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Recap of My 2011 History & My 2012 resolution

Happy new year to all my readers and here it is, my officially first post for the year 2012. Talking about the year 2011, I try to figure out what has it brought to my life. Change my life dramatically or just the same old simple life I had?

Beginning with the month of January, this month totally gave me a mixed feelings indeed. The month for the 1 year memorial of the lost of someone that is so important in my life but then it's also the month that my boyfie and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary we've been together. Somehow somewhere, I still miss you a lot, my dearest late grandfather.

January 2011
My own handmade card to the boyfie.

My career life started to change in February where I was being promoted as audit semi-senior along with my Boyfie. Yup, both of us were working together under the same field. Like they said, when salary increased, the responsibilities also getting heavier. Beside that, being part as one of the Company's sport committee, I was given a real opportunity to organise the Company's annual dinner - with lots of grand and exclusive prize sponsored by our boss including iPad, Canon compact camera, iPod and more. Too bad I didn't wIn any of those.

February 2011

Then the following month, March is where again another year for me to blow candle. No more blast and happening celebration like I had in previous year, but I grateful to celebrate this important day with my family, friends and not forgeting, with Boyfie too. A simple birthday celebration marked my life another meaningful and remarkable moment when got to celebrate with all the loved one.

March 2011
This year my birthday celebration filled with lots of foods.

Fast forward to the month of May is where I began my travel journey for the year 2011. First, went to Kuala Lumpur for less than 2 days just to attend my friend's wedding. Frankly speaking, friends are important to me and has become part of my life. If I really have the time, I will try my best to attend their wedding even it is so far away. Therefore for me, good friends are meant to be kept, but for a friend that doesn't meet the definition of a friend at all, sorry to tell you are not meant to be part of my life, dude! Next, travel oversea with my family which I will mention about it later.

May 2011
My friend's wedding in Mines, Kuala Lumpur

Officially being a semi senior for less than 4 months, I finally decided to tender a resignation letter and terminate my services in the month of June to further my study - to continue my professional accounting papers which I had keep extending for so long.

June 2011
My farewell treat by my colleagues. Thanks and I really miss them a lot.

Say Hello Again to Kuala Lumpur in July. Thanks to my friend and his sister for giving me a great place to stay during my study there. I really owed them a lot for their hospitality and taking a very good care of me.

July 2011
My comfort place somewhere around Kuala Lumpur. Enclosed with private bathroom somemore

Went Malacca with my friend's sister aka my housemate in August after my last trip to there was like almost 5 years ago. Deng!

August 2011

Among of all the month for the year, I love the most would definitely be September. The first reason was having TWO trips in a month and secondly, a visit to KL by boyfie.

My class ended in November and I went back KK immediately. Somehow, I think home is the most coolest place to be on earth. I used to like KL life once when I was a KL college student before, but after working in KK for almost 2 and half years, I think KK still the best. KL life is so complicated and such a hectic life, really doesn't suit me at all (my two cents opinion, no offence)

November 2011
Can't imagine how long I never fly with one of the world best airline after the existence of the world's lowest fare airline?

Having the worst nightmare where study non-stop for day and night for my exam which held in the month of December. Anyhow, my exam ended in the middle of month, and from there onwards, I started a new working life - working with my dad. Not my choice but what can I do. I still missing working with my previous employer somehow.

LinkDecember 2011
Gosh! Too many things to study.

So, that's summarised all my life for the year 2011. Wondering how about my globe trotting? One of my #2011 resolution has achieved and that was visited at least 4 different countries in a year:

1. Shenzen, China with family. The last trip we went together was back in year 2005 where we went Hong Kong together with my late grandfather. Although went Taiwan with family in 2010, but it is incomplete without the other family members.

2. Seoul & Jeju Island South Korea with my Europe trip gang. After travelled together around Europe in 20 days, four of us "back in action again" since we promised to meet and gather for another trip after our graduation.

3. Singapore with boyfie. Thanks a lot to boyfie to accompany me for this sweet trip and I guess he must be damn tiring and exhausted for walking a lot during the trip. Like I mentioned above, he came KL first before going to Singapore, and again he did a lot of walking too which he never did in KK. Walking from KLCC to Pavilion, Low Yat, Sungai Wang, Berjaya Times Square and almost walking everyday for almost half hour from the place I stayed to LRT :P

4. Jakarta & Bandung, Indonesia with mommy. At first, it supposed to be a trip of three but last minute, my friend can't managed to join us. However, proudly to say, my mommy and I managed to complete our journey to travel around this where most of them claimed to be so-called-not-safety place without the help of any travel agent. *Hebat right this anak-beranak!*

Although I am not an avid traveller which I really hope I could be someday, I guess this year is where I travel a lot and fly a lot too. Travel via airplane for 16 times, which I never travel so frequently in my entire life. Not forgetting, taking 6 different airlines during the whole trip for the year.

DT - 6 Different Airlines

Talking about #2012 resolution, never in my mind to think about it but since many of you did shared it, so I won't be hesitate to share about my #2012 resolution too.

  1. Earn and save lots lots lots of money to fulfill the 2nd.
  2. Travel at least once a month but it has to depend whether I manage to achive the 1st. Hopefully manage to visit at least few of the places I listed under "My Travel Bucket List" in DT Travel page.
  3. Losing some weight to reach my ideal weight. Looks like I to need take my ass up to go and do some exercise.
  4. Time for a new and better camera. Perhaps Canon DSLR or Panasonic latest camera, GX1.
  5. Complete my Europe trip saga and 2011 trips post
  6. Read more travel magazine to sharpen my writing skills and enhance my travel knowledge
  7. Start and set-up my own business in providing accounting services and tuition center.
  8. Browsing for a great location and stylish house (hopefully but seems impossible)
  9. Erm.. Guess that's all for this moment. Worry I might not able to achieve the above by the end of 2012.

Looks like 2011 had been a fruitful, awesome and eventful for me, at least. Now, it's time to brace myself for the brand new year. Hopefully it will be more happening and eventful throughout the year 2012. Most importantly, be healthy and happy always, right! Hope you guys a have a great one too!

DT's HTC & Asus
Last but not least, welcoming these two new gadgets into my life. Seriously, can't live without them. For your information, these two are the best ever birthday present I ever received.

Deng! So many things happened actually but I can't mentioned all here especially my life throughout the blogging world. Seems like I gonna continue blog about it in my next post.


  1. Happy New Year! 明けましておめでとうございます Hope you have a great year in 2012 :)

    Japan Australia

  2. Diane, congrats on your promotion & thks for sharing so much with us! You've lived quite a fruitful life & I'm really happy for u.

    Gosh, the card is gorgeous! Your bf must be so proud :)

    Wonder how much Jakarta & Bandung have changed. Used to visit these 2 places frequently when I was just a child; both my parents were Indonesian PRs. That also explains why I spoke a little Indonesian. Would certainly like to visit the country again.

    Well, I hope you'll fulfil your wishlist very soon & I wish u the best! Been a pleasure connecting with u :)

  3. Diana, you had such a fantastic year in 2011 and I hope you have another great one in 2012...continue globe-trotting!!!

  4. happy new year dearie. really happy to hear that you guys celebrated your 1st anniversary. so sweet. i hope you will achieve all your 2012 plan and the nbest of luck! keep blogging

  5. Happy New Year diana! Hope this year will bring all of your happiness and lots of travels!!!

  6. Happy New Year to you from Nara!! Glad that you had a great travel year!! wishing you another great travel year as well!

  7. Whoa, just reading your post pun me feel like.. wahhh,boleh jalan ka gini ni?? Ha ha ha.. penat nya tu.. But yeah, for sure it is fun kan?? ^_^.v..

  8. Hello dear.You have written a great post. Going to share with my followers on twitter. Thanks for sharing.

  9. cool! more travelling in 2012! hope it will be a memorable like your 2011 too. :) all the best and happy new year!

  10. So you are going to more trip this i assume. Have a great 2012

  11. Diana,

    I understand why u don't like KL, me too...almost every corner got traffic jam! and becoz of that folks in KL spend more time on the road than at home..pity.

    anyway, Happy New Year to you! :)
    May this year bring more fortune & more journey :)


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