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Window on China Theme Park, Taiwan - Part II: Doreamon Park

Date of Visited: 21 December 2010

Like what I mentioned before in my previous post (click here), this theme park is totally unique from the others as it is not only display various of famous international landmarks miniature, it also features many different rides including the tallest and wildest water flume ride in Asia.

Window on China Taiwan 26

Window on China Taiwan 27

Window on China Taiwan 28

Window on China Taiwan 29

But due to most of the rides will make us wet and because we did not bring any extra cloth, so we didn't take any ride on them. What we more interested was the Doraemon Park. Although Doraemon is not my favourite comic character but I love to read its comic books since I was in primary school and I almost had the full collection of it. My late grandfather even purposely made a bookshelf just for me to put all my comic books collection.

Window on China Taiwan 30
Would you buy this Doraemon car if really made for sale?

Window on China Taiwan 31

Window on China Taiwan 32

Window on China Taiwan 33

Window on China Taiwan 34

Window on China Taiwan 35

Window on China Taiwan 36

Window on China Taiwan 37

Window on China Taiwan 38

Window on China Taiwan 39

Window on China Taiwan 40

Window on China Taiwan 41
Time to shop for Doraemon stuff

Window on China Taiwan 42
Taking Doraemon train heading back to the main park for lunch

Window on China Taiwan 43
Sayonara Doraemon and friends. I was eating Doriyaki ice-cream by the way

Hakka Cuisine at Window on China Taiwan
End our tour of visiting Window of China by having lunch at one of their restaurant, Hakka Cuisine

Overall, I would say that this place is worth visiting if you are going with family and the miniature are well maintain, unlike the Splendid China Miniature Park which I visited in Shenzen, China. But a reminder to you is that if you like to take a ride on the tallest water flume ride, please do bring extra cloth.

So, that's how our second half day of tour ends. Will continue with the other half day tour in next post but it sounds a bit unfavourable.

[For more info, please do visit the main homepage: Window on China Theme Park]


  1. haha if I was any younger, I would have also visited the Doraemon Park! Seems like an awesome place! Love the pics.

  2. lol.. one of my fav cartoons.. :)

  3. Cool... Doraemon and Egypt in one post haaha.

  4. Wow~ It's so cute... my favourite cartoon since young.. lol...

  5. David - Thanks. There is no barrier of age when comes to visiting theme park. Everyone can enjoy it, regardless old or young.

    ken & M-Knight - Guess Doraemon is everyone favourite cartoons. I do watch the cartoon too together with my mom.

  6. Armstrong - Post 2 things at 1 makes thing easy. Hahaha...

    ~mEm0Ries~ - I do love Doraemon too. Until now, I still love to read the comic books and watch the cartoon.

  7. it's wonderful,, all the pictures are good,,,
    please give me information about interesting place in taiwan, because now i studied bahasa in taipei n i want to know interesting place for visiting..
    thank u..

  8. Ahhh...looks so fun! And this was 6 years ago for you. I am heading there this Dec. Thank you for sharing!


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