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8 Days of Adventurous Autumn Japan Trip (2010)

Before I went Hong Kong for summer holiday, I received message via MSN from Nicole asking whether I interested to go Japan with her or not. At that moment, I had another plan to travel to Australia with my mother and siblings for December holiday.

So I was thinking, if I choose to go Japan, I might need to apply more leave and of course might leads to unpaid leave, which means my montly salary will be deducted. But when reconsider again, when will I had this golden opportunity since most of my friends are recently busy working and lacking of money, therefore unable to travel with me. After thinking for almost 2 weeks, finally i said "YES" to Nicole and there goes two little ladies backpacking by their own. Oh yeah! I would like to stress here that Nicole and I are actually luggage draggers, not backpackers. Hahaha..

Before going to Japan, plenty of preparation need to be ready before enter Japan. For example, during application for visa, I need to go photo studio to take picture with white background. Not only that, lots of requirement needed just to apply such a small piece of visa such as letter from your company, full itinenary of the trip, a photocopy of fixed deposit and so on. Even Nicole had to contact her sister in Singapore in order to get the Japan Rail Pass. That's why some people rather to follow travel agency to avoid the troublesome requirement.

Some of the readers asking me how much had I spend for this trip. Well, including transportation, accommodation, foods and not forgeting madly shopping, roughly around RM5k - RM6k. But before this, I had compared with travel agency company where it costs RM5-6k for the tour package. That price not yet included your shopping ooo...

Started to make entry post on 14 December and just ended it recently on 22 June, it took me half year to finish positing of this Japan trip. So, for those who just recently read my blog, here is my Japan trip itinerary because I don't blog consecutively.

Day 1 (26 October 2010)
- 5 Different Airports in 24 Hours
- First Night Dinner at Osaka

Day 2 (27 October 2010)
- Kyoto City Tour (Kiyomizudera Temple, Yasaka Shrine, Gion & Arashiyama)

Day 3 (28 October 2010)
- Osaka at Daytime (Osaka Castle, Shinsekai, America Mura & Shinsaibashi)
- Osaka at Night Time (Dontobori & Umeda Sky Building)

Day 4 (29 October 2010)
- Asakusa Nakamise Shopping Street
- Akihabara Electronics District

Day 5 (30 October 2010)
- Tsukiji Fish Market
- Harajuku & Takeshita Dori
- Shibuya - Another Shopping & Entertainment District of Tokyo

Day 6 (31 October 2010)
- Lake Kawaguchi of Mount Fuji
- Tokyo Tower, the Looks alike Eiffel Tower

Day 7 (1 November 2010)
- Tokyo Disneysea

Day 8 (2 November 2010)
- Japan Transportation & My Last Day in Japan

Extra Features:
1) Accommodation in Osaka: J-Hoppers & Fukushima
2) Accomodation in Tokyo: Tokyo House Ikebukuro
3) Itadakimasu in Japan

japan with nicole-1

dt japan

Small note: This afternoon, I received message from my bestie that she are leaving to Japan for 3 months for the training purpose. What a great opportunity she has! How I wish I got this opportunity too? To dearest Matilda, have a safe trip and enjoy your life there. Wish to visit you but now is summer season in Japan. Must be damn very hot!


  1. I wish I can go too but work commitment does not give me such freedom.

  2. wow..it's only 8 days and so many places you've been..must be a hectic trip i guess..so what's next for your blog :D

  3. Nava.K - I understand that. Sure someday you can go.

    of tr@vels, 3nvironment - It's quite fun by the way. My next blog will be Taiwan. So stay tune!

  4. definitely..I have not been to Taiwan yet due to lack of interest..if your blog can stimulate my interest, then I will try visit Taiwan then..

  5. Moshi moshi! LOL.

    I'm learning Japanese bit by bit on my own recently... for sure I'll go there when I have the chance!

  6. donny - thank you ^_^

    of tr@vels, 3nvironment - wah! Kind of challenging job to me. I would try my best but I can't guarantee will stimulate your interest because I am joining organised tour guide for this Taiwan trip.Hope you understand that.

  7. CathJ - Yes, it was :)

    Armstrong - Konnichiwa. That's good. Learn a bit will helps when you plan to visit Japan.

  8. You're covering alot in that little time. Simply amazing :). Wish to travel to Japan in the near future.

  9. Wow,happy for u can go japan. I can't go coz of the disaster earlier this year.

  10. Thristhan - Thanks to my friend who did a lot research for this trip. Sure your wishes will come true some. I also wish to go Japan again but give priority to other countries which I haven't been to.

    Wilson Ng - It's really sad for the disaster happened in Japan. But now Japan has recovered. Soon, you will got the chance. Cheers :)

  11. 5k for 8 days to japan?

    oh my god..

    that's why japan is the last country i'll visit :)


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