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Legoland Malaysia - My First Trip for Year 2013

Date Visited: 25th January 2013

Boyfie and I just love to visit amusement and theme parks whenever we go. Just like Universal Studio in Singapore as well as Ocean Park and Disneyland in Hong Kong few years back. So when we knew about Legoland opened in Johor, both of us instantly listed this international theme park as one of our wishlist to go. Lucky us where we managed to secure a return ticket KK-JB-KK via AirAsia for only RM15 each, when initially both of our budget was RM50 each. So without any second thought, immediately we booked and here we are at one of the latest attraction in town. And with this, this is my official first trip for year 2013.

Legoland Malaysia 01-1
#1: Legoland Malaysia - Malaysia's first international theme park and the first Legoland theme park in Asia

Legoland Malaysia 03
#2: The entrance tickets where you can keep and bring back home

Just like every other theme parks, Legoland Malaysia has seven distinctive themed area of attractions to cater all ages, whether for the kids, teenagers and even adults who are young at heart. 
[Note: By the time we visited, Legoland Water Park is still under construction]

The Beginning
This is where the adventures begin. Right after passed through the main entrance area, this is where typical amenities located - locker rental, stroller rental and ATM machine are available on the right-side whereas the restroom is located on the left-side. There are also a cafe and souvenirs stores available here but both of us intended to save it first and return back by end of the day. There is no any attractions, shows and rides in this themed area. 

Legoland Malaysia 01 The Beginning 01
#3: Ticket counters. I would recommend to purchase the tickets via online to save up to 20% and also to avoid the long queue.

Legoland Malaysia 01 The Beginning 02
#4: Big Shop - Legoland's largest store selling all kind of Legoland merchandise.

Legoland Malaysia 01 The Beginning 03
#5: All of these life-size characters were made from Lego bricks. Impressive!

We started with this area first before it was getting more crowded. Most of the attractions and rides here are designed specially for kids. However, there are two rides which attract us here - Observation Tower and Lego Studios 4D.
Available Facilities: Baby care and Prayer room.

Legoland Malaysia 02 Imagination 01
#6: Imagination Themed Area

Legoland Malaysia 02 Imagination 02
#7: Observation Tower - where the guest could have the view of the entire Legoland as well as the areas surrounding it. [Warning: If you are afraid of height, then don't try this]

Legoland Malaysia 02 Imagination 03
#8: Studios 4D. There are four appealing 4D shows for the guests to choose from and each show runs every 45 minutes (for weekday) and 25 minutes (for weekends and public holidays).

Boyfie and I managed to catch two of their 4D shows but frankly speaking, they ain't interesting as those 4D in Universal Studio Singapore and Hong Kong Disneyland. Quite disappointed. 

Legoland Malaysia 02 Imagination 04
#9: Another colourful Lego bricks creation

Land of Adventure
This particular themed land reminisces the combination of Jurassic Park and The Mummy movie series where both are separate into two different section. The attractions and rides here are designed for both kids and adults especially the Dino Land ride. Unfortunately, we didn't experience this ride cause we afraid of getting wet as we didn't bring any spare of clothes.

Legoland Malaysia 03 Land of Adventure 01
#10: Land of Adventures Themed Area. The parrots on the right side were made from Lego bricks as well. 

Legoland Malaysia 03 Land of Adventure 03
#11: Dino Island ride and prepare to get wet by the end of the ride. 

Legoland Malaysia 03 Land of Adventure 04
#12: Kids will love this Lost Kingdom Adventure - a ride with a laser-blasting.

Legoland Malaysia 03 Land of Adventure 05
#13: Good place for phototaking

Situated right in the heart of Legoland, this is where the guests can enjoy some of Asia's notable and well-known landmarks in masterpiece and detailed miniature. This is my most favourite themed area compare the rest and we were also being surprised when the whole Miniland comes to life with the touch of a button. Pretty interesting, right?

Legoland Malaysia 04 Miniland 01
#14: Petronas Twin Towers and Kuala Lumpur Tower

Legoland Malaysia 04 Miniland 02
#15: Can you name all of these South East Asia's landmarks?

Legoland Malaysia 04 Miniland 03
#16: Pirates of the Caribbean boat?

Legoland Malaysia 04 Miniland 04
#17: Taj Mahal of India

Legoland Malaysia 04 Miniland 05
#18: Singapore City and Merlion

Lego City
Lego City is mainly designed for the little one where they can become a captain of a boat or even drive a car at the very young age. Like really? Passing through this area and Boyfie told me how he wish that Legoland open during his young age so he will able to enjoy this ride. So if you have the little one with you, now you know which themed area you should head first.

Legoland Malaysia 05 Lego City 01
#19: Remove Control Boat - where adults can play along. Of course, we didn't miss out this for sure.

Legoland Malaysia 05 Lego City 02
#20: The Shipyard - An adventure paradise for the little one to climb and crawl.

Legoland Malaysia 05 Lego City 03
#21: Legoland Express - Board on Lego train for all sights of the theme park

Legoland Malaysia 05 Lego City 04
#22: We took a break and ordered lunch in Market Restaurant. A set of chicken rice cost RM23.00 and a small bottle of Coke cost RM5.00 - No doubt the price of the foods in Legoland are slightly expensive cause this is theme park afterall. 

Lego Technic
If you are looking for exciting and thrilling rides, this is one of the themed area that offer all; from wild high-speed ride in Project X, crazy spin wheel in Technic Twister or even get wet in Aquazone Wave Racers. 

Legoland Malaysia 06 Lego Technic 01

#23: Project X. The one and only ride we experienced here and we indeed love this. 
It's one of the rides not-to-be-missed.

Legoland Malaysia 06 Lego Technic 02
#24: Albert Einstein Lego bricks

Lego Kingdom
This is where the legend and myths come alive. I personally love the design and structure of this particular themed area especially the looking strong and tall grey colour royal castle. This is also where the whole themed area are filled with dragons and knights which mainly built using Lego bricks. The main highlights here would be The Dragon and Dragon's Apprentice rides (these two are two different rides apparently).

Legoland Malaysia 07 Lego Kingdoms 01

#25: Lego Kingdoms Themed Area

Legoland Malaysia 07 Lego Kingdoms 02
#26: Once upon a time...

Legoland Malaysia 07 Lego Kingdoms 03
#27: Royal castle, dragons, knight and is that Joker?

We ended our fun and adventures in Legoland by visiting Big C which located in The Beginning Themed Area
Legoland Malaysia The Big C
#28: Couldn't recall how much the T-shirt and keychains cost but the fridge magnet cost RM55 for a set of 3. That's the one and only thing I bought and it was eventually quite expensive right?

  1. Grab a guidemap once you enter the main entrance. Never underestimate the size of this theme park cause there is high possibility you might get lost.
  2. Bring along spare clothes cause some rides might get you wet; such as Dino Island in Land of Adventure, Aquazone Wave Racers in Lego Technic and even Boating School in Lego City.
  3. Apply sunblock or even bring cap and umbrella along cause firstly, lack of shaded area within Legoland and secondly, Malaysia's weather is always hot and humid. Luckily, I always brought my umbrella whenever I travel. 
  4. It's best to arrive early cause besides to avoid the overcrowded, it's also to avoid the unpleasant heat.

Overall, I think the trip to Legoland is worth for a visit although most of the rides are not that as wild and scary as we thought. Both Boyfie and I were indeed fully utilised the amout of the entrance fee we paid by spending our whole day there in Legoland; from 9.45 am until 5.00 pm. Furthermore, we managed to experience majority of the rides except for few where we thought they might be kinda childish rides. As a theme park lover, I noticed there is no any character mascots or even parade in Legoland Malaysia but they don't bother me anyway cause the life-size characters Lego bricks creation were enough to impress me.

If you have little one and can't make up your mind where to bring them during this school holiday, why not plan your holiday by bringing them to Legoland? Trust me, they will enjoy all the fun and excitement here. 

How To Get To Legoland Malaysia
For more information especially if you plan to take public bus, check out HERE
I can't share my previous experience on how my Boyfie and I get to Legoland Malaysia cause I found out the bus number has changed apparently. But from my experience, it is advisable to reach the starting point station as early as you can cause at the late hour, it will be more crowded. If your station is JB Sentral, it takes about 45 minutes to reach Legoland Malaysia.

This post is mainly to support Visit Malaysia Year 2014. #vmy2014

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  1. Aw~ Lego! My childhood toys! haha

  2. Hi D! Did u go during a weekday...? It seemed like pretty empty to me, for a theme park... My fav would def be the miniatures... just love them... RM15 for a plane tix..? that was cheap!!! Like riding a bus..ha..ha... Even though i stayed nearby but havent been to Legoland yet. Last month, i went to check out the hotel though, very impressive! and of course, pricey!!!

  3. Seems like my comment disappear?...anyway..here goes again.
    Miniland looks totally awesome (pun unintended if you have already watched Lego Movie)
    p/s - the magnets are indeed very pricey.. :|

  4. I also love to visit amusement parks but my friend told me I am too old for this LegoLand. How sad! Sobs!
    I visited the Universal Studios in Osaka and it was much better & bigger than the original one in Los Angeles!

  5. I don't know why Legoland doesn't attract me like other theme parks :P

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  7. Looks like you've had a lot of fun. The pictures says it all.

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  10. Legoland Malaysia is truely awesome theme park for the kids but adults and parents also enjoy Legoland. At the end of the day, we missed 5 more games.It was a memorable funny time!


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