxury accommodation but ended the trip without Mount Fuji in sight. The boyfriend booked Samurise Kura Hostel - a small and old Japanese inn converted into a hostel and it's just a short walking distance from Kawaguchiko Station. 

Lake Kawaguchiko Hostel Samurice 2
#4: Samurise Office - This is the check-in counter and they keep our luggages for free.

Lake Kawaguchiko Hostel Samurice 1
#5: A small and old Japanese inn converted into hostel. There are 4 different type of rooms with sharing bathroom and toilets. 

From the hostel we stayed, we walked to Fuji Tempura Idaten which is about 5 minutes of walking. By the time we arrived at this restaurant, it's pretty crowded and almost fully occupied but thank goodness, we managed to get seats for two. We sat at the counter bar where it's therapeutic experience to watch the chefs preparing, battering and frying variety of tempuras for the customers.

Lake Kawaguchiko Tempura Restaurant 1
#6: Fuji Tempura Idaten

Lake Kawaguchiko Tempura Restaurant 2
#7: The main star of the restaurant. And good news for the Muslim friends cause they served Muslim-friendly meal.

Due to the poor visibility and adverse weather, nothing much we can do, especially the highlight our activity is to marvelling Fujisan also beyond our control. But because we don't want just purposely went Lake Kawaguchiko and left without doing anything, the boyfriend suggested let's have onsen session. We went for the one in Fuji Yurari Hot Spring (Fuji Chobo no yu Yurari). This hot spring is one of the most popular onsens in Lake Kawaguchiko where you can get a superb view of Mt. Fuji standing right in front of you from the outdoor panoramic bath.

Fuji Yurari Hot Spring Free Shuttle Bus
#8: There is a free shuttle bus from Kawaguchiko Station to the onsen.

#9: Stricly no photos inside the onsen but because I'm the first person to enter, I "curi-curi" bring my handphone. This is where you can get a stunning view of Mount Fuji but then, it's too shy on the day we're there.

Fuji Yurari Hot Spring 2
#10: After rejuvenating almost an hour from the onsen, we went for lunch at the restaurant located at ground floor of the building.

Fuji Yurari Hot Spring
Opening Hours:
10am to 7pm (Admission fee on weekday is 1,300 yen)
                      (Admission fee on Saturday, Sunday and national holiday is 1,500 yen)
7pm to 10pm (Admission fee on weekday is 1,100 yen)
                      (Admission fee on Saturday, Sunday and national holiday is 1,300 yen)
The admission fee includes rental towel and bath towel. There is even a special package for couple where you will be arranged for a private room.

And that's pretty sum up my second trip to Lake Kawaguchiko. If the weather is in good situation especially with a clear day, I believe there are plenty of things we can do here. Probably this means I need to go to Lake Kawaguchiko for the 3rd time. Maybe third time is the charm, like they said. *Keep my fingers crossed*


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  2. Hope you get to visit it again. :)

    Yumny tempura. Make me craving for it right now. Lol.

  3. I like tempura...this place would satisfy my cravings for tempuras!

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  5. Thank you for sharing the tips to get there! I am so shy to confess that I had never seen Mount Fuji with my eyes yet because I did not make an effort. I was hoping that I could glance a bit from Tokyo and the neighbouring towns but the winter visibility was bad as expected. I will go next time as seeing this scared mountain is like a pilgrimage to Japan.


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