Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Shopping & Food Haul From Shenzhen, China

Oops, I did it again!Let's check out my shopping haul from the so called little shopping paradise place. I did shared some of them before in few of my previous post but I prefer to compile all of them in here.

My Shopping Haul on Day 1
Shenzen 14
All mine except for the white collar T-shirt that I bought for my boyfie.
Total damage: Less than RM100

My Shopping Haul on Day 2
Shenzen- Day 2 09
This time around grabbed more on accessories including bags, porch, belt and necklace

My Shopping Haul on Day 3
Shenzen- Day 3 10
All are not mine except for the shoe and belt. The rest are for my besties and boyfie too.

If you happen to read of my previous post on my haul from Japan and Taiwan, you will notice I prefer to buy those foods and snack that can't find in Malaysia. And I was so lucky that I found China's local supermarket with the help of my two brothers and you know what, I almost grabbed everything which I think is cute and unique whether it is delicious or not back to KK.
Shenzen- Day 4 07
A whole big bag just for me to fill in the foods and snacks I bought from Shenzhen, China.

Shenzen- Day 4 08
The reason I love to buy foods when travelling was because it is easy to share among all my friends including my colleagues especially the guys. For me, it is easy to buy souvenirs for the gals but when comes to guy, it makes me headache. Therefore, I prefer to grab as much as I can and let them choose what they want to eat. Easy job!

Shenzen- Day 4 09
Crackers and potato chips even featuring the famous Taiwan singer, Jay Chao

Shenzen- Day 4 10
Even Lay's (the famous potato chip's brand) also featured Wang LeeHom and Angela Chang

NOTE: For those who went Taiwan before, can you find these two in Taiwan? I guess you can't.

Shenzen- Day 4 11
Last but least, Glico!!!
Glico is kinda my favourite snack currently and I quite addicted to it after my trip to Japan. So wherever I saw 7-11 or other 24 hours convenient store anywhere on earth except for Malaysia, immediately I will search for Glico including my recent trip to Phuket. You can't imagine how crazy am I towards this Glico biscuit snack!


  1. When I travel I also likes to buy their snaks ....

  2. Wow, that's a lot of snacks but I find the one with Jay Chou's face on it really funny :P HAHA but I know my friends would like it!

  3. awesome shopping!!

  4. YERRRRR! Angela Chang!!! I WANT! TT

  5. Hi Diana, wow! You sure did some shopping there. I guess women can never resist shopping whenever going on holiday....and its one thing leads to another, ha ha.
    Love your taste in outfits.
    You have fun and keep a song in your heart.

  6. Gosh, so much snacks! Hahaha! Looks like so much fun :)

  7. WOW ! you really all out when comes to shopping :-) wonder how much you need to pay for your luggage.

  8. mostly food.. eh, berapa kilo la beg ko balik ni.. but no worry, after this can travel berabis sebab luggage fee drop ody kan?? :p

  9. Wohoooo this is what we called shopping... Nice :)

  10. Snacks! I wonder what's the total damage for all the purse you bought :D

  11. aww i love shopping there too, but at the time i went there was winter season, no suitable clothes for me to bring back to msia :(

    Latest: Lovely Taste at 6

  12. Wow so many bags of the same style! Can open boutique and sell jor! XD


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