Friday, July 20, 2012

Foodie Friday: Huge Cafe, Damai

First and foremost, I would like to clarify this is my first time officially doing a proper food review with a team of bloggers. Most of my "Foodie Post" that I blogged before are just for sharing purpose. Thanks to Angeline Ong  from for the kind invitation. 

Huge Cafe Damai 01
#1: Their signboard is easily being spotted.

This cosy and great aired cafe located opposite of Glory Church has been opened for certain of period and for your information, it actually operated by my own ex-colleague cum my best buddy's brother.

Huge Cafe Damai 02
#2: Open-aired cafe

Huge Cafe Damai 03
#3: If you are working in Damai area, do check out their lunch offer as it comes with affordable and reasonable price. 

Huge Cafe Damai 04
#4: Huge Cafe is even taking part in the KK Food Fest for 2011 and 2012. 

Huge Cafe Damai 07
#5: Chicken Fish Fillet Burger (RM20.80)
We were served with one of Huge Cafe signature's burger, a crispy fried chicken leg with fish fillet sandwiched between their freshly handmade burger bun together with lettuce, tomatoes and mayonnaise. If you are small eater, you might need to share because it is incredibly huge just like its namesake. For RM20,80, this huge burger is served with fries and choices either soft drink or Huge Cafe's drink. It is so flavourful and simply delicious. 

Huge Cafe Damai 08
#6: Single Beef Burger with Fries (RM10.90)
This is perfectly for those who are small eaters. The juicy beef patty which specially handmade by the chef making the beef patty is so tender and smooth. (I can't eat beef due to my religion. This is opinion given by other bloggers in between).

Huge Cafe Damai 12
#7: Chicken with Eggplant Topping Pizza (RM15.50)
I never a big fan of eggplant but this pizza served with well-balanced of eggplant and chicken as the topping making it one of my favourite pizza and the most delicious pizza I ever have, seriously! Not forgetting to mention that the thin crust itself is so crispy too.

Huge Cafe Damai 19
#8: Black Pepper Lamb Spaghetti (RM13.50)
The combination of the black pepper sauce wasn't overpowering and it makes perfect match together with lamb meat which is so tender and chewy.

Huge Cafe Damai 14
#9: Cheesy Salad Chicken Rice served with egg and coleslaw (RM8.50)
Smiley face on the top of the egg makes us feel young at heart when having this meal. Plus, the crunchy deep fried golden brown chicken ontop poured with mixture of cheesy and mayonnaise sauce served with coleslaw and rice makes it another kind of happy meal for everyone.

Huge Cafe Damai 11
#10: Cheesy Fries (RM6.50)

Huge Cafe Damai 23
#11: Cheesy Wedges (RM6.50)
Both of these sinful but mushiness finger foods topped with juicy cheesy sauce making you hard to resist to have more once you have the first bite, especially the Cheesy Wedges which drenched with mayonnaise sauce too is one of my "must order foods" everytime I pay Huge Cafe a visit.

Besides serving western meals, Huge Cafe has recently added and introduced local meals into their menu to offer wide range of selections to the customers.

Huge Cafe Damai 17
#12: Fresh Fish Slice with Kon Lau Mee (RM8.00)

Huge Cafe Damai 24
#13: Middle: Creamy Milk Pudding (RM3.50)
Chocolate & White Chocolate Eclair and Cream Puff (RM1.80 each)

Huge Cafe Damai 27
Huge Cafe Damai 28
Huge Cafe Damai 29
#14: From left to right:
1. Mango Smoothie (RM4.00)
2. Kum Guat Honey (RM4.00)
3. Passion Green Tea (RM4.00)
4. Red Bean Smoothie (RM4.50)
Not just the huge burger itself, even their drinks are served in huge size which also marked as one of their signature. Incredibly served in 700 c.c. instead of 500 c.c., that's Huge Cafe's serving size. The chef cum the owner served us with four different type of beverages and each of them are so refreshing and rejuvenating. Browsing through their menu and I can guarantee that  you will be definitely being spoil by the variety of choices.

Huge Cafe Damai 33
#15: Foods foods foods...

Huge Cafe Damai 34
#16: Paparazzi Bloggers in action!

Angeline Ong, Monica Ong, Jack Baxter George and Melisa Lim -
Alfred Allen -
Jia Seng Lai - Groupon
Huai Zhi (Videographer)


  1. Great to be invited and meeting other bloggers as well, what more with lovely food to be tasted.

    The burger looks huge, with chicken and fish together. Of course among the rest, my fav is the lamb spaghetti.

  2. Diana welcome to the club :-) Looking forward to read your next food review.

  3. Very nice post. I will definitely visit since I am always at Damai.

  4. Hahaa everything big ka... omgosh that burger! Oh my oh my. That can be my lunch and dinner wakakaa. And the drinks! Adui.

    Becoming a food blogger juga ka ko, Diana ;D

    Happy Saturday!

  5. OMG..look at those food.. drooling..
    must go there someday :)

  6. ROAR till today stil didn't get to meet you, remember the times when we chat about this cafe hehehe

  7. wow their burger is especially HUGE XD but others look like quite small portion



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