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Lake Kawaguchi of Mount Fuji

{Note: Actually this is my scheduled post as I am on my way to KL for 2 days to attend one of my coursemate's wedding. Never thought that when I was small, received tons of invitation card to attend for friend's birthday party but now receiving invitation card for friend's wedding party. Oh ya! There is a tremendous changes in my blog. Find out what had I change.}

Without noticing, we were almost closed to the end of our Japan trip. During our second day in Tokyo, we went to one of the infamous Japan's Holy Mountain, Mount Fuji.

Mount Fuji, a dormant volcano is the highest mountain in Japan and its perfectly symmetrical volcanic cone is well-known as Japan's symbol. But do you know where is the best places to view Mount Fuji from a close distance?

As there is no direct access to Mount Fuji by train, the most nearer staging points are either Fujiyoshida or Kawaguchiko. Both of us opt for Kawaguchiko instead.

Fuji (14) copy-7

Fuji (14) copy-5

Fuji (14) copy-8

Fuji (14) copy-6

Fuji (14) copy-11
Food vendor machines are everywhere.

Fuji (14) copy-99

Fuji (14) copy-97

Fuji (14) copy-4
Saw the temperature?

Fuji (14) copy-1

Fuji (14) copy-3

Lake Kawaguchiko is the easiest to access and offers more things to see and do among Fuji Five Lakes. The other four lakes are less developed and not as easy to access by public transportation.

However, the mountain is not always visible to view due to the clouds and poor visibility. OK! We are unlucky one to see the world most beautiful mountain and perfectly shaped volcano.

Fuji (14) copy-90

Fuji (14) copy-9

Fuji (14) copy-91

Fuji (14) copy-94

Fuji (14) copy-95

Fuji (14) copy-93

Fuji (14) copy-92

Fuji (14) copy-98

Fuji (14) copy-96
I am dog lover.
If I see dog everytime I'm on going, sure won't miss out any opportunity to snap them.
For example, during my Wales trip, few photo with dogs which I took (click here)

Fuji (14) copy-2
We will come back to visit you again, Mr Fuji!

IMG_1209 - Copy copy
Anyway, I got myself to grab this - Blueberry Cheese Cake Kit Kat (limited edition).
Only available at Mount Fuji train station.

There are more varieties of Kit Kat in Japan.
Want to know more? Stay tune for my never ever finish Japan post.mrgreen

[Credit to: Wikipedia, Wikitravel, Japan-Guide]


  1. It has always been my life-long dream to visit Japan one day :) You are really living an awesome life, travelling :)

  2. Awww...Diana...it's so great! Suddenly i envy you..hahhahaha :P Japan is my dreamplace too..don't know when can go there. By the way, i'm travelling to Jakarta in June. Just in case you posted something about Jakarta in your previous entry so would like to know when coz right now can't really read all your entries (my bad).... ;)

  3. Miki Aya - I was born to be a traveller :)

    whywhy - I haven't been to Jakarta yet. So, sorry for that. Guess you will become my reference for my upcoming trip to Jakarta.

  4. oooo..Lake Kawaaguchi, never been there yet..and it's cold to be there during winter..anyway the place's really nice and what the?! Blueberry KitKat..damn, I still havent the chance for this kit kat..haha

  5. just to share with you my Hokkaido Trip..http://bit.ly/lab7rs
    my most fav place in Japan

  6. Nice pictures of your travel to Mount Fuji! Hope to visit that place when I do have time.. And will definitely try the blueberry kitkat eh eh


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