Friday, November 2, 2012

Foodie Friday: Thai Buffet Dinner @ Golden Dew Bistro, Ming Garden

Updated: Faster and grab the great deal of this by just RM55 per person instead of RM81.20 from Groupon. Hurry up cause it is limited groupons that being offered!

Ming Garden Hotel 01
Sawatdee Kaa สวัสดี! Greetings everyone.

No, I'm not having any vacation in any city of Thailand lately. Although I am missing the craziness of shopping at Bangkok city but I am more missing towards their authentic mouth-watering Thai cuisine cause I couldn't get enough of them when I was in Bangkok last month. And because of that I went and hunt whether is there any other eateries that serve authentic and scrumptious Thai cuisine around Kota Kinabalu city to satisfy my Thai cuisine urges.

Then, I came across where the newly opened hotel that tucked in the heart of Kota Kinabalu city, Ming Garden Hotel is currently spicing up the month of November by serving "Thai Buffet Dinner" at one of their dining area, Golden Dew Bistro that located on the first floor of Ming Garden Hotel, hence immediately I went and have a try on it.

Ming Garden Hotel 02
#1: Golden Dew Bistro can accommodated up to 250 people.

Ming Garden Hotel 03
#2: An open kitchen where you can witness their chefs display their culinary skills.

Let me show you an assorted buffet spread of authentic and exotic mouth-watering of Thai cuisine that being served:

Ming Garden Hotel 04
#3: We started at the appetizer area 

Ming Garden Hotel 05
#4: Wide selection of appetizer area

Ming Garden Hotel 06

Ming Garden Hotel 07
#6: Clockwise from right: Deep Fried Fish Cake Thai with Spicy Chilli; Thai Green Mango Salad; Crispy Rice Noodle with Beancurd

Ming Garden Hotel 08
#7: Whereas for the main dishes, I think there are more than 10 dishes were being served. I am totally being spoil for choices. 

Ming Garden Hotel 09
#8: Thai Omelette with Onions and Chilli

Ming Garden Hotel 10
#9: Stir Fried Stuffed Squid

Ming Garden Hotel 11
#10: Spicy Fresh Clams with Chilli and Basil

Ming Garden Hotel 12
#11: Sweet and Sour Vension

Ming Garden Hotel 13
#12: Green Curry Chicken

Ming Garden Hotel 14
#13: Fresh and scrumptious prawn
Ming Garden Hotel 16

Ming Garden Hotel 21
#15: Another Thai signature dishes that must try - Tod Man Pla (Thai Deep Fried Fish Cake) added with Thai Sweet Chilli sauce makes it is so flavorful and simply delicious. 

Ming Garden Hotel 22
#16: A soup bar where you could have hot, sour and spicy Tom Yam Gung by added your favourite fillings.

Ming Garden Hotel 17
#17: Mussels - According to Tom and Sherrie, this reminds them of Mr Bean.

Ming Garden Hotel 18
#18: Salad and condiments area

If you're not into spicy foods, don't worry cause they served other type of cuisine.

Ming Garden Hotel 19
#18: Western Cuisine where you could have Chicken Lasagna, Fried Chicken Wings and more.

Ming Garden Hotel 20
#19: Bread and soup area

Ming Garden Hotel 23
#20: Sushi! I can't take my eyes off my favourite sushi - Inari. Love the other sushi rolls too that topped with fresh fruits such kiwi, mango and dragon fruits.

Finally, for a sweet tooth person like me, if without visiting the dessert area, it's totally a sin for me.

Ming Garden Hotel 24
#21: A hot dessert selection such Bubur Pulut Hitam and Longan Beancurd

Ming Garden Hotel 27
#22: Assorted of spongy and colourful cakes

Ming Garden Hotel 28

Ming Garden Hotel 29


Ming Garden Hotel 25
#26: Scoop as many as you want. Plenty of flavours available such as Strawberry, Yam, Chocolate, Peppermint. 

Ming Garden Hotel 32

Ming Garden Hotel 33

#29: Look at Sherrie's plate - It's filled with a ray of distinctive meals.

The only thing that I'm a lil bit dissapointed was I couldn't find any of these three popular Thai signature dishes - Pineapple Fried Rice, Mango Stinky Rice and Pandan Chicken. But overall, I'm totally satisfied with more than 30 dishes that being served. Almost all the meals perfectly meet my liking and most importantly, freshness is the ultimate criteria when comes to buffet. Sometimes I wish I could have a huge tummy to have all of these spicy authentic Thai cuisine. 

Thai Buffet Dinner is served daily throughout the month of November from 6.30 pm - 10.30 pm at Golden Dew Bistro with the price of RM70.00++ per pax.

Lorong Ming Garden,
Jalan Coastal 88000 Kota Kinabalu,
Sabah, Malaysia.

Check out their blog too:
Sherrie Pui -


  1. Lol. Never knew you went to the invitation after I've turned down my invitation.

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  2. wow the foods are awesome!!!! this is heaven for me. haha

  3. Looks really really good! *droolssss!!!!!!*

  4. Y didn't they serve the 3 popular thai dishes le? Makes me think twice whether I should give then a try.

  5. is tis the one located near the junction traffic there? hehe. kinda interesting.. foodie lover too here :DD

  6. I didn't realize Ming Garden Hotel have Thai food. Might go and try if I had the chance.

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  7. I love Thai food & the spread is just fab!!

  8. For a moment I thought you were in Thailand based on the pretty picture of the lady welcoming you.

    Thai food...anytime is for Thai food. Its amazingly appetizing...yes I love spicy sour food>.<

  9. yummylicious..i thought it's really in Bangkok if i dont read word by word.

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