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Cheonjiyeon Falls, The God's Pond

Date of Visited: 13th September 2011

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After fulfilling our empty stomach by having light meal at G25, a 24 hours convenient store, we began to wander around Jeju Island by visiting Cheonjiyeon Falls which situated just 10-15 minutes away from our accommodation location. By the time we were in Jeju-do, it supposed to be early of autumn but quite surprisingly, the weather is super hot and humid. Three of us sweat a lot!

Cheonjiyeon Falls is being listed as one of the top 10 destinations must visit in Jeju-do. Jeju-do has another  famous waterfall which almost has the similar name too, Cheonjeyeon Falls. Two of these waterfalls are located at different locations, so don't get mix up and confuse with both of that.

Cheonjiyeon Falls 01

Literally, Cheonjiyeon means "God's Pond", derives from a legend in which seven fairies serving the King of Heaven came down to the pond on stairs of cloud and bathed in its clean waters. The waterfall is 22m high and 12m wide. Along the way to see the waterfall, we got to see variety of koi fish, rocks and trees which makes the walk is so pretty relaxing and enjoyable. Plus, before we got to see the waterfall itself, we could even heard the magnificence sound of waterfall.

Cheonjiyeon Falls 02
If you are one of a kind who love nature, this place is highly recommended. Just look at this stunning view of the bridge - make you wanna take thousand shot for the same spot only.

Cheonjiyeon Falls 03
From the entrance to the waterfall, it took less than 5 minutes of walking.

Cheonjiyeon Falls 04
This is the waterfall that every tourist wanna take photo with. At the bottom of the waterfall, it's actually a 20 m deep of an artificial pond. Spot the rock that many people were standing? It's a large volcanic rock that form a landbridges that allows tourists to stand in front of the fall and pose for photographs.

Cheonjiyeon Falls 05
We across this impressive bridge before leaving.

Cheonjiyeon Falls 06
There is a souvenir store located nearby the entrance. As usual, we stopby for few minutes to buy few souvenirs and I bought keychain and fridge magnets for myself. It's pretty cheap to buy here where a keychain of Harubang (the icon of Jeju-do) cost 1,000 won only.

Cheonjiyeon Falls 07
The final shot before we went back to our accommodation for proper check-in.

The admission fee for Cheonjiyeon Falls is 2,000 won for adult and 1,000 won for children. If for group of 10 or more, you might get discount.

[Credit To: Wikipedia, Official Site of Korea Tourism Org]


  1. Great review on the island! Waterfall looks nice :)

  2. The photos are awesome. Love the trinklets there. Keychain looks good

  3. It's so beautiful...all these gorgeous posts on Jeju Island make me want to just fly to Seoul...

  4. great write-up!!! Jeju island is so awesome, feel like visiting one day! :D


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