Sunday, September 30, 2012

Featured in Groupon

Almost everyday I will check and clear my e-mail and at the same time, I will check out what were the great deals and offers by this everybody's favourite online deal's website, Then, I came across this getaways deals that offer accommodation in Bali and so coincidentally, I happened to stay in this hotel last month during my trip to Bali.

Featured in Groupon 01

So, I decided to scroll down to read the reviews and to my huge surprised, I saw my name and my review.
Featured in Groupon 02

I know that this might not a big deal to you but to me, it was totally something which I never thought of that my review will being featured in's website. The feelings that I had at that moment is totally hard to explain, it's somekind like hit the jackpot. 

I did submitted my review to Agoda in order to earn more points and also Tripadvisor but seriously, never thought of this at all. Imagine, almost 200 people submitted their review but my review was out of the three who being featured. 

A small little thing can make me happy to the max. Won't you feel the same thing too? Another thing that make me happy is non other than travelling. Just back from Hong Kong & Macau less than 6 days, I am flying to another country which I never been before. Or, I can said, another new continent to explore and this mark my 7th international trip for this year. Will be back Malaysia a week later!

Oh ya, before I forget, wishing you all especially the Chinese a Happy Mooncake Festival! Enjoy playing the lantern and be careful!


  1. Wow, so cool! Means your credibility is very good.

  2. grats! :) keep it up and thank you for your lovely post card i received on mooncake festival!

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