Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Shenzhen, China - Day 2 McD and Continue Shopping

Date of Visited: 29th May 2011

Like I mentioned before in my previous post of the Day 1, my second day itinerary is completely filled with shopping for the whole day. But we did went back to our hotel for a short rest before we continue again.

Since we're did not do any sightseeing around Shenzhen and not went any further, this trip is somekind like free and easy. Woke up around 8-9 am and went to the highest floor to have the complimentary breakfast.

Shenzen- Day 2 01
Shenzen- Day 2 02
The breakfast is so-so but for me, as long it is edible, I quite satisfy with that.
Like they said, "Be grateful for what you have"

Actually for this trip can be consider that my dad was hitting two birds using one stone. Beside as a family trip, it was his business trip too. After breakfast, we're going on our way. He and his friend went to meet the supplier for the business purpose, while for the rest especially my mom and I, we continue our shopping. Technically speaking, it was my mom who shop non-stop. I'm just accompany her walking around. See how filial am I.

Shenzen- Day 2 03

Shenzen- Day 2 04

Shenzen- Day 2 05

Not only one or two but I guess there are more than three wholesale clothing mall situated surrounding the hotel. They tends to prefer and welcoming the wholeseller but you can still buy a piece but you can't bargain more than the wholeseller.

Shenzen- Day 2 07
Sports advertisement with Jay Chao

Shopping for around 4 hour plus, we decided to go back to the hotel to have a rest. It's quite tiring to stop non-stop. Somemore, I am not those shopaholic type. But before going back, we spotted a McD restaurant nearby the hotel. Immediately we went and bought to try their burger which some are vary from Malaysia version. But when we saw their menu, it is just the same as Malaysian version. Quite dissapointed with that because we thought they might have pork burger.

Shenzen- Day 2 06
At the end, we bought it for lunch before heading to slumberland

For the dinner, I skipped it because my family was having the same thing as the previous night. I decided to visit their supermarket to take a look at their groceries especially the tid bits and biscuits. I did took few photo inside supermarket but unfortunately, I never thought they are so strict. I was given a warning by the staff to delete my photo I took inside the supermarket. Damn!@#$%^&* So no photo lor!

Shenzen- Day 2 08
This is my supper as a replacement for my dinner

Conclusion for my second day in Shenzhen can be consider a bit dull and boring. Shopping, eat, shopping, eat. I guess most of you would prefer this life but for me, erm...sometimes I need firework. So on the next day, I plan to do some visiting to their theme park. So stay tune for next post!

Shenzen- Day 2 09
Before I end this post, here is my haul on the second day.
Handbags, necklace, belt, pouch and a blouse.

Small Note: PACKING AGAIN because I am going for a road trip with my family for a short period. Looks like I just working 2-3 days in a week since working for almost a month. You think it's good? No! I have to replace my working hours on weekend even on Sunday.


  1. ho ho ho.. shenzhen does have some business.. Ha ha ha..

  2. wahh... loadsa purchase, shenzen must be happy with your contribution to their econ. hehheeh.... i oso like to go int mcD to see how diff from mesia. unfortunately i cant try

  3. It must be shopping heaven here.....


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