Friday, January 27, 2012

Foodie Friday: Flying Chillies & Gong Cha @ The Gardens

It happened last year where my friends and I decided to meet up and do final gathering before bidding goodbye to me. Initially we agreed to have lunch at Delicious at Mid Valley but upon browsing through their menu, we didn't know what should we ordered. A menu contains with full description but without any images is an epic failure to satisfy our appetite, hence we made up our mind to change other location.

Delicious with Friends
My collegemates that always hanging out together at Delicious, Mid Valley.

Two of my friends told me that there is a Thai restaurant served an authentic Thai food located in The Gardens and because I am so in love with hot and spicy foods, here we are at "Flying Chillies".

Flying Chillies 01
I went The Gardens few times but never knew the existence of this restaurant until that day.

With the availability of images in a menu, it is much easier for us to order the foods and here are what we ordered:

Flying Chillies 02

Flying Chillies 03
Green curry chicken

Flying Chillies 04
Signature pineapple fried rice with prawn and cashew nuts

Flying Chillies 05
Stir fried kuey teow with light soya sauce and chicken served with thai chilli prawn

Flying Chillies 06
Coconut cream with sago and honeydew

Flying Chillies 07
Red ruby water chestnuts in coconut milk

Overall we were satisfied with the foods especially with the last two desserts as both are so refreshing and not too sweet. But with the price that a bit pricey and one of my friend comment that the quantity of the foods are too little for him.

After done with the lunch, we decided to watch movie. Yeah! My all-time-favourite when hanging out with friend but too bad, it was fully booked when comes to weekend. Thus, I suggested to have Gong Cha since I haven't try any of it and also in order to kill our time.

Gong Cha 01
Located on 2nd Floor, The Gardens Mall

Gong Cha 02
The strong aromatic taste of the milk tea is really unique and different compare to the other kind of milk tea. Now I done with trying two of the famous milk tea in KL; Chatime and Gong Cha. Anyhow as a truly Sabahan gal, I still prefer our very own local milk tea, Yoyo ;P.


  1. Ahh, that curry chicken did it for me. Looks so yummy and I'm craving + hungry

  2. Red ruby water chest nut .. long time didnt eat ... love it so much

  3. Yoyo for the win!! sekarang sa sibuk minum comebuy lagi.. sedap juga oh.. ha ah ha..

  4. red ruby and salad looks delicious!!!

  5. wow..yummy... what a fun life u have.. travelling around the world.. jelesnya...haha

  6. Pineaple fried rice is Thai signature dish....I always order this everytime I craving for thai food.

  7. i can sense hot and spicy flavours around flying chillies :P would love to try it some day!

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  8. I love flying chillies, been there couple of times. You should try their tomyam, super spicy! :D


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