Mamak Stall at UK?

Curious about this? Well, it's just where we went to our friend's house and they prepared Milo drink for us, sitting down, chit chat and laugh non-stop. And Kok Ming said "Welcome to Mr. Lee's Mamak Stall"..Hahahahah...So funny..Long time I didn't sit down chit chat while having drink with friends...I getting more and more missing "our usual and old place of yam cha, Zati Manis"

We talked about the trip that we plan to join after our study has over. Well, each of us going our own way.. Sad that we can't go together..By the way, Kok Ming bought a new phone and it was I-Phone...Unbeliable..Even Tracey was in big shock coz she didn't expect her bf will bought that handphone..

After back from "our mamak stall", back to my flat and my 1st FDM group members came to my house to discuss about roap trip. Trip again, YES!! I'm lovin' it...We were discussed about which type of cars that we need to rent, where to go, how many people going and what is our budget...

Planning a trip is really headache and consume lots of time..However, I really hopefully, this trip will be successfully well planning. Talking about trip, I still got lots of place that I never been to such as York, Leeds and most important Liverpool..

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  1. ahh.. he bought iPhone uh ? hehehe can you ask him how much he bought ? and what capacity. oh yah also, if its a 3G phone. teehee.. is the phone unlocked ?


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