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Foodie Friday: Oishii Everywhere In Japan

Sushi! Bento! Donburi! Ramen! Udon! 
It's never ending list when comes to food in Japan.

It's quite pathetic that both mommy and I can't have the utterly fresh sashimi, Japanese well-known delicacy consisting of raw meat and fish sliced due to our common weak stomach, but that ain't gonna stop us from indulgence ourselves with the rest of scrumptious and delicious Japanese cuisines. 

Foodie Friday Japan 01
#1: Our dinner on first night arrived: Tori Katsu Don - Obviously my favourite

Foodie Friday Japan 02
#2: Mom's order - Spaghetti with meat

Foodie Friday Japan 03

#3: Lunch in Nara Park. Bought from a random supermarket 

Foodie Friday Japan 04
#4: Inari & Maki Sushi - Again, my favourite sushi!

Foodie Friday Japan 05

#5: Ramen in Kobe

Foodie Friday Japan 06
#6: Onirigi for breakfast 

Foodie Friday Japan 07
#7: Udon in Arashiyama for 700 yen (approx. to RM21)

Foodie Friday Japan 08
#8: Matcha ice-cream for 300 yen (approx. to RM12)

Foodie Friday Japan 09
#9: Once in a while McD, a comfort food for traveller 

Foodie Friday Japan 10
#10: Fresh sandwiches for breakfast at a random cafe nearby Nishiki Market 

Foodie Friday Japan 11

#11: Three layers ice-cream nearby Ginkakuji Temple of Kyoto 

Foodie Friday Japan 12

#12: Yakitori but I dislike cause it's actually chicken fat instead

Foodie Friday Japan 13
#13: Coco Ichiban - My mom loves this so much. 

The total damages we spent on food throughout our 8D7N in Japan is roughly around RM700 for two. Most of the times, both mommy and I ordered and shared a set of meal instead of ordering two. Of course, you can do so provided you intend for takeaway but in the case of dining in a restaurant or eatery, it's best to order at least a meal for each person. Another thing that I noticed from my recent trip to Tokyo, it's kind rude to have your food while walking about. It's is advisable to finish your food at one point before making a move. 


  1. Fatty yakitori reminds me of shashlik I had in Uzbekistan. We usually ordered 2 skewers but after taking off the fatty bits, probably only left 1 skewer. Still very very yummy though! Lol.
    Not knowing where you got the yakitori but hope you find those you can select the chicken cut you like next time ^^

  2. Eating in Japan is pretty expensive, but Malaysia is catching up on the price too after the GST.

  3. Looks like food bought at any random eateries tasted good at Japan huh, heh ^__^

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