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Japan (2013): Accommodation in Osaka & Kyoto

I think I mentioned quite a few times that I travel in flashpacking style, instead of backpacking. It's actually almost similar trail to the backpacker, but as a flashpacker I tend to have more flexible and with little bit extra of budget looking forward to travel in slightly luxurious. Instead of staying in hostel and dormitories, most of the times I prefer to splurge myself staying in trendy and chic boutique hotels.

And because I travel with my mom for this trip to Japan, hence finding a comfortable and great location would be my main priority. We stayed in three different hotels throughout our trip there, 2 hotels in Osaka and the final one in Kyoto. Bear in mind as all of these hotels we stayed are indeed located in great and excellent location especially so near to train station and bus stop, thus the price is relatively higher. 

Brief Details of the Hotels I Booked

1) Hotel Consort Osaka
Address: 1-12-7 Nishinakajima, Yodogawa-ku

Hotel Consort Osaka 01

Hotel Consort Osaka 02

I booked this hotel for the first two nights in Osaka cause my initial plan is to go Tokyo but when I decided to cancel my Tokyo plan and continue stay here, unfortunately no more rooms available. Overall, this is one of the cheapest hotels I came across in Osaka which charge less than RM200 per night and for its absolutely fantastic location, it's exactly icing on the cake. Even my mom recommended this hotel to her friends and relatives.

Room Rate: RM188.51 per night for a twin bed room without breakfast. Booked through Agoda.
Location: Nishinakajima-Minamigata (Midosuji Line) and Minakigata (Hankyu-Kyoto Line) stations are literally just outside the hotel. Besides that, the hotel is surrounding with supermarkets, restaurants, eateries, drug stores and Lawson convenience store.
Facilities: Free WiFi access, Air-Conditioning Room attached with Private Bathroom, Mini Bar with coffee and tea making
Advantages: Cheap, affordable and most importantly this hotel is so near to train stations. 
Drawback: Weak WiFi, Facing difficulty to communicate with the staff although they're being helpful and friendly.
Direction: Exit 2 of Subway Midosuji Line Nishinakajima-Minamigata station and the hotel on the left side.

2) Remm Shin-Osaka Hotel

Hotel Remm Shin-Osaka 01

Hotel Remm Shin-Osaka 02

Hotel Remm Shin-Osaka 03

Hotel Remm Shin-Osaka 04

Hotel Remm Shin-Osaka 05

This is one and only hotel I made reservation with them through email directly. No deposit or up-front fee required and we paid in Yen upon check-in. As I desperately need to stay significantly near to the train stations especially Shin-Osaka to be specific, hence this is my last resort seeing that I cancelled my plan to Tokyo last minute. It's utterly expensive but if taking into the consideration of the comfort and location we experienced, I guess it's pretty worth. 

Room Rate: 8,000 yen on Monday; 13,700 yen on Saturday; and 11,700 yen on Sunday. Averagely it's like RM350 per night. 
Location: Adjacent to Shin-Osaka Station and Tokaido Shinkansen, other JR lines and Subway Midosuji station. 
Facilities: Free WiFi access, Air-Conditioning Room attached with Private Bathroom, Drinking Waters, Air Purifier System and Massage Chair (I only found out on second night that the chair I was sitting is also a massage chair) 
Advantages: Love the massage chair, the bathroom for its slightly bigger size and chic design as well as the rain-style shower. Another plus point for its great and excellent location. 
Drawback: The room was compact and smaller than the first hotel I stayed and it's absolutely pricey. 
Direction: Central Ticket Gate of JR Shin-Osaka Shinkansen line

3) Best Western Kyoto Hotel

Hotel Best Western Kyoto 01

Hotel Best Western Kyoto 02

Hotel Best Western Kyoto 03

Hotel Best Western Kyoto 04

Staying in Kyoto for at least two nights has always being part of my plan but in dilemma when come to choose the area to stay; either nearby Kyoto Station or more liveable area such as Kawamarachi-dori but then it require back to back of taking public bus.  

Room Rate: RM315.48 per night for standard double bed room without breakfast. Booked via Agoda.
Location: Right in the center of Kawaramachi-dori surrounding with restaurants, eateries, shops and shopping malls. Nishiki Market and Teramachi Arcade are just few minutes walk. 
Facilities: Air-Conditioning Room attached with Private Bathroom
Advantages: Spacious and Artfully Japanese Style Room, Extremely Liveable Location and Fluent English Speaking & Friendly Staff
Drawback: No WiFi in the room and can only be accessed in lobby area.
Direction: Take Kyoto City Bus and stop in front of Mina Shopping Mall. Walk through the small alley and the hotel located behind it.

All in a nutshell, I'm pretty satisfied with all the above hotels and in case I'm going back again to Kansai region, I don't mind return to the same hotels provided budget is not my biggest issue.

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  1. I would be making my second trip to Osaka early next year and was thinking so hard on the choice of hotels as I would also be staying in Kyoto again but longer. Now your feedbacks are very useful for me! Thank you so much.

  2. I saw that some people using Airbnb for their accommodation in Japan. Perhaps next time you also can try for it.

  3. I do not mind to backpacking or flashpacking as long as the accommodation is good and clean. Lovely hotels you have been.

  4. The hotel rooms look comfortable and clean..we have to consider the walking distance when travelling with elderly & children.

  5. The place looks comfortable enough for me. Main thing must be clean


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