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Disney's Hollywood Hotel & Breakfast at Enchanted Garden Restaurant

One thing that I didn't mention during my visit to Hong Kong Disneyland was actually both Boyfie and I spend a night staying in one of Disney themed hotel. There are two themed hotels available within Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel - Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel and Disney's Hollywood Hotel. We opted for the latter one cause it was slightly cheaper compare to the first one. We booked a package which include 2-day pass for 2 adults and 1 night stay in Disney's Hollywood Hotel under a special package rate that applies for Hong Kong citizen only.

#1: Baby blue modern exterior of Disney's Hollywood Hotel

#2: Walk in and feel like A-list celebrities

#3: The front desk was so colourful and cheerful

#4: Lobby area filled with plenty of seats. The only place that you get free wireless Internet connection.

#5: Spot any hidden Mickey on the carpet of the hall way towards the room?

#6: Our spacious and comfortable king-sized bed room with garden view.

Unfortunately, we were given a room located on the ground floor, or else we will able to overlook the imaginative and beautifully manicured greenery. There are three distinctive room types; Garden View, Sea View and Park View and of course, these three are vary in terms of the room rate. The only drawback was there is no free wireless Internet connection inside the room and if you seriously need, it is chargeable. 

#7: The Mickey themed art deco style.

 #8: The room is equipped with LCD TV and mini bar. As for the in-house slippers, its complimentary for every guests to bring back as sweet gift.   

#9: Even all these fanciful Mickey toiletries and the yellow folded handkerchief can be brought back home.

#10: Savour an international buffet in Chef Mickey

Speaking about dining options, there are 5 delectable dining establishments within Disney's Hollywood Hotel and each has its own special take on the Hollywood lifestyle. We didn't try any of them cause we had booked to dine-in in one of the restaurants in Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel.

#11: A huge Hollywood Hotel sign in the garden behind of the hotel

#12: Strolled through the garden and we spotted classic cars

#13: I swear if I were given extra more days to stay here, I would soak myself inside this pool.

#14: Piano Pool Bar but unfortunately it was temporarily closed until further notice given

While making the hotel reservation earlier, we also directly informed them about reservation for breakfast in Enchanted Garden Restaurant which nestled within Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel. And upon check-in process on the arrival date, we reminded them about this so that can arrange shuttle for us on the next day. This is because both Disney's Hollywood Hotel and Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel are not located near to each other and you might need to take shuttle bus.

#15: The breakfast coupon

#16: Beautifully painted wall mural at the ground floor of Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel

#17: The entrance to the restaurant was perfectly decorated. Just like a magical garden.

#18: The ambiance of the restaurant surrounded by Victorian elegance

#19: It was Disney Villains themed breakfast buffet during our visit

#20: The buffet spread served the combination of Asian and Western delicacies. Look, it's Mickey Mouse figurines in their waffles and pancakes and seriously, it makes me so sinful to bite them instead.

#21: Priceless moment when your ordinary breakfast turned into surprised greetings from the Disney characters. Mickey, Minney, Donald, Goofy and the rest will delight every table with a special visit and memorable photo moments.

If not mistaken, Enchanted Garden Restaurant doesn't serve any walk-in customers. Hence, it is better to reserve earlier and choose among the available two slots; either at 7:30 am or 09:30 am. We prefer to take earlier slot so that can have more spare time to enjoy in the park later. But before back to the park, we ventured another magical garden of Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel. 

#22: The fairy tale castle of Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel

 #23: Have fun in this Mickey Maze

#24: The 2 days 1 night stay in one of Disney themed hotel was indeed a magical moment and we are looking forward to stay in Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel in happen to return back to Hong Kong again.

#25: The free shuttle buses that connect between the two Disney themed hotels and park.

Because of the two Disney themed hotels and Disneyland Park are not located to each other, hence you might need to take the shuttle services provided by the Disneyland Resort and no worry, it's free of charge. The frequency of the buses were regular, like every 10-15 minutes and it took less than 5 minutes for each ride. It's really convenient for those intend to stay in the hotels.

We spend our last day in Hong Kong by revisit the Disneyland again before depart to the airport. There are numbers of way to get directly to airport from Disneyland but we opted for taxi cause it was much cheaper, convenient and hassle free.

The room rate for Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel is as low as HK$2,300 whereas for Disney's Hollywood Hotel's room rate start from HK$1,650. To know more about these two themed Disney Hotels, do check out their official website - click HERE

Oh Mickey, you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind. Hey Mickey! Hey Mickey!
Face it you didn't read it, you sang it.


  1. wow everything is mickey..so cute! its like a childhood dream come true! ^^

  2. The place looks so nice and magical. But not having a free wifi in the room is a very big drawback for me...

  3. oh my! It's really beautiful hotel. A friend went there too and praise it

  4. Very nice and beautiful place. This place is heaven for kids and kids at heart. Thanks for sharing this to us.
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  6. Love the interior design of the hotel and hope that in future can go there for a visit :)

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  8. Awesome! I want to stay in a disney hotel too if i am to go back to disneyland in HK! ^^

  9. I opted the same hotel few years back and until now I still keep the slippers and toiletries bottles :P
    I remember the door access card (if not mistaken) was given to us to bring back as well. Did you bring it back? :P

  10. Damn, the hotel indeed looks so fine! Maybe I should come back with my family next round so that I don't have to pay for the accommodation. Haha.

    *yes, I sang it, not read it*

  11. I saw that hotel and thought it could be expensive. It is so nice inside as shown in your photos!! I love them!

  12. aiyo~~ this post is really tempting me..terpaksa postpone my trip but hopefully can go soon~ by March 2014...hehe

  13. Woww.. a free shuttle bus to theme park form hotel Disney.. :D
    Next time pergi bagitau.. nak ikut hahahah :P

  14. I hope I can have more budget for my next HK trip so that I book a room here, Sam will be very excited to have breakfast with her favourite cartoon characters!

  15. Awww...you did it right! The best way to truly enjoy Disneyland is to book the stay in their resort and experience all the magical things there, lol! Though prices may be slightly higher, but hey it makes it all worth it seeing Disney everywhere! That's what I call living Disney...;-)
    Happy New Year to you!~ :-D

  16. Luxury hotel look so comfortable and great service.

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