Goin' Back Soon

I'm back from Europe Trip. Tired but awesome! It's been more than 3 weeks I didn't online. Now in London, staying at my uncle's house and left 1 more days, Malaysia here I come. Plan to update my photos but all the photos with my friend's place. They stay nearby Bayswater. Back Malaysia, try my best to update my blog especially about my trip in Europe. I'm also cant wait to chat non stop with all my friends back in Malaysia. Chiao (Bye in Italy :P)


  1. ohhh.. now in london la you! lol
    Hey hey.. thanks for your comment woo~ kekekkee

    Really nice ahh my brochure?
    I really hope I'll get high marks for that! lol..

    Anyway, how are you ohh..
    So fast, 3 weeks.. lol

    Miss ya!

  2. an award for u....read my blog ya~~
    Update lor

  3. hey diana. did you get my offline message in MSN ? my connection is bad sorry for went off suddenly :)

    you sign in the go to dashboard, see something labeled "create a blog" under the language selection. :) click and u'll know what to do next ! good luck !


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