Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Arrived Jeju Island

Date of Visited: 13th September 2011

We woke up as early as 3am to catch our flight to Jeju Island at 6am. The night before, we had requested the guest house's staff to provide us for shuttle service to the airport. Just like what I had shared in my previous post before, it is advisable to inform the staff or the driver that heading to Gimpo International Airport for depart to Jeju Island. Because they will simply assume that we, the foreign tourists are mostly heading to Incheon International Airport. For your information, all flights to Jeju Island are depart from Gimpo International Airport.

The shuttle service from our guest house (Namsan Guest House, MyeongDong) costs 30,000 won for a trip and it can fits up to 4 pax and the journey took less than half an hour. My friends and I travelled with light this time around because we will only spending 2 days in Jeju Island and will flight back to Seoul again before depart back to Malaysia. While for our heavy and huge luggage bags, the guest house's staff allows us to left inside the guest house itself. See, I told you the staffs are so nice and kind.

Gimpo International Airport 01
Gimpo International Airport, which is now the second largest airport in Korea used to be the main international airport for Seoul before it was replaced by Incheon International Airport.

Gimpo International Airport 02
The airport seems empty cause it was too early in the morning and I was really felt very sleepy at that moment. But to witness Jeju Island with my real naked eyes, it worth for me to do so.

Gimpo International Airport 03
That is Jeju Air's plane

Air Busan
From Seoul to Jeju Island, we flew with Air Busan, the subsidiary of Asiana Airlines because we would like to reach Jeju Island as early as we can and after doing an intensive and sufficient research, Air Busan gave us the most preferred time within the affordable and friendly budget. The airfare that we bought was 59,050 won per person (approx. RM170). You might get the cheapest fare if you are flying to Jeju Island in the evening. 

If you plan to book air ticket from Seoul to Jeju Island by yourself, you can do so and here is my sharing on the list of airlines flying out from Seoul city to Jeju Island (click here).

Jeju Island Aerial View
Air Busan allows us to pick our preferred seat for free and for sure, I will pick the window seat. I love to watch aerial view everytime I on board. And here I present you, the aerial view of Jeju Island.

Jeju International Airport
Reached Jeju International Airport finally. The flight duration from Seoul to Jeju Island took roughly more than an hour.

Don't underestimate Jeju Island like we did as we thought it was just a small island but turns out that even though spending 2 days in Jeju Island itself is seriously seems never enough. This volcanic island which known by the local as "Island of the Gods" comprised of two major cities; Jeju City (Jejusi) on the central northern and Seogwipo City (Seogwipo) on the southern coastlines. And because Jeju Island's public transport seems to be not so pretty convenient, plus most of the attractions are scattered around the island, you might find difficulties to get around.
Jeju Island Map

Once we landed Jeju International Airport, immediately we searched for Gate 5 to take Airport Limousine Bus to our accommodation which situated in Seogwipo City (will blog about the place that we stayed in Jeju Island in the upcoming post).

After an hour and 30 minutes of bus ride, we arrived at the bus stop which located not so far away from our accommodation. But because we were too early for check-in, we decided to have our meal at G25, a 24 hours convenient store since we didn't had any breakfast before boarding. 
Jeju Island - Foods
Energy drink in orange flavour and different kind of onigiri. Oh dear! I damn miss Korean onigiri while blogging this post because they were absolutely so delicious and flavourful as well.

Oopss... I am running out of time at this moment! Will continue blog more of Jeju Island and its attractions in the next coming blog. Check it out!


  1. i heard jeju island is a very nice & beautiful place.

  2. I luv the Korean air stewardess vy friendly .. Sigh my 2011 korea post only finish halfway ... Now seeing ur post motivates me to continue post... Btw wut do u work as? U travel so frequent!


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