The Most Happening CNY

Long time never post of my personal life story. So here's a quick one.

I guess it has been 2 years I had never celebrated Chinese New Year with lively and happening since ever my late grandfather left us. Even this year, I don't have the mood of celebrate this meaningful celebration. But somehow I would like to thanks to everyone especially my family, friends and boyfie for cheering up my life and making this year Chinese New Year celebration another remarkable and wonderful moment of my life.

So this post will be less in words because let the photo do the talking:

Starting with Chinese New Year eve dinner - 8 main dishes and 2 soups.*
01 Chinese New Year Eve Dinner

Even including 3 homemade desserts - Pandan layer cake, Ice-cream cake and also...*
02 Homemade dessert

Tiramisu cake. My sister made extra one for my boyfie & his family. Thanks my dearest sister.*
03 Tiramisu cake for boyfie

1st day CNY with everything in pinkie and all are internationally except for the shoe part because I don't have pink colour shoe: Hair clip from Taiwan, Earring, necklace & ring from South Korea, Belt & bag from China and Dress frm Phuket.*
04 First day of CNY - Pinkie

Second day went my high school's friend and first time met her "orang putih" boyfriend. Too bad no photo for that.

On 3rd day, my college hostelmate organised gathering at Upperstar, Suria Sabah.**
05 Hostelmates at Upperstar Suria

4th day, went island with family and even tagged along my besties
06 Pulau Mamutilk

Start working on the fifth day of CNY but only half day.

Road trip to Kudat with mom, sis, sis's bf and also my boyfie on the 6th day of CNY
07 Road Trip to Kudat

Chinese New Year is incomplete without gathering with my besties
07 Bestie CNY

Then, on the 7th day of CNY is the most "syok" one. We did it last year, we did it again this year!
Bai nien 5 houses of my college hostelmates including my house**
08 Hopping Bai Nien (2)
Starting with my house with lunch buffet

08 Hopping Bai Nien (3)
Second house

08 Hopping Bai Nien (4)
Third house

08 Hopping Bai Nien (5)
Fourth house - That's Mei Tzeu's place. Thanks for the Hainan tea!

08 Hopping Bai Nien (1)
The final house of the day. My friend was gambling until didn't want to go back home :S

We even did so call open house or food feast for 3 times this year. First it was my sister and mine. Then, it was my dad where he will did it every year for his staff and workers*
09 2nd Open House

My dad and mom even cooked their famous Sarawak Laksa for their friends. Everyone on that night having at least 2 bowls.*
10 3rd Open House - Sarawak Laksa

Met online blogger for the first time, Sherrie aka cutebun. Thanks for the keychain and my favourite Sarawak Kolon Mee*
11 Meet Cutebun

Went another college hostelmate house again before CNY is over**
12 Gathering with hostelmates

Found a pink shoe a day before Chap Goh Mei! That's complete my Pinkie CNY for this year*
13 Pink shoe complete

And tonight this is what we're having for Chap Goh Mei*
14 Chap Goh Mei Dinner
Not much compare the CNY eve dinner because my bro went back Kuching, my sister and her boyfriend went back Singapore.

My friend told me as getting older, angpow is getting lesser. But for me, this year I received a lot. Received more than 30 angpows and guess what, I can buy ticket to Taiwan now. Wohaha*
15 Angpow

Happy Chap Goh Mei to all my readers.
Wishing you have a happening and wonderful CNY like I do this year.

* Photo taken using HTC Desire HD from my twitter @dtdianateo
Photo courtesy from my friend, Snowfish :D


  1. Looks like you had a very 'syok' first seven days of CNY. For me the get together with family members from near and far is the best part of celebrations such as this one.
    Happy new year!

  2. Wow, you like pink issit? :D Your cny is really happening, so many days of visiting! :DD

  3. So many dishes on the first day ! Oooh and I love the pink shoes :D So adorable

  4. hehe :) Glad you have posted about our fun visiting. Gonna blog it by linking yours in few days time. hehe :) Luckily I was scrolling down and saw my name been tagged, I didn't receive any notification U've tagged me oo~ :(

    And thanks for featuring me here! :)

    Meitzeu @ Blog

    Meitzeu @ Facebook

    Meitzeu @ Twitter

  5. meitzeu was there, cutebun too!! ^_^.v.. wahhh, I missed so much this CNY,again.. supposed to be at KB every CNY at my unle house and drink all night.. hahaha

  6. memang happening.. mine's boring :P

  7. So much awesome food!!!!!

  8. happy chap goh meh...
    the CNY dish - i think is d fried prawn + flour .... my mum use to make that too....i m glad that u enjoy ur CNY....

  9. Wow your CNY very happening with wonderful people and yummies food. Perhaps we can meet up too I'll be around in KK next week.

  10. Gosh, u're all dressed up! I love pink too :) Such a sweet colour!

    Looks like u'd lots of fun! Wow!

  11. 2 things that I'm really envy. Foods and Ang Pau... oh ya and friends.. haha


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