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2019 Bangkok & Kanchanaburi, Thailand (Sneak Peek)

It's a shame to say that I've yet to complete my 2015 Bangkok travelogue, and now I just came back from the city I love the most. If you ask me what's my favourite country, I would definitely say Japan but if you ask me how about the city I adore the most, I will pick Bangkok for sure.

I posted this 4 years ago and even until now, I still stick with it.

Initially I booked a trip to Bangkok with my mom early of this year but due to some personal issues as well as due to work commitments, both of us decided to cancel our trip. But sometimes, things in life come unexpectedly. The boyfriend gave me another surprised by buying a round-trip to Bangkok. Good news to KKians cause AirAsia is currently flying direct from Kota Kinabalu straight to Bangkok, without the transit in Kuala Lumpur. Now I can go back to Bangkok every year. Yahoo!!! 

Since this is my 4th trip to Bangkok, I try not to repeat the things I did and see previously but then looking forward for something new, something which I never done before, like: 

2019 Thailand Kanchanaburi Water Falls-1
#1: We went to Kanchanaburi for Erawan Waterfall which situated more than 4 hours from Bangkok.

2019 Thailand Kanchanaburi Water Falls
#2: The entire length of the seven tiers span approximately 1,500, through the thick rainforest of the park. And guess what? I came here with unprepared - I didn't bring a proper entire but go ahead wearing a off-shoulder top, long skirt and a sandal but I glad I survived the two-hours hike. 

2019 Thailand Kanchanaburi Westory Design Postel
#3: If you are planning to visit Kanchanaburi, do consider to stay in this Westory Design Postel. It's chic and cool stay (although we didn't stay here where we accidentally bumped into it)

2019 Thailand Bangkok First House Hotel Pratunam
#4: After staying in Kanchanaburi for a night, we went back to Bangkok and stay in two different accommodations - both hostel and hotel. My favourite one would be this - First House Hotel just next to Pratunam Market. I will do compilation of all the hotels and hostel I stayed in Bangkok. 

2019 Thailand Bangkok Ratchada Rot Fai Train Night Market 1
#5: Ratchada Rot Fai Train Night Market - So colourful and energetic

2019 Thailand Bangkok Wat Arun
#6: Wat Arun - The temple of dawn

2019 Thailand Bangkok IconSiam
#7: ICONSIAM, a newly built shopping mall on the banks of the Chao Phraya River which opened to the public on November last year.

2019 Thailand Bangkok After You Dessert Shibuya Toast
#8: After You Dessert - Finally I got to try this after see all over social media but I personally think it's overrated. 

2019 Thailand Bangkok Shopping
#9: Can't leave Bangkok without shopping. However, I shop less compare to my three previous trips due to our week Ringgit Malaysia. Imagine 4 years ago, the rate was around RM11.25 for 100 baht. Now? RM13.65 for 100 baht. So sad!

P/S: Trying my best to complete My 2018 UK & Europe trip first, before proceed to other travelogues. 


  1. Erawan Waterfall is so beautiful. Do this place full of tourist?

  2. Bwahahahaha! We both can travel without problems since I also voted Japan as my top choice and Bangkok is the best for a quickie & cheap holiday. I actually grew up in Thailand, so my foot prints are all over.

    Now I know that Kelantan is a good place to shop for Thai snacks and clothes, imported easily across the border. They sell cheaper than Thailand due to lower overheads.


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