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Throw Back of My 2015 Travel Adventures

Before bracing myself for another possible adventures in this brand new year, let me begin my first official blogpost by reflecting my travel adventures for the year 2015 like what I always did in the past. #dtgotravel #travel #throwback

  • January - Superstar Aquarius Cruise. Kicked off my year 2015 by sponsoring my whole family for a short cruise vacation. However, this 1 night highsea cruise turned out to be a disaster whereby we had quite number of bad and horror experience with them. Maybe no next time! 
  • January - 18 Hours Road Trip to Brunei & Miri. Drove for 9 hours from Kota Kinabalu to Miri and passby Brunei together with Boyfie. Both of us across international borders Malaysia & Brunei 4 times and cleared 10 immigration checkpoints. A road trip within 2 days only and two pages of my passport has been fully filled with stamps whereas for Boyfie, the stamps occupied his three pages instead. That's the difference between Sarawakian (me) and Sabahan. 
  • March - Taiwan. For the sake of my birthday celebration. Both of us managed to cover Kaohsiung, Kenting, a short trip to Taichung merely for my favourite night market, Fengjia Night Market and lastly spent few days in Taipei again. And one of the best thing was we flew with Malaysia Airlines on Business Class for less than RM1,000 each. 
  • May - Bangkok & Hua Hin, Thailand. Told you, Bangkok has indeed put spell on me and made me wanna return Bangkok again and again. This is my third visit by the way. Besides Bangkok, my friends and I also went to Hua Hin, a chic and artsy town which is three hours away from Bangkok.
  • May - Kampar & Ipoh. For my BFF's big day which held in Kampar. Right after her wedding, we did road trip to Ipoh for a gastronomy adventures. 
  • June - Singapore & Johor Bahru. Also to attend my good friend's wedding. 
  • July - Tokyo, Japan. I went Tokyo before back in 2010 but because two of my brothers were so eagerly wanna go to Tokyo, hence my dad requested for me to become their personal tour guide. Besides spending almost a week in Tokyo alone, we also extended our trip to Hakone and Yokohama. 
  • August - Penang. Thanks to AirAsia for the #aabc Penang Takeover invitation where we're joined by 10 amazing Penang bloggers for fun packed and fascinating challenges. 
  • September - New Zealand & Sydney. 16 days trip to North & South Island of New Zealand, including transit in Singapore and Sydney. First time flew with British Airlines, Qantas and Air New Zealand.
  • November - Hanoi, Vietnam. College gathering with two of my friends who I haven't met for almost 10 years. I guess the best way to do gathering is indeed by planning a trip. Besides Hanoi, we went Ninh Binh (instead of Sapa) and overnight cruise in Halong Bay. 
  • December - Hong Kong & Macau. Last but not least, another Christmas celebration in oversea with my mom. Glad to fulfill my mom's wish who dreams of visiting Macau someday.

One of the unfortunate event was due to some personal reason, I burnt my ticket to Boracay, Philippines which I bought for RM120 only. It's unlikely for me to grab this kind of great deal again in the future but then, I don't regret with any of my own course of action. Something are meant to be more important in my life than travelling. 

Except for New Zealand and Vietnam, almost all my oversea trips for last year are revisit for the third time - Taiwan, Japan, Australia, Macau and city of Bangkok. Why I return to the places I've been before? Cause there are always something new to explore and discover. Now I'm looking forward to go South Korea for the third time. 

Any travel plan for this year? Of course, it's a lie if I say I don't have one but there are plenty of them in my current wishlist and I doubt myself whether I can accomplish or not but one thing for sure is my wish for this year is to have more trips and travel together with my beloved family and friends. Obviously, I hate travelling solo. 

Blog wise, I hope that I can complete my 2014 and 2015 endlessly travelogues before start to occupy with more upcoming trips. Till then, 

2015 Hong Kong & Macau 11 - Macau

"Travel Because Life Is Short and The World is Huge"


  1. Your travel adventures were so interesting! I have not been to Brunei, Miri, Hua Hin, Australia, New Zealand and Hanoi. Wishing you a happier and better year with more travels.

  2. I very much enjoy reading your throw back post :)
    I want to be cheeky and "copy" Twilight Man's comment style - I have not been to on a cruise before nor to Miri, Hua Hin, Ninh Binh, Yokohama and NZ's North Island :P

    Happy 2016 and many more travels! :)

  3. Nice! I've been reading your travel posts, they're very engaging! :)

    I also went to Taiwan in 2015, it was organized by their tourism bureau, which was a little confusing considering I don't read Chinese (but I can speak/converse well). I had to use Google Translate to read the itinerary and ask everyone a lot of questions but it was a lot of fun too.

    We'll be heading to Japan in two months too! Can't wait!

    Happy travels in 2016 Diana, and keep us posted.

  4. Too bad about Boracay . Not meant to be but there is alway next time.

    Looking at the summary, seems like 2015 you did more traveling than previous year.

    Looking forward to see where you will venture to this year.☺


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