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Disneyland Paris - Disneyland Park

19th September 2008
This is the moment I'd been waiting for. I had missed the opportunity to visit Disneyland at Hong Kong due to some circumstances, and yet I had been to Hong Kong for twice. And this time, my dream had come true. Disneyland Paris is one of the first Disneyland that I had visited. Thanks Lord for making my dreams come true.

Previously, the Park was opened as Euro Disneyland because it is one and only Disneyland in European country. Later, it had changed its name to Disneyland Paris. This is the story that I heard from my little tour guide, Ms Sarah. By the way, there is a long story of our journey to Disneyland but let's cut the crap and get into the world of magic!

There are 2 theme parks; Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park.
Let me guide you to the first park, the Disneyland Park

"In a Magical Kingdom not so far away - somewhere between a place where you wish upon a star and dreams come true - classic Disney heroes and heroines live once upon a time in fairytales that are, happily, never ending."
Tickets to the World of Disney

Disneyland Park divided into 5 Magical Lands;

1. Main Street, USA
Enjoy the boundless charm and hospitality of a small-town, during 1900's. Stroll past Victorian stores, take a horse-drawn streetcar and cool off at the Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlour. Just like in the good old days, when Walt Disney was a boy.

2. Frontierland
Themed to the American west in the 1800s, Frontierlands are home to cowboys and pioneers, saloons, red rock buttes and gold rushes. Like the Wild Wild West movie. There are few attractions such as cruise on a paddle steamboat at Thunder Mesa Riverboat Landing and ride a runaway mine train on Big Thunder Mountain. Besides, there are Pocahontas Indian Village, Phantom Manor, Legends of the Wild West, Rustler Roundup Shootin' Gallery, The Chaparral Theater and Woody's Roundup Village. Pocahontas was my favourite disney cartoon character but I didn't manage went her park coz ouf of time. So sad.
3. Fantasyland
Fantasyland is the happiest of Lands, where the fairytales and stories that inspired Disney's Classic animated films come vividly and magically to life. In the words of Walt Disney: "Fantasyland is dedicated to the young at heart and to those who believe that when you wish upon a star, your dreams come true." In here, travel around the world singing along to the world famous song in It's A Small World, fly to Never Land with Peter, Wendy and Tinker Bell in Peter Pan's Flight, follow Alice through her amazing maze and see all the sorts of wonderland sights and suprise on the way in another mad adventure of Alice's Curious Labyrinth or even join in the incredible adventures of the wooden puppet and his friend Jiminy Cricket in his magical quest to become a real boy in Les Voyages de Pinocchio.
4. Adventureland

This land is more Asian in style, with heavy Indian influences and Morrocan decor. It seems the Aladdin Disney classic inspired the Imagineers when designing the entrance area of the Parisian Adventureland, possibly because the film was in production when the land was being built. Here, you could join the adventures of your favourite pirates with nasty but smart Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean, Le Passage Enchanté d'Aladdin (the enchanted Aladdin's passage), a walk-through in the Agrabah Bazaar tracing the story of Disney's Aladdin, a compact steel roller coaster around an abandoned Cambodian temple in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril, Adventure Isle which was an island of detailed walkways and hidden secrets, La Cabane des Robinson, Pirates' Beach and also Captain Hook's Pirate Ship
5. Discoveryland
Discoveryland is where the future predictions of great visionaries come to life. Fast-forward to the edge of the universe with Space Mountain: Mission 2 or be 'reduced' to laughter at Honey, I Shrunk the Audience. There even Buzz Lightyear Laser Blasts, Star Tours, Orbitron, and not forget Autopia. Besides riding all the roller coastes, we can also watch The Legend of the Lion King in Videopolis.
Before I end my guide on this Disneyland Park, let me introduce the most amazing and incredible of the standing castle in the middle of Disneyland Park...

Sleeping Beauty Castle! It is catching my eyes...
Fuh!!! What a long introduction of one of the theme park of Disneyland Paris. I think I'm gonna continue my second theme park in the next post. Stay tune to the world of magic!


  1. I have just stumbled upon your blog. This is informative, thanks for sharing =) Keep up with the writing momentum :)

    warmest Regards

  2. ah ha..no need to visit HK disneyland la..it's not as fun as Paris or Tokyo disneyland...that's for sure


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