Friday, August 24, 2012

Foodie Friday: Nok Thai Restaurant, Damai

Talking about authentic Thai restaurant in Kota Kinabalu, there are not many choices and as far as I know there are two which I came across, one in Damai and one in Api-Api Center. So hereby I introduce to you the one that I tried few times in Damai since I worked nearby there previously. I tagged my mom and bro along on a fine Saturday afternoon for a lunch with my boyfie.

Nok Thai Restaurant @ Damai
#1: Located in between of Huge Cafe and AA Stationery, this eatery ever featured in one of the local newspaper for their awesome foods.

Nok Thai Restaurant @ Damai-1
#2: Cosy and clean restaurant that decorated with Thai culture.

Since there are four of us, we decided to order their ala carte. Most of the time, my boyfie and I just ordered their set lunch. Now, it's the best time to try the other delicious dishes.

Nok Thai Restaurant @ Damai 01
#3: Pineapple Fried Rice - One of the dishes should order when visit Thai restaurant.

Nok Thai Restaurant @ Damai 02
#4: Tom Yum Gung - Very spicy but they are very generous with their prawns. Seems like there are more than 10 prawns mixed with other seafoods includes squids and fish inside the soup.

Nok Thai Restaurant @ Damai 03
#5: Tua Hu Sam Rod - Deep Fried Soft Bean Curd with Thai Chilli Sauce

Nok Thai Restaurant @ Damai 04
#6: Tod Man Pla - Thai Fish Cake

Can't comment too much on their foods because all of them are simply delicious and scrumptious. Plus, the price of the above four meals are reasonable. If you prefer for value meals during lunch time, why not try one out of their 3 different sets of lunch meals which serve with drink, soup, fried rice and 2 of your preference meals.
#7: A set of lunch that cost RM11.50
#8: Last but not least, free cendol is given regardless whether you order ala carte or the set lunch.

Lot 45, Block D, Damai Plaza,
Phase 4, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
Tel: 088-538 055


  1. Looks delicious, now I'm hungry for authentic Thai food...definitely will go up for one soon...

  2. I haven't visit this one yet, although my house just near this THai Resto.

  3. I like the fish cake! Not bad, got free dessert :) Hey dear, my mom just had fillers done on her cheeks. Hope over to Reverse The Effects Of Aging With Restylane Dermal Fillers! to check it out & let me know what you think :) See u there!

  4. Nok Thai=Bird Thai...seeing this, you are making me drooling for Thai Food...luckily going there in the next 2 weeks :D

  5. Ooo haven't visit any Thai restaurant nearby...nanti mau test :) thanks for sharing!

  6. Ya trying out their pineapple rice is a must! I think all Thai restaurants have that in their menu, right.

    And 11.50 for a set of lunch is cheap ;)

    Not forgetting cendol. Yum. Cendol is the simplest but still very nice dessert.

    Happy Monday, Diana!

  7. waahhh free cendol...not bad..may be i should give it a try next time i go there again..hmmm

  8. Lousy service provided by this Nok Thai Rest, do not recommend anyone to dine there! Food was ok, just ordinary Thai food and limited Thai restaurants available in KK. Food is a lil overpriced for such small portions, but mainly due to the lousy service!

    The chubby fat aunty, whom I believe could be the owner was so rude to customers! It is stated & printed clearly in their menu that "no additional charge for refilling" for chinese tea and plain water. Hence, we requested for refill upon finished ours. This server told us softly as if she was scared others would hear her that if I request refill again, they would charge us. I was shocked as isn't it free refill but I held back, it would be my last anyways.

    I was shocked once again when they charged me additional for my drink despite it should be free refillable! So I asked the server and this rude rude fat aunty came and argued with me! I told her that your server only whispered to me if I requested refill you'd charge. She refused to listen and gave rubbish excuses, I couldn't stand and told her it is stated no charge for refill IN YOUR MENU!! Then she couldn't run away from this and told me rudely that, "okay okay lar!"

    WTF***?! I took the menu & snapped a pix of the refillable words and guess what? Another server approached and told me, "you cannot take pix!" I have my right to take pix. Are they sacred if I'd complain with proof provided so threaten me that no pix is allowed!?

    Other servers are generally okay, except for this chubby aunty and another impolite aunty. But still, I definitely wouldnt recommend such a lousy service restaurant to anyone and pls double check your bill if you happen to dine there!!! They are somehow trying to cheat extra $$$ from customers. A little here and there, it becomes alot! We shouldn't encourage such bad practice in the society.

    1. To Charlie
      Why i saw you every Nok Thai Restaurant's review. Did you have problem with them? or you are a Psychosis?? You post again and again look like you want to attack them. Just one post one comment on the social network I think it is already enough. I have been dine there too, but I think service is OK and the cost is appropriate. May be you should keep your impolite in your mind. If you don't like that restaurant you tell your family , your friends and shouldn't to go there. Because someone hasn't meet
      this situation like you.

    2. thank you very much~~~
      from The chubby fat aunty

    3. thank you both :)

    4. I am a regular customer who goes to Nok Thai. When I go there with my family go there, I can say that their services are good. Everytime I've been there, they will smile with me and talk politely to me. I saw them serve other table and my table are the same. And the dessert they gave us after we finished our food is delicious, and its free. I don't believe that you can't get free cendol because everyone will have it after they took their meal. Ok, thats all I am gonna say. To Charlie...

  9. I like you to recommend but I don't know what happened to you. When I went there with my friend, their services are normal. Talk about you saying they refilling. I saw they refill every glass of the customer. Maybe something happened to you and the owner of the shop. I saw she talk to her customer, she always say "hi" and "hello". This is what I saw she greet with the customers, I don't know how about you, maybe something went wrong. To Charlie..


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