Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Adventure with My Lil Guci

Although she is tiny and small but she is one of the courage dog (not the like cartoon where the dog name is Courage, but it was actually a Cowardly dog).

Dog is my favourite pet since I was a little girl and since ever my dad brought home this lil and cute Shih Tzu breed dog 2 years ago, I really can't help myself from loving her. Even though I am residing in KL currently, I never stop missing her all the time. Would you believe that this dog know how to cheers me up when I was upset and down? Everytime I came back from work, she will wait in front of my house. Let me introduce you, Guci!

Guci 02
Say hi to everyone Guci!

This post is serve for the purpose in conjunction to win a pair of tickets from Nuffnang to watch my childhood cartoon that showcast on every Sunday morning, The Adventures of TinTin.

How I wish I could be Tin Tin and my Guci will be Tin Tin's trusty dog, where we could do the most exciting and thrill adventure around the world.

But let's us just face it. In the true reality world, my Guci is not allow to board on the place. As you can see from my blog, I love to travel and sometimes how I wish to bring Guci along. At least she be my companion. Protect me from the strangers and even can become my model when I want to do some phototaking :P

Sorry Guci! They not allow you to on board.

But it's ok. We still can do another adventure together and it doesn't meas we have to go travel around the world. We can go and do island hopping when Guci and I can snorkelling together.

Island here we come!

Swim in the crystal clear blue sea together with a school of fish. Guci know how to swim a bit just like me :P

That's the ideal adventure of me and my beloved pet together.
I really miss you fatie cutie lil doggie! Can't wait to be home in few weeks time.

This entry is specially for the exclusive screening by Nuffnang.


  1. Guci is such a sweetheart! Big hug and kisses for her ^^
    I love animals, especially dogs, they are man(and women) best friend!

  2. Should I join Nuffnag =.= I also want screening ticket la..

    Hi Guci.... guci guci guuuu...

    Haha :D

  3. Should I join Nuffnag =.= I also want screening ticket la..

    Hi Guci.... guci guci guuuu...

    Haha :D

  4. Guci! Hahaa looks like a puppy. I guess that's their size huh :P But memang cute.

    happy midweek DDT! ;D

  5. ahhh,kiutnya.. ha ha ha.. :-p


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