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From Kota Kinabalu to Bucharest, Romania

After successfully visited two of Balkans countries which are Bosnia & Herzegovina and Croatia in 2018, I just can't wait to visit the rest of Balkan countries and keep looking forward for it. Once I spotted the airfare with Singapore Airlines to Istanbul was within my budget, instantly I booked the ticket without thinking any longer. Either you take the risk of travelling alone, or you let go the opportunity of grabbing the cheap fare - I told myself. I rather choose the first one as I've been travelling alone quite a number of times. Plus, it's not like always you can grab these irresistible cheap fare, right?   

Just like my first trip to Balkans countries, I began with my flight from Kota Kinabalu to Singapore with Silk Air. At least this round the in-flight meal served by Silk Air is not disappointing than the one I had back in 2018. For your information, Silk Air has permanently ceased its operation for Kota Kinabalu - Singapore route last year and took over by Scoot, the low-cost carrier of the Singapore Airlines carrier.

Silk Air In-Flight Meal KK to Singapore Flight
#1: In-flight meal for Kota Kinabalu flight to Singapore via Silk Air.

So, what's my plan since I have like 8 hours of transit in Singapore before continue my next flight to Istanbul? Initially, I was tempted to visit the newly opened Jewel Changi which opened to the public less than a month, but sooner, I realised something is more important than this - which is my family. Therefore, I decided to go and visit my sister and my little nephew. Family comes first.

2019 Singapore Changi Airport
#2: Welcome to the most "canggih" airport - one of my most favourite airports.

How quickly time passed and the next thing I know, I need to get back to Singapore Changi Airport again to continue my next long-distance red-eye flight. My flight duration from Singapore to Istanbul took nearly 11 hours. Yes, 11 hours and if not mistaken, this is my first ever long distance flight I ever experienced with. Unfortunately, this airlines which awarded with "World's Best Airlines" failed to impress me cause they were using old fleet for the route between Singapore and Istanbul. Normally I never bother or particular about which aircraft used for any respective flights but when you are taking a long-haul flight, it does matter a lot. Sorry Singapore Airlines, but still, I personally think Qatar Airways is the best one. 

Singapore Airlines Supper
#3: Supper served by Singapore Airlines for flight Singapore to Istanbul

Singapore Airlines Breakfast
#4: We were served with breakfast before landed in Istanbul.

In 2018, I arrived in Istanbul Ataturk Airport but a year later, they moved to the new airport, simply known as the Istanbul Airport. Therefore, everything seems completely new, totally unfamiliar to me and I need to search all directions and information of this new airport. 

2019 Istanbul
#5: Istanbul new airport - Istanbul Airport

Again for the second time, I was dilemma whether should I just stay inside the airport or heading to the town. This is because my flight to Bucharest (capital city of Romania) is around 3pm and I have like 7 hours to kill before proceed with my next flight. Making choice again! At the end, I decided to head to the town cause there's nothing much I can do if I remain to stay in the airport. I will share more about how to get to Istanbul town from the new Istanbul Airport in my next upcoming post. 

Right after I done with a cup of hot coffee and filled my hungry tummy with pasta in one random cafe in the bustling town of Istanbul, immediately I took bus departing to Istanbul Airport for me to catch my last flight of the day. As for my flight from Istanbul to Bucharest, I booked Pegasus Airlines, a Turkish low-cost airlines. I flew with Pegasus before for my flight to Sarajevo (the city of Bosnia & Herzegovina). 

In short, from Kota Kinabalu with 3 number of flights, 15 hours of transit and nearly 15 hours of flying time, proud to announce that finally I arrived in Romania - the third Balkans countries I've been. 

2019 Europe Bucharest Airport 1
#6: Finally I'm in Bucharest - after 3 flights, 15 hours of transit and almost 15 hours of flight from Kota Kinabalu with two transit in Singapore and Istanbul. 

This post served as introduction of my travel adventures to the Balkans countries. So for my next post, it's all about Bucharest, the largest and capital city of Romania. Do watch out for this blog of mine 😉😉


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  1. Wow! I guess I must be lucky to always fly on SQ's latest fleets like to London and others. I didn't know that they still have dated aircrafts that made you fume. Somehow I always enjoyed their food served on board long or short flights.


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