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Around Europe in 20 Days [Part 2 - Switzerland]

20th - 21st September 2008

Early morning our tour depart from Paris and travel through the French countryside to stunning Switzerland. Joining this Topdeck trip, it is very challenging because we having our lunch at the place where no one will even thought of it. We having at the small park beside the Shell petrol station. Well, it was not the first time we having our foods at those place as we had it for the first time in Paris.

We head on to Lauterbrunnen, a tiny village at the base of the famous Jungfrau and Schilthorn mountains. Once again, while doing research for this place, the name of Lauterbrunnen is a combination of lauter meaning "many" and brunnen meaning spring, fountain, or well. Did Ms Sarah told us about that? I'm really sorry coz I had STM. I better ask my mates about this.
Village of Lauterbrunnen

During our stay in the camp, we just drink the water without boiling it because the source of water comes from the melting snow high in the mountains which makes it is very pure and clean to drink it.
Schitzenbach, our camp site

Let me introduces the wonderful mountain that covered with snow, just like Snow White!
This mountain is known as Jungfrau. The funny thing to pronounce this mountain is it starts with Y, so it is was pronounce like "Yungfrau". Maybe this is the local people's ancient. The only way to that mountain was climb it. Yes, climb! Just kidding. We took the cable car gondola and the journey took almost 2 hours to Jungfraujoch, which was Top of Europe. I wore 5 pieces of clothes before I went up there. Coz it is 100% covered with snow and ice. I had seen snow failing during my trip to China but I unable to touch it. Once again, another opportunity was approached.
Our ride in cable car gondola
Touching the SNOW!

Ice Palace was one of the attraction in Jungfraujoch, a collection of elaborate ice sculptures. Besides that, when walk outside the building, the whole place was absolutely covered with snow. We were so enjoy with lots of activies being provided here such as flying fox, husky dogs ride and board skiing. If you want to have a free ride on flying fox, all you need to do is "Take all your clothes and wear nothing", which means you need to be nude to have a free flying fox. I wonder who will do this in the cold place and in the mean time, everyone is catching his/her eyes on you.
Ice Palace with Topdeck other members
Ice sculpture of bear
Husky Dogs

My butt skiing on board. At first, I was thought it was scary and dangerous but I played it twice :P
Besides the mountain, when you step Lauterbrunnen, your eyes will caught by the waterfalls. It drops about 300 metres long from a hanging valley.
Me and Kyung Hee. But the focus point was not us, the waterfall behind us. Saw it?
Talking about dinner. Our dinner was having inside a camp. A truly camp using canvas. It was really cold as you could feel your hot coffee turns to cold coffee. But we were really having a delightful dinner as we having curry chicken rice. Besides that, we get the chance to taste cheese added with wine. Quite interesting as there is a story behind while local people of Swiss eat melted cheese added with wine.

"The unforgettable trip to our high-Alpine wonderland of eternal ice and snow is the true highlight of a visit to Switzerland. At an amazing 3454 metres, this is Europe's highest-altitude railway station." This was taken from Jungfraujoch official website and I'm agree with it coz I really enjoy myself.
~dt~ at Switzerland

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