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Splendid China Part I: Shenzhen China Folk Culture Village

Date of Visited: 30th May 2011

After shopping like mad for the past 2 days (Day 1 & Day 2 post), I decided to make a visit to one of Shenzhen's attractions on the third day. You know the sinful when brought your camera along to a trip but never fully utilise it.There are few of attractions to name of when comes to Shenzhen including Window of the World, Splendid China, Happy Valley and so on. Upon all the list of the attractions, I more interested with Window of the World and Splendid China as these two are the top list. But due to time constraint, I can only pick one and after done with all the research and findings, Splendid China is my final choice.

Shenzhen China Folk Village 01

Both Window of the World and Splendid China are located so close to each other and if you really have a whole day around Shenzhen, you can visit it both in a day. The reason I choose Splendid China is because I can visit two distinctive parks with a single ticket of entrance. Splendid China is split into two parts; China Folk Culture Village and Miniature China. This is what they call "Travel with Smart". Hence for this first part of post, I will blog about China Folk Culture Village first.

Shenzhen China Folk Village 02

There are many ways to reach Splendid China but we prefer to take subway. Take Shenzhen Subway Line 1 and stop at "Huaqiaocheng" (Overseas Chinese Town) station. Upon reaching there, find Exit D and Splendid China is situated on the right-hand side. The admission fee is 120 RMB for adult and 60 RMB for children.

Shenzhen China Folk Village 03
The performance time and map.

Do take note that the admission fee doesn't include to watch few of the performances which requires you to pay extra.

Shenzhen China Folk Village 04
Shenzhen China Folk Village 05
The vividly coloured Chinese umbrella hanging around the culture village.

Maybe due to cause we reached there quite late, we were unlucky to see those people dressed in ethnic costumes and the portrayal of ethnic village life. Therefore, the only we can do is wander around and took a few photo around the theme park.

Shenzhen China Folk Village 06
The stage for the performance

Shenzhen China Folk Village 07

Shenzhen China Folk Village 08
Loves these huge Chinese changing masks "Bian Lian" hanging on the way

Shenzhen China Folk Village 09
There are few stalls that could buy some local snacks and small gifts.

LinkShenzhen China Folk Village 10

We took more than an hour to venture around the first part of this Splendid China, whereas you might eventually need at least two hours if interested to watch the performance. For the second part of the Splendid China will be blog soon. So stay tune!

[Credit to: China Highlights, Travel China Guide, Startinchina.com]


  1. did you see the show where the guy can change so many mask within few mins?

  2. Interesting place. :)

    I like the vivid colour of the umbrella and your shots, very nice. :)


  3. Wow! to a creative umbrella decor.

    Looks like an interesting cultural village. Roughly, how big is the Folk Village, about the size of Singapore's universal studio?

  4. owh god...everytime i read your post, i will ask myself...WHEN? WHENNNN?

  5. Shoot me.. I really love the colorful punya payung.. he he he.. ^_^.v.. Hm, ok, this should be included in 401 next trip.. but still, maybe.. :-p

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  7. My goodness, just this morning my hubby was sharing his experiences of his visit to Shenzhen, all the more the folk cultural village and now I see all the pics.

    I was like asking him where should my next trip be and his recommend Shenzhen. I can see why he had so much to share with because your pics says it all.

  8. Nice trip and place with superb pics..

  9. DDT! ;)

    You should at least wear one of the Bian Lian hehee.

    And I like the pics of the umbrellas! So colourful oo.

    Too bad didn't manage to see the people portraying their ethnic village life kan.

    Happy Friday, Diana!

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    terima kasihhhh!! =)

  11. The yellow mountains really interests me. I would love to go there one day.
    for more info

  12. very nice post! thanks for sharing! :)



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