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Shenzhen, China - Day 1 The Arrival, Sushi & Shopping

Date of Visited: 28th May 2011

There it goes! My family trip after almost 5 years ago where my family and I went to Hong Kong together. And this time around, even my sister's boyfriend from Singapore tagged along with us. This is my first oversea trip for the year 2011. (Yeap, another backdated travelogue)

Shenzen is the only city of China that directly fly from Kota Kinabalu via AirAsia without any transit and the journey took almost 3 hours. Situated in the south of Southern China, Shenzhen is indeed very near to Hong Kong. So when next time make a trip there, do spare more time to "hit 3 birds using one stone" - by plan a trip to visit Shenzhen, Hong Kong and also Macau. Unfortunately for us, it was only 4 days 3 nights trip, so we can only venture around Shenzhen city. Somemore, I just visited Hong Kong and Macau few months ago.

Shenzen 01
Aerial view of Shenzhen

Shenzen 02
Everything in blue

Immediately upon check-in, we went for lunch. My dad brought us to the nearby Japanese restaurant which was few walking distance from our hotel (will blog about it soon). I kinda doesn't like the attitude and behaviour with the China's driver which they tend to like to keep on "hon" their car. All along the way from hotel to the restaurant, the driver never stop keep making those noises even for a second. It is very annoying for that!

Shenzen 03
The public transport

Shenzen 04
The menu and ambiance of the restaurant

Shenzen 05

Regarding the price, I can't really recall any of them but they do have more variety and choice which can't find in most typical Japanese restaurant in Malaysia. After done with lunch, now we have more energy to kick off the day - SHOPPING!

Shenzen 06

Located just behind our hotel, this shopping complex is totally insane. For shopaholics, this is must visit place especially for the ladies where you can do all the madly shopping. For the first few floor, it is fully occupied with clothes and garments and trust me, you probably might need at least a day to venture all around. No! Maybe 2 days! Gosh!

Shenzen 07
This is the shopping complex looks like.

Shenzen 08

Shenzen 09

Shenzen 10

For those who went China and shopping there before, I guess you might know the rule when comes to bargain with them. For those who never, here is an advise based on my personal experience. Before you bargain with them, make sure you are 100% sure want the item. If can't meet your expected price, you might just leave but you may pay the price for your action. They will SHOUT SO LOUD and everyone nearby you, will definitely look at you. I never experience this before but I saw thousand times in a day inside this building. Damn scary!

After shopping for more than 5 hours, it's time for dinner. We dined in a restaurant located inside the shopping complex. Just a glance from outside of the restaurant, this is one of the most grand restaurant I ever encountered.

Shenzen 11

Shenzen 13
Warning! A sinful food.

Because this dinner was having together with my dad's friend and his family, so I unable to snap as much photo as I mostly did in most of the time. I guess the photo itself (above) has make your saliva drooling at this moment.

My first day ended with sushi for lunch, shopping like mad and tempting Chinese food as dinner. And you know what? My mom continue shopping on the next day. Deng! So prepare my Shenzhen Day 2 with full of non-stop shopping experience.

Shenzen 14
My haul for first day.
Can't you believe for less than RM100, I managed to grab all of these?
2 dresses, 1 short, 1 blouse for myself and 1 collar T-shirt for boyfie.

Notice the spelling mistake of my watermark. It suppose to be Shenzhen but I mistakenly spelled as Shenzen. Will edit it once I back because while you are reading this right now, I on my way for another vacation. First trip for the year 2012. Stay tune to find out where I am heading to.


  1. totally agree! shenzhen is part of shopping paradise in china. but wait until u come to guangzhou..i'm sure u'll broke. hahahaha :)

  2. i tot i can go there by 2012...hmmm...shiat!

    where are u heading to dianaaaaaaaaa??? hahaha!

  3. jealous jealous jealous jealous (chant x100) i also wanna go shenzen! My friend said it's awesome there! anyway u go china and have sushi? LOL! At least they have more variety la! :P

  4. whoa, having an oversea trip already?? It's January now dee!! Ha ha ha.. It's too early.. (well, I'm envy of course..)

  5. wow..never thought that the shopkeeper will yell loudly if you don't buy it after bargaining...but it's kinda good also cos it's unfair to them after kept on lowering the price for you then you just walk away hoping for them to give the price you want...aka fong fei kei them...hahaha

  6. Sushi and Shopping? This place is to die for.

  7. hi, where is the holycity fashion city located in Shenzhen? (like where's the nearest MTR station?)


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