Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sharing Saturday #02: Japan Plastic Food Displays

Short Note: Actually I am trip-ing around currently and this place located somewhere nearby Japan. ^_^. So here is another scheduled post.

When you come across to any restaurant or cafe that you are not familiar with, how to determine what type of foods are they served? Some of them do printed in a huge poster and display outside their shops and some even put a stand menu for you to browse it. But sometimes I do find it is irritating when the waiting table person come and non-stop persuade you to go dine-in in their restaurant.

Decorated and heavily fancy menus is one of the way of most restaurants around the world can do to let the customers know what they could have, but not for Japan.

The art of displaying the looks alike real foods are so popular throughout Japan and you can see that at most of the restaurant in Japan. (P/S: Currently I do found out minor of Malaysian restaurants do follow Japan's trend.)

Now, let me share with you the photo I took while travelling around Japan last year.

Japan Plastic Food Displays - The Mouth-Watering Fake Foods Model

Japan Plastic Foods  (2)
Japanese lunch set display in Kyoto.

Japan Plastic Foods  (3)
Desserts and crepes in Kyoto.

Japan Plastic Foods  (4)
Even ice-cream also playing role in displaying themselves.

Japan Plastic Foods  (5)
Not forgeting, dim sum and pao too. (A shop located at the train station)

Japan Plastic Foods  (6)

Japan Plastic Foods  (7)
Harajuku street crepes (I guess many of you saw this in KL shopping mall but Harajuku serve more flavours and taste)

Japan Plastic Foods  (8)

Japan Plastic Foods  (1)

Japan Plastic Foods  (9)

Japan Plastic Foods  (10)

Japan Plastic Foods  (11)

Japan Plastic Foods  (12)

Japan Plastic Foods  (13)

Japan Plastic Foods  (14)

Japan Plastic Foods  (15)

Japan Plastic Foods  (16)

All of them looks so tempting and seriously, I almost going into the restaurant after seeing all of these display in window outside their restaurant. Some of them look real, don't you think so?


  1. if you dont say it's fake, i would've thought they are real.. lol

  2. Wow! pandai ni! even the display is appetizing, easy to choose from lagi.. :)

  3. Japan and the quirky plastic food displays. Never seem to bore. I was tricked by this many times. They have these plastic displays in London now. haha..great photos though!

  4. Diane, the Japanese are genius in creating these. They look so real! I've seen on TV the Sushi iphone 4 covers they've created. Fantastic job!

    I've been into product reviews too lately. I hope to share my trials & honest opinions with my readers. Hope you'll like these posts as well & support me with your comments too. I thank u in advance!
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  5. @ ken & Shuwen - This is how most Japan's restaurant do to attract more customers to enter their restaurant.

    @germaine - Yeap, sometimes it really caught my attention and makes me want to enter and eat them all up even I'm not hungry.

  6. @amer - I never saw this plastic food displays when I was in London. Guess I missed them out :P

    @*rainyscream* - They look so tempting, right? :D

    @blackswam - Done with visited your blog. Support your blog as always

  7. @Wilson - Like they said, "Too cute to be eaten" :P

    @SJB AKA SUE - Yeah! Betul2 macam real 1.

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