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Snapshot Sunday: Eiffel Tower, France

Small Note: Another new segment of Travel & Living Journal of DT - "Snapshot Sunday". Besides to serve as showcase of the photo I took from my previous trip, this segment also serve for the purpose to reminiscence my old travel post, especially for the new readers. Most of the travel blog I bumped into will have something like "Travel Photo for the Week" but I came out with this segment. Don't want being recognise as copycat mah, as I damn hate copycat!

Eiffel Tower, France

Many people claimed this place to be City of Romance, but for me, it is one truly "City of Lights". Eiffel Tower is a prominent symbol for both France and Paris. A ring of 12 golden stars around Eiffel Tower represents France as part of the European Union.

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  1. Wow~~ That's a very fast updates for this post.

    :( How I wish to be there that time. :/ Such a romantic place.

    lol. :D I do wonder who's that copycat that you always complaining about. hahah ;D

  2. OMG! wish to go there soon...:)

  3. Bonjour ....
    i love to visit france one day....... Need to work hard n save more...

  4. i agree, no loman wan hor...ehhehe

  5. Bravo for a nicely lit night shot. I like the 'coloured' structure with its background in total darkness.

  6. Love the idea about this post.

    I always saw Eiffel tower photograph glowing in yellow or gold, never saw the blue one. Your photo it's unique ;)

  7. Every time I go for snapping photos my concern always lighting...and your shot is the good one to represent the lighting feature. Keep up the good job.

  8. Wow... awesome & spectacular! Fall in love with Paris at the first sight of your photo! Great job!

  9. Have not been there, Paris is in my wish list everyday :) Great photo, really captivating!

  10. nanti sa mo p sana...... kalau sa ada duit.. ha ha ha

  11. I bet more than half of the world's population proposed to his soul mate up in Eiffel Tower. Wakakaa jk.

    Funny how I hear a lot of ladies' dream proposal is to be proposed at THE tower. Funny, but sure romantic kan hehee.

    Happy Tuesday, Diana!

  12. Oh? Eiffel Tower does light up blue colour light one? Now only I know it.


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